What Does Eggnog Taste Like? A Detailed Answer

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What do you first think of when you hear about Christmas? Wine, cake, Santa…? Well, for me, it’s eggnog. I have only had eggnog a couple of times. But some people live their whole lives without knowing what this amazing drink actually tastes like. So if you’re here to know what eggnog tastes like, you’re at the right place.


Eggnog has a sweet taste with a creamy texture. It’s so creamy that one can easily compare it to melted ice cream. Its delicious flavor and creamy texture are often enchanted by some spices like cardamom and cinnamon.   

Well, do you think eggnog is not your thing? If so, let me tell you something more about eggnog. Eggnog is not only perfect for someone with a sweet tooth but also for people who love experimenting. Wondering how? Keep on reading to know the answer.

In this article, we will cover everything one needs to know about eggnog. We will see how it tastes, uses, health benefits, and more. 

What Is An Eggnog?


Eggnog is essentially a unique drink. It’s so versatile that its flavor is unmatchable. If you ever get a chance to have eggnog, never say no. Even if you are not a person who particularly enjoys sweet things, eggnog is definitely worth trying! So what exactly is eggnog?

Eggnog is a sweet beverage made from milk, egg whites, heavy cream, and a few spices. It has a creamy feel that might make you think of custard. Although it contains egg white, the final recipe does not taste like it.

Even though eggnog is a non-alcoholic beverage, it tastes best when served with alcohol. Hence, eggnog often acts as a base for certain breezers and cocktails.

The invention of eggnog is still a matter of dispute. However, eggnog has its origin in Europe. But today, it has become a classic holiday drink not just in Europe but also in America, France, and Thailand. 

The etymology of the term eggnog is not known. But eggnog is also known as milk punch. Back in the days when milk, egg, and alcohol were a luxury, eggnog was a drink among wealthy people. 

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What Does Eggnog Taste Like?


We tend to be reluctant to try new things, especially food. However, you might drink eggnog without hesitation the next time someone offers it to you. Why? Because I’ll describe eggnog’s flavor in detail in this part. After reading this, you can decide whether eggnog is your thing or not. 

Eggnog has a mild sweet taste when it comes to flavor and has a creamy texture. Its taste is often compared to melted ice creams and custards. The amount of sweetness can be varied according to how it is made. Overall, eggnog is a sweet and creamy drink.

Eggnog also has a delicious aroma. The smell of milk and spices will definitely remind you of a cake shop. The sweetness of eggnog is highlighted by a spicy touch of spices like cinnamon and cardamom.

If you think eggnog is too sweet, you can always mix it up with your favorite alcohol to balance out its sweetness. But if you are someone who is going to have eggnog for the first time, you may want to read our next session to know which eggnog you should try first!

Is Eggnog Actually Good? 


Since we’ve talked so much about eggnog and how to drink it with alcohol, you might want to try it. You might assume you’ll certainly like eggnog after reading about its wonderful qualities.

I’m sorry to say this, but it isn’t at all the case. While some people adore eggnog, others absolutely detest its flavor. However, the majority of those who grew up drinking it adore it. Thus, we may say that eggnog requires some getting used to.

However, if you’ve already decided to sample some eggnog, go ahead and do it. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll also develop a fondness for eggnog or become addicted to it.

Does Eggnog Tastes Like Egg?


When you first hear the name eggnog, it is natural to think of its taste as something similar to an egg. Well, some people assume it tastes like egg yolk. But that’s not true!

Good eggnog doesn’t taste like egg at all. Eggnog does contain egg but it also contains milk, cream, spices and sugar. Therefore once it’s properly made, eggnog tastes like melted ice cream more than an egg.

Does Eggnog Tastes Like Bubblegum?


We love bubble gum; we love eggnog. But do you want our eggnog to taste like bubblegum? Well, that’s a very subjective thing. Whether we like it or not, sometimes eggnog mimics bubblegum’s flavor when compared with certain alcoholic drinks.

If you are someone like me who loves the bubblegumy taste, then eggnog that tastes like bubblegum with some cognac is an unbeatable holiday drink you must try at least once.

Does Eggnog Tastes Like The One In Starbucks?


Once it’s the Christmas season, eggnogs are readily available everywhere. However, if you feel like having a cup of eggnog in the middle of the year, you can either make a tall glass yourself or get one from Starbucks.

But does the Starbucks eggnog taste like the regular store-bought or homemade eggnogs? Nope! Starbuck serves eggnog as an eggnog latte which means together with other ingredients of eggnog; you’ll also get a kick of coffee flavor.

Moreover, Starbucks eggnog lattes are non-alcoholic drinks. But they are so creamy and flavorful that you won’t. If you are someone who loves coffee and eggnog alike, then you’ll regret buying this combination.

