What Does Avocado Taste Like? A Detailed Answer

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Have you just decided to start eating healthy? Then, I am sure avocados must be a part of your new diet plan! The way avocados have caught up with the world makes everyone want to try them! I’m sure you want to know what avocados taste like before it becomes an integral part of your diet. Let me assure you, you have come to the right article! 


The flavor and texture of avocado usually depend on how ripe the fruit is. But, the overall flavor of avocados can be described as buttery and creamy with a mild earthy and nutty flavor that is not at all overpowering. 

Avocados are used for various purposes, be it avocado on toast, in smoothies, smoothie bowls, chips, dips, and even desserts. Although Mexican in origin, avocados have found their place worldwide and are used in every cuisine imaginable nowadays. 

Despite their popularity, I know some of you may have never had an avocado before. So, before you incorporate it into your diet, you should know if you’ll like its taste or not. Well, I have the answer to your question and even more, all in this article. Read further to know everything about avocados!

Avocados | The New Diet Trend

I am sure the reason that brought you here is that you like experimenting with food. Whenever you see an avocado in the supermarket, you probably do get tempted to pick one up. But, some of you may be scared to do so because, well, avocados are expensive! So, the next time you want to experiment, do get that avocado because you will be familiar with it soon. 

Avocados do have a creamy texture and mildly nutty flavor that works really well with many recipes, however, that is not all! Avocados are rich with nutrients and are a great source of healthy fats, which is the reason they have evolved and become popular everywhere. 

Though the avocado trend has caught our attention only over the past decade, there is evidence that avocados have been consumed by humans for ages. Some archeologists have found evidence that avocados were eaten by humans in Central America as early as 10,000 B.C.! 

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What Does Avocado Taske Like?

Having some insight about what an ingredient is supposed to feel and taste like always helps. So, the next time you find a lovely avocado, just pick it up and look for the texture and taste mentioned below. 

The taste of avocado is extremely mellow. It tastes almost creamy and slightly nutty and is, in general, a very underwhelming flavor. As the flavor of avocado is really mild, it pairs really well with various other ingredients that have a stronger flavor profile. 

When it comes to the texture of avocados, that is something that is much more predominant than its taste. The moment you cut into an avocado, you will realize how smooth and creamy it texture has. 

It’s because of the creamy soft texture of avocados that makes it very easy to be mashed having spreadable consistency. Although, despite having a mild flavor, avocados are thick and dense and almost melt in your mouth. 

Now you know that avocados have a mild flavor which is slightly nutty but overall quite underwhelming. This is how the overall flavor of avocados can be described. Now, let me tell you a little more in-depth about how avocados taste at every step of their ripening process. 

1. Taste Of Avocados Before Ripening

Unripe avocados have a very firm texture, which is what distinguishes them from ripe ones. Avocados are known for their smooth texture and mellow taste, which is why they are not preferred unless fully ripe.

Usually, the flavor of unripe avocados is quite bitter, as compared to the mellow flavor of ripe avocados. However, the bitter flavor can be mellowed down if unripe avocados are baked or fried and paired with stronger flavors. 

2. Taste Of Avocados During Ripening

Once an avocado is completely ripe, it has the perfect consistency and flavor that one may be looking for in an avocado. You will immediately notice a change in the texture of the avocados once they are ripe.

They will be much softer than unripe avocados. Moreover, when it comes to flavor, ripe avocados will not be bitter and have a subtle mellow and nutty flavor that avocados are mostly associated with. 

3. Taste Of Avocados After Ripening

An overripe avocado will have much darker colored flesh as compared to a perfectly ripe avocado. Moreover, the flesh will be extremely mushy and will have a rancid smell too.

The flavor of an overripe avocado is often always slightly bitter. In case your avocado has a sour flavor, it is extremely overripe and should not be eaten. 

Do Avocados Have A Good Taste?

Most of us, before trying something new, would like to know one basic thing about it, which is whether it tastes good or not. As taste or flavor can be very subjective, it is difficult to tell if the flavor of a certain ingredient will be liked by everyone or not. 

However, if we talk about the basic flavor of an avocado, it is extremely mellow and not overpowering at all. It does have a buttery flavor with nutty hints, but all very subdued. So, all in all, it can be said that avocados have a subtle flavor, which has a mild yet great taste. 

Are Avocados Sweet Or Sour?

Sweet flavors are liked by most of us. But that does not disregard the fan base that sour flavors have too! So, what is it with avocados? Are they overall sweet, or do they taste sour?

A perfectly ripe avocado will have a mellow flavor, with a very subtle hint of sweetness to it. In case an avocado tastes sour, there are chances that the avocado has gone bad. 

Why Do Avocados Taste Like Nothing?

A lot of times, many people have said that avocados taste like absolutely nothing. Avocados do have a very mild flavor, that is for sure. However, the mild flavor also carries certain subtle nutty hints. So, in case your avocado tastes like nothing, there is a reason behind this. 

Avocados generally have a very small window of ripeness, which is around 24 hours. Right before avocados are perfectly ripe, they usually have a watery flesh and taste like nothing. So, in case your avocado seems tasteless, it means that it is not yet perfectly ripe. 

What Does An Avocado Taste Like In A Smoothie?

Avocados are quite often used in various smoothies to give them more depth and to add to their health benefits. However, are you wondering what an avocado would actually taste like in a smoothie?

If you use avocado in a smoothie, you will get a creamy mouthfeel in the smoothie because of the avocado. However, the flavor of avocado, as always, remains subtle and will be overpowered by the other dominant flavors in the smoothie. 

What Does Avocado Taste Like On Toast?

Avocados on toast are the newest breakfast recipe that everyone is obsessed with. So, we all know that avocados are used quite a lot as a topping on toast. But what flavor profile do they offer?

Avocados on toast give a subtle nutty flavor, which is extremely mild. Avocados on toast have more to do with the texture that they provide rather than the flavor. Hence, quite often, the flavor is amplified with the addition of salt and other flavorings. 

Types Of Avocados And Their Taste

Types of avocados and their taste

Just like various other fruits and vegetables, avocados also have various types. Although there are hundreds of types of avocados grown worldwