What Does Havarti Cheese Taste Like? A Detailed Answer

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Are you a cheese lover? Then, Havarti cheese is something you must try at least once. Havarti cheese has an exquisite taste, and most people who try it once declare it their favorite cheese variety. But what does Havarti cheese taste like? Is it worth the hype? This article is for you if you are interested in Havarti cheese, just like me.

Havarti Cheese

Havarti cheese has an incredibly creamy texture. It is made from cow’s milk and has a buttery mouthfeel. A young Havarti cheese is mostly buttery. However, it develops an acidic taste while getting older. Havarti cheese tastes like monetary cheese.

Ever since I had Havarti cheese, I made sure to have a piece of it in the kitchen. Havarti cheese can be substituted in all dishes that need butter or cheese. It is so intensely flavored that you’ll find a new layer of taste with each bite.

Havarti cheese was once used only in Denmark. However, its flavor profile traveled worldwide and made a space in every cheese lover’s mind. If you are still wondering about its taste, give this article a read!

What Is Havarti Cheese?

Havarti Cheese

Nowadays, Havarti cheese is widely available in markets all around the world. But once, it was something available only in Denmark. Like these cheese flavors, Havarti cheese has a beautiful origin story.

Hanne Nielsen is a Danish woman known to be the founder of Havarti cheese. This creation wasn’t just an accident. Before crafting this masterpiece, she traveled around Europe and learned numerous cheese-making processes. 

Hanne Nielsen invented cheese in Havartigarden, a town close to Holte, hence the name of the cheese. Havarti cheese comes in two varieties. The first is Havarti cheese, as it is known today, while the second is creamy Havarti cheese. 

It has a flavor and texture that are comparable to Swiss cheese. The other is creamy Havarti cheese. It contains a lot of butter and shouldn’t be aged because it spoils quickly.

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What Does Havarti Cheese Taste Like?

Havarti Cheese

Have you ever said no to an exquisite Havarti cheese platter because you were doubtful about its taste? Well, I can’t blame you if you have, because we are all very particular when it comes to cheese. 

But we can only have new favorites if we try new cheeses. Hence, this section is all about Havarti cheese and its taste. So read and decide whether you’ll like it or not.

Havarti cheese has a very vivid flavor profile. It has a perfectly balanced creamy, tart, nutty flavor. Depending upon the age, the flavor of Havarti cheese changes. Young Havarti is a lot sweeter than the aged ones.

Havarti cheese is aged for a period of three to four months. The aged Havarti cheese will have a more bold flair with an acidic undertone. However, the texture remains creamy.

On top of its delicious taste, Havarti cheese has a savory smell. It has a milky hazelnut aroma to it. This taste, along with its creamy texture, is what makes it the best among all other cheeses.

What Cheese Is Havarti Similar To?

Havarti Cheese

Havarti cheese, with its white-yellow color and porous texture, is one of its own. However, some other cheeses either look or taste similar to Havarti cheese.

  1. Tilsit Cheese – Tilsit cheese is pale yellow in color and has a similar semi-solid texture to that of Havarti cheese. The flavor of Tilsit cheese is a little saltier than that of Havarti. However, when it comes to texture, Tilsit is the closest.
  2. Monterey Jack Cheese: When it comes to flavor, Monterey Jack cheese has the closest flavor profile to that of Havarti cheese. It is extremely mellow and buttery in flavor. However, Monetary Jack is harder than Tilsit cheese.

What Does Dill Havarti Cheese Taste Like?

Havarti Cheese

Cheese is good on its own; however, sometimes when we combine certain things with it, its flavor is enhanced. The same goes with the case of dill and Havarti cheese.

Dill Havarti cheese has a very scrumptious flavor to it. It is very sweet with a mild acidic undertone. However, the tart flavor is subdued. Dill Havarti cheese is extremely buttery and semi-soft in texture.

Dill Havarti cheese is aged for a month or three months. However, it will develop a slightly nutty undertone if it is aged more than that.

What Does Creamy Havarti Cheese Taste Like?

Havarti Cheese

Today, we have a different kind of Havarti cheese. However, the original Havarti cheese was a creamy one. This one was so good that its popularity spread all across the world.

Creamy Havarti cheese has a mildly sweet flavor to it. As its name suggests, creamy Havarti cheese has an extremely creamy consistency. Even though the flavor is mild, it’s quite sharp.

The cheese has a yellow color and has holes all across it. They are generally aged for three months and can be served as a table cheese or a spread.

Does Havarti Cheese taste Like Swiss Cheese?

Havarti Cheese

Most of the time, Havarti and Swiss cheese are considered the same in their physical appearance. They are both light yellow and have holes all across them. But do they taste alike?

Havarti cheese has a strong flavor profile when compared to Swiss cheese. Swiss cheese has a strong nutty taste to it with a hard texture. On the other hand, Havarti cheese has a mild flavor and soft buttery texture.

What Cheese Tastes Like Havarti?

Havarti Cheese

Havarti cheese is an exquisite cheese. However, there might be some time when we are out of it. What should we do then? Choose the best cheese that is similar to Havarti cheese.

  1. Gouda Cheese – Gouda cheese has a flavor similar to Havarti cheese. It is lightly sweet and has a nutty flavor similar to Havarti cheese. It is a little harder than Havarti cheese. However, Havarti cheese is meltable.
  2. Esrom – Danish Port Salut or Esrom is a light yellow-colored cheese with an extremely buttery flavor. It is identical to Havarti cheese in flavor and texture, but it has a harsh smell that isn’t pleasing to all.
  3. Young Cheddar: Young cheddar cheese is one of the most affordable cheeses that taste similar to that Havarti cheese. It is light yellow and has a very mild flavor.