Does Eggnog Taste Like Alcohol?


Most of the time, the eggnog we buy from stores is alcohol-free, and for this reason, eggnog doesn’t taste alcoholic at all. However, if you want your eggnog to taste alcohol-ish, you can always add some strong liquor such as rum and brandy to it. Even then, it doesn’t completely taste like alcohol and masks much of the taste with its creamy sweetness.

Hot Eggnog Vs Cold Eggnog: Which One Tastes Better?


Eggnog is one of the most versatile drinks I have ever had, from its ingredient list to how it changes from one place to another. Eggnog can be enjoyed with a variety of liquor in both hot and cold manner.

However, it is a fact that most people prefer eggnog as a cold or chilled version rather than the hot one. But if you are keen to taste the traditional eggnog, try the hot eggnog.

9 Different Types of Eggnog and Their Different Tastes


Eggnog in itself is delicious, but imagine having a choice in them. Yes, you read it right! There are a variety of eggnogs you can try. But if you feel like having all of them after reading this session, don’t blame me.

Eggnog is a holiday drink. Having eggnog at Christmas is a childhood memory many people cherish. Since eggnog is an age-old drink, it tastes different in different countries. 

This session brings you some of the most famous forms of eggnogs from all around the world. So get yourself ready to meet some of my top eggnog picks from around the world.

Eggnog VarietyCountryPredominant Flavor
Puerto RicoTropical, Fruity
Ron PoncheLatin AmericaRum Flavor
RompopeMexicanNutty Flavor
Auld Man’s MilkScottishNutmeg Flavor
Ponche KremaCuracaoPistachio Flavor
Jamaican EggnogJamaicaCoffee Flavor

Homemade Vs. Store Bought Eggnogs: Which One Is Better?

Eggnog has become a customary drink for many of us. A Christmas holiday feels incomplete without a glass of eggnog and a warm family talk. But what should we do if you are living away from home?

Buy one! From Halloween time to the new year, you can find different eggnog in the supermarket’s refrigerator section. Buy one according to your flavor profile and pair it with your favorite alcohol.

But if you have time and patience, you can try making some eggnog yourself. You might not recreate the exact eggnog that your grandma made you, but still, you can make a decent one of your own.

According to my experience, a homemade eggnog’s taste is unmatchable with most store-bought eggnogs. You can adjust the ingredients and eggnog taste according to your preference.

I feel store-bought eggnog is way too sweeter. Moreover, homemade eggnog will not have any preservatives and is safe for everyone, including children, to consume. If you’re ready to make eggnog, here is an easy-to-make eggnog recipe for you.

How To Make Eggnog At Home


Now that you have read so much about eggnog, you must be craving some eggnogs. Therefore this section is dedicated just for you. Most of the ingredients required to make eggnogs are from our pantry.

So why should we wait till Christmas to take a sip of eggnogs? Put on your chef coat and get ready to make some eggnogs.

Ingredients To Make Eggnog

  • Eggs (Yolk and White)
  • Cream
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Nutmeg Powder

Steps To Make Eggnog

  1. Mix egg yolk and sugar in a small bowl
  2. In another saucepan, heat milk, cream, and nutmeg. Bring it to a boil and simmer it for some time.
  3. Add the hot mix of milk, cream, and nutmeg to the egg mix
  4. Cook the entire mix for two to three minutes until it becomes thick
  5. Once cooled, refrigerate it. 

You can have it as is or with some whipped cream. Topping eggnog with cappuccino powder and heavy cream is my favorite way to have it. Or you can always mix it with some alcohol. 

Tips To Make Your Eggnog Taste Better


Everyone who has some eggs, milk, spices, and some alcohol can easily make some eggnogs. But if you want to outshine all of the regular eggnogs out there, you have to be a little extra! 

In this section, we are here to tell you some secrets about making your eggnog taste better than anyone else. 

  1. Spice It Up –  Add some freshly ground cinnamon powder or nutmeg powder before you serve eggnog.

2. Try Some Spiced Rum:- If you are not a fan of sweet flavor but want to try eggnog, add some spiced rum into it.

3. Pour Some Pumpkin Puree:- This might not be something you must have heard before, but pumpkin puree goes very well with eggnog. Eggnog isn’t a healthy drink, but if you’re a health freak like me, adding some pumpkin puree makes you feel a little better!

4. Alcohol, Good…Chocolate, Better! –  Eggnog with alcohol is a classic combo that has been here since people started to have eggnog. So if you’re a teetotaler, eggnog is the best way to have a scoop of chocolate. Add some Nutella or a scoop of chocolate ice cream into the eggnog and sip it slowly!

Best Alcohols To Pair With Eggnog


Do you want to know which alcohol compliments eggnog the best? Each and every person is perplexed by this. That’s why I did an extensive study and identified some of the best alcoholic beverages that go great with eggnogs.

  1. Amaro – Amaro is an Italian liquor with a bitter-sweet taste. It is made from a bunch of herbal ingredients like anise, ginger, mint, and cinnamon. It has a strong taste and pairs well with eggnogs.
  2. Apple Jack – Apple Jack, as its name suggests, is made from apples. It is a popular fruit brandy with a hint of apple flavor. This one is a traditional combination for eggnog.
  3. Bourbon- Bourbon is a type of American whiskey made from corn. Choose bourbon if you want a strong hit of alcohol in your eggnog. Its smoky flavor and strong alcoholic punch make it the perfect way to brighten up your eggnog.
  4. Brandy- Brandy has a subtle sweet taste with a hint of bitterness. Therefore, while using brandy with eggnog, always use a small amount. However, mix it up if you want to take a good shot!
  5. Cognac – Cognac is a brandy variety popular in France. It has a fruity flavor and pairs well with eggnogs. If you are new to alcohol and want to try eggnog with liquor, Cognac is the best option.
  6. Frangelico – Frangelico is an Italian liquor with a caramel color and herbal flavor. If you are looking for a nutty, herbal flavor to pair with your eggnog Frangelico is an amazing option. However, Frangelioc as liquor is not strong, so if you want to have a strong kick from alcohol, mix some rum with it.
  7. Scotch – Scotch has a very strong flavor. However, when mixed with eggnog, it creates a wonderful flavor.
  8. Sherry – Sherry has a nutty flavor and is often used as a cooking wine. Sherry, with its sweet, nutty flavor, pairs well with eggnog.
  9. Spiced Rum – Spiced rum has a flavor of spices like ginger, cinnamon, clove, and vanilla. If you are someone who loves a hint of spiciness in your eggnogs, try spiced rum. However, rum in sweetness might be too much for someone, but if you are into rum, then you cannot mix this combination.

Best Ways To Serve Eggnog


Eggnogs can be served in both cold and hot forms. It largely depends upon your taste and also the weather outside. A hot cup of eggnog is irresistible if it’s snowing outside.

If you are serving eggnog to children, you can serve it with some chocolate syrup over it as a topping to make it more interesting. Or you can add some crushed chocolate to make it tastier.

One of the best ways to serve eggnog is by mixing it with alcohol. Whether to serve it hot or cold will largely depend on your mood. But warmed eggnog served with a dash of rum is a cult favorite!

How To Store Your Eggnog For The Best Taste


Eggnog is a very delicious condiment, no doubt about that, but eggnog is also one of those dishes that have to be preserved very carefully. So what are the things we should keep in mind while storing eggnogs?

  1. Eggnogs should be carefully refrigerated after every use as they contain raw egg and milk.
  2. Always use eggnog after checking its expiry date. Usually, canned eggnog expires between 4 – 5 months from the day of manufacturing. For homemade eggnog, it’s 5 to 6 days (if refrigerated properly).
  3. The best way to store eggnog is to keep it in the interior sections of the refrigerator, away from the light.
  4. If your eggnog develops any discoloration, bad odor, or lumpy texture, chances are high that your eggnog is spoiled.

Nutritional Content Of Eggnog


Made with egg, milk, cream, and sugar, eggnog is one of the most delicious beverages one could ever have. It is so delicious that we often lose count of the glasses we drink. But how good is eggnog for our health?

Since eggnog has sugar, egg, and milk, it is a high-calorie food. Therefore overconsumption of eggnog is not healthy. Moreover, eggnog contains raw egg and milk. Hence, if not cooked and used properly, there is a high chance of food poisoning.

NutrientsAmount (per 0.5 Cup)
Fat9 g
Cholesterol65 mg
Sodium75 mg
Potassium250 mg
Carbohydrates25 g
Protein6 g
Iron 2 g


Eggnog is a sweet, creamy drink often enjoyed as a vacation drink. It has milk, cream, and sugar as its primary ingredients. This drink is enjoyed by people all across the world. Whether you have a mood for sweets or an idea to throw a cocktail party, eggnog is the one you can always rely on!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does eggnog taste like eggs?

Even though eggnog has eggs in it, the final dish wouldn’t reflect the egg taste.

Can you get drunk on eggnog?

Yes. Depending upon the nature of alcohol you add to the eggnog, you may get drunk!

Is eggnog actually good?

Yes. Eggnog can be enjoyed as a dessert as well as a mixer for alcohol.

Is eggnog just melted ice cream?

Even though eggnog looks like melted ice cream, it’s not melted ice cream. 

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