What Does Blue Curacao Taste Like? A Detailed Answer

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Did you just come across a recipe that calls for blue curacao? You don’t want to mess with the recipe, I am sure. If you have never tasted blue curacao, you will have this question in mind, “What Does Blue Curacao Taste Like?”. This article is just to answer your question.

Blue Curaco

Blue curacao is an orange liquor with a distinctive blue color. It has a sweet, citrusy flavor with a subtle hint of bitterness. The bitter-sweet flavor of blue curacao is comparable to the flavor of Triple Sec, except for the fact that Triple Sec is sweet and devoid of a bitter taste. 

Blue curacao is a major ingredient in many tropical drinks such as blue Hawaiian, blue lagoon, blue daiquiri, or blue breeze. The distinctive color and flavor of blue curacao have their fan base. So, shall we find out the fuss about blue curacao and its taste?

What Is Blue Curacao?

First things first, let us get started with curacao. It is not the country of Curacao we are going to talk about. Curacao is a Caribbean liqueur invented by the Dutch settlers on the island of Curacao. 

So, what is blue curacao? Blue curacao is essentially the same as Curacao. It is made of the dried peel of the Laraha citrus fruit and colored with artificial blue coloring. This is the cause of the vibrant and appealing appearance of the azure-tinted drink. 

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What Does Blue Curacao Taste Like?

I will give you what you came for – all you need to know about the taste of blue curacao. 

Blue curacao is made of brandy-based alcohol, navel oranges, dried citrus peel, sugar, water, and blue food coloring. It has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of around 15–40%, which differs according to various brands. 

Blue curacao has a unique taste – an amazing blend of sweetness and bitterness. Its flavor profile is similar to that of Triple Sec, a famous orange-based liqueur. 

Does Blue Curacao Taste Like Blue Raspberry?

Blue raspberry has been a confusing term or flavor for many people. The following points will help you understand if you are one among them. 

Blue raspberry is not a type of raspberry or related to raspberry. In fact, it is not even a raspberry. It is a flavoring and coloring agent made using banana, cherry, pineapple, and sugar. Blue curacao thus tastes nothing like blue raspberry because it has a sweet, citrusy flavor with a bitter finish. 

Is Blue Curacao Sweet Or Sour?

You now have a good idea of what blue curacao tastes like. Shall we find out if it tastes sweet or sour? Blue curacao has a sweet flavor since it is made using oranges. Being an orange-based liqueur, the citrus flavor is predominant in blue curacao. It has a subtle hint of bitterness, making it unique among other orange-based liqueurs.

Therefore, blue curacao has a sweet flavor and does not taste sour. That said, when prepared using a sour mix, blue curacao can be enjoyed with a sour flavor. Such a blue curacao cocktail would taste sweet and sour. 

Does Blue Curacao Taste Like Orange?

Blue Curacao

I just told you that blue curacao is made of fresh oranges and dried orange peel. You might be wondering if blue curacao tastes like oranges. It sure is a valid question and let us find the answer.

Blue curacao is made of the dried peel of oranges, to start with. It has an orange flavor and thus tastes like orange. It is an orange-based liqueur, so you can imagine the level of sweet flavor in it. It does have varying levels of bitterness, though. 

Does Blue Curacao Taste Like Triple Sec?

You know by now that Blue Curacao has a taste comparable to that of the famous orange liqueur Triple Sec. Let us examine their flavor profiles in detail to understand better.

Triple Sec is an orange-based liqueur coming to us from the land of France. It has 20–40% ABV and is made of orange peels immersed in a spirit made of sugar beet. It has an orange flavor that is tasty and aromatic.

Since Blue Curacao is also made of dried orange peels, we can safely say that Blue Curacao tastes like Triple Sec. 

Can You Drink Blue Curacao By Itself?

This is a common question among beverage lovers. You find a drink, and you mix it with other drinks, but then you secretly develop a wish to relish it alone. Does it work with Blue Curacao? Let us find out.

Blue Curacao is a sweet orange-based drink with a mild bitter finish. It is typically enjoyed in cocktail recipes – it is added for its vibrant blue color and authentic flavor. That does not mean you can’t enjoy it alone.

Blue Curacao can certainly be drunk itself. A glass of Blue Curacao with a few ice cubes is a heavenly experience. 

What Does Blue Curacao Syrup Taste Like?

Blue Curacao syrup is a concoction made of oranges – their zest and juice, cinnamon stick, lemon juice, sugar, and blue food coloring. It is used instead of Blue Curacao in cocktails to enjoy the flavor of Blue Curacao devoid of alcoholic content.

What about the taste of Blue Curacao Syrup? Blue Curacao syrup has a taste and smells similar to that of a clementine orange. It has a mild, sweet flavor that pairs well with the flavors of other ingredients used in cocktail recipes.  

Is Blue Curacao Alcohol Free?

Blue Curacao is an orange-based liqueur with a blend of sweet and bitter flavors. Compared to other orange-flavored liqueurs, Blue Curacao has a low alcoholic content. Therefore, Blue Curacao is not alcohol-free and has around 25% ABV. This content varies from brand to brand. 