Is Havarti Cheese Spicy?

Havarti Cheese

As we have discussed, Havarti cheese has a very mild sweet flavor. But sometimes, we might have heard people say something about the spiciness of Havarti cheese. How is this possible?

Havarti cheese isn’t spicy on its own. However, it becomes slightly spicy when combined with certain spices like jalapenos or red pepper flakes.

Is Havarti Cheese Nutty?

Havarti Cheese

Havarti cheese, in general, will have a creamy aroma to it. But some types will smell a bit nutty. The smell and taste of Havarti cheese change according to its aging period. 

When the Havarti cheese is young, it won’t have any nutty taste. However, it develops a slightly nutty flavor like hazelnut when it is aged. The taste also becomes slightly acidic, along with being nutty.

Is Havarti A Melty Cheese?

Havarti Cheese

Yes, Havarti cheese has a melty texture to it. They are very easy to melt and will have a sweet aroma to them. Havarti cheese in itself is extremely creamy in nature and semi-soft in nature. They can be used in burgers or casseroles. They also pair well with fruits and vegetables.

How To Tell If Havarti Cheese Has Gone Bad?

Havarti Cheese

Like many other kinds of cheese, Havarti cheese is perishable. Therefore, even if we have kept it very well, after a certain time, we should check its quality before consuming it.

A Havarti cheese that has gone bad will have a much more firm texture than the normal one. It will also start to smell awful, more than the rich hazelnut aroma.

Moreover, you might even find molds here and there in the cheese. Hence, if you have had a piece of Havarti cheese lying in your fridge for too long, check its quality before eating it.

How To Store Havarti Cheese Properly?

Havarti Cheese

Havarti cheese needed to be refrigerated to keep it safe. However, once it is defrosted, it should be wrapped in aluminum or parchment paper before being put back in the fridge.

Used Havarti cheese will remain fresh for up to three to four days in the fridge. However, while keeping the cheese in the fridge, keep it in the dry section.

Best Havarti Cheese Recipes?

Havarti Cheese

Havarti cheese is extremely melty. Hence, it can be used in almost all those recipes that either need cheese or butter. If you are someone who loves the taste of cheese in your food, Havarti cheese is the perfect cheese for you.

Havarti cheese can be included in almost all recipes that use young cheddar cheese or mozzarella cheese. Hence, if you make some pasta, you can substitute Havarti cheese for mozzarella cheese.

Delicious Havarti Cheese Pairings

Havarti Cheese

Havarti cheese is wonderful on its own. It can be eaten on its own. But the best way to eat it is to pair it with other delicious food. Confused about what to choose? Well, I have some suggestions for you.

  1. Beer: Havarti cheese has a very light flavor. Hence, the best pair will be the one that has a mild flavor to it.
  2. Wine: Havarti cheese pairs exceptionally well with red wine in particular. A chilled glass of red wine and a piece of Havarti cheese is a must-try party menu.
  3. Fruits: Havarti cheese pairs well with fruits that are sweet in flavor. Next time you have Havarti cheese, try it with some figs or apples.
  4. Jams: As we have already discussed, Havarti cheese has a soft, creamy texture. Hence, they pair very well with fruit jams in a sandwich. To make them tastier, spread some cracked nuts along with Havarti cheese.

Health Benefits Of Havarti Cheese

Havarti Cheese

Havarti cheese is extremely flavorful. Hence, it is extremely hard to stop eating it once you start eating it. Therefore, it is important to know its health benefits while including it in your food.

  1. Maintain good bone health: Havarti cheese, like all other cheeses, is a great source of calcium. Calcium is extremely important for maintaining good bone and dental health. Hence, if you cannot include calcium supplements in your diet, make some space for Havarti cheese in your diet!
  2. Helps in weight loss: This might sound contradictory, but it’s true! Havarti cheese is so high in vitamins and minerals that it creates a sense of fullness in your stomach.
  3. Aids in blood circulation: Havarti cheese contains a good amount of sodium. Hence, it aids in regulating proper blood circulation.

Nutritional Benefits Of Havarti Cheese

Havarti Cheese

By now, you must have understood the flavor profile of Havarti cheese. Havarti cheese is cheese, after all, and does contain a little high amount of fat in it. Given below is a table that gives the precise nutritional content of Havarti cheese.

Nutritional ContentAmount (per 20 g)
Fat7 g
Calories80 kcal
Protein5 g
Cholesterol17 mg
Sodium123 mg


Havarti cheese is an extremely flavorful cheese. It has a mild sweetness with a delicious aroma. It is widely used as a table cheese and can also be used along with most dishes. Hence if you are in a little mood for experimentation, make sure to try some Havarti cheese next time when you have!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Havarti cheese best for?

Havarti cheese is a mild flavor semi soft cheese and is good for slicing and grilling.

Does Havarti taste like cheddar?

Havarti cheese has a mild flavor and taste similar to that of young cheddar cheese.

Is Havarti a melting cheese?

Yes. Havarti cheese is a semi soft easy melting cheese.

Can you put Havarti on a burger?

Yes. Havarti cheese is an easy melting cheese and tastes very well in burgers and pizza.

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