Blue Curacao Syrup is, however, alcohol-free. It contains cane sugar, citric acid, orange zest, fresh orange juice, and blue food coloring. 

Curacao Vs. Triple Sec | What’s The Difference

You are now aware that Blue Curacao is comparable to Triple Sec in terms of flavor. Blue Curacao is essentially Curacao with added blue food coloring. So what are the differences between Curacao and Triple Sec, which are orange-based liqueurs? Let us find out.

  • Color: Triple Sec is a clear liqueur that is colorless, while Curacao can be blue or orange in color.
  • Taste: Triple Sec and Curacao are both sweet in flavor, similar to the taste of oranges. Curacao has a bitter aftertaste that is absent in Triple Sec.
  • Alcohol Content: Triple Sec has an ABV of 25-40%, while Curacao has an ABV of 15-40%.
  • Ingredients: Triple Sec is produced by immersing green orange peels in a spirit derived from sugar beet that is distilled thrice (hence the name). Curacao is made using Lahara oranges which are bitter in taste but have a fragrant aroma. 

Different Blue Curacao Brands And Their Different Tastes

If you have decided to try Blue Curacao, you need to know the best brands out there. Not just the names but their taste profiles as well. The following information will help you with that.

  • Drillaud Blue Curacao: Drillaud is one of the best brands of Blue Curacao, with its origin in France. Drillaud Blue Curacao has a smooth, rich flavor and a moderate alcoholic content.
  • Giffard Blue Curaçao Liqueur: Giffard Blue Curaçao Liqueur has a strong sweet flavor and moderate alcoholic content.
  • Dubouchett Blue Curacao Liqueur:  Dubouchett Blue Curacao Liqueur has a crisp flavor with a rich aroma of oranges.
  • DeKuyper Blue Curacao: DeKuyper Blue Curacao has a powerful citrusy flavor.
  • Bols Blue Curacao: Bols Blue Curacao has a distinctive flavor combining oranges and herbs.
  • 1883 Routin Blue Curacao Syrup: 1883 Routin Blue Curacao Syrup has a pleasant sweet and sour orange flavor.
  • Llords Blue Curacao: Llords Blue Curacao has a distinctive flavor of oranges.
  • Arrow Blue Curacao Liqueur: Arrow Blue Curacao Liqueur has the typical flavor of oranges.
  • Hiram Walker Blue Curacao: Hiram Walker Blue Curacao has the distinctive flavor of oranges. 

Best Blue Curacao Cocktails You Should Try

Although Blue Curacao can be enjoyed alone, it is best used in tandem with other liqueurs for a flavorsome treat. Here is a list of the best Blue Curacao cocktails that you should try:

  • Blue Lagoon
  • Blue Hawaiian
  • Midnight Kiss
  • Aqua Velva
  • Envy
  • Big Easy Blue Punch
  • Blue Diablo
  • Blue Monday
  • Bluebird
  • Blue Margarita
  • Electric Blue Margarita
  • Indianapolis Cocktail
  • Blue Lessi
  • China Blue
  • China Blue Cocktail
  • Corpse Reviver No. Blue

How To Store Blue Curacao Properly?

If you have an unfinished bottle of Blue Curacao, you would want to know how to store it properly without affecting its taste or consistency. Here are some tips for storing Blue Curacao properly.

  • Blue Curacao is not a drink that needs to be refrigerated.  
  • Unopened Blue Curacao can last for a year or two until time casts his spell over it, causing a change in taste and flavor.
  • Opened Blue Curacao should be stored away from sunlight and heat since both can cause the sugar in alcohol to crystallize. This changes its taste and smell. Thus, Blue Curacao has to be stored in a cool, dry place.

Nutritional Content Of Blue Curacao

In a serving of Blue Curacao (1 fl oz.), the following nutritional values are observed:

Total Fat0 g
Sodium0 mg
Carbohydrates12 g
Sugars12 g
Proteins0 g

Final Word

That was a quick read on Blue Curacao and its taste, right? I hope all your queries related to this orange-based liqueur are answered by the time you finish reading this. 

Blue Curacao is an orange-flavored drink made of dried peels of Lahara oranges. It is an azure-tinted liqueur with a sweet, citrus flavor like oranges but with a mild bitterness. It can be used in cocktails for a tasty alcoholic treat.

Try a sip of Blue Curacao and tell me all about it in the comments below. See you soon with another article!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Blue Curacao taste like blue raspberry?

Blue Curacao does not taste like blue raspberry – it has a sweet, orange flavor with a mild bitter taste.

Is Blue Curacao sweet or sour?

Blue Curacao is a drink that is a blend of both sweetness and bitterness. It doesn’t taste sour.

Is Blue Curacao strong?

The strength of Blue Curacao differs from brand to brand. It usually has a moderate alcoholic content that is labeled at 25% ABV.

What do you mix Blue Curacao with?

Blue Curacao can be mixed with vodka, rum or tequila.

What flavor is blue curacao syrup?

Blue Curacao syrup has an orange flavor.

Is Blue Curacao syrup alcoholic?

Blue Curacao syrup is not alcoholic. It still can be mixed with cocktails for a delicious flavor.

Is Blue Curacao vegan?

Blue Curacao is vegan-friendly.

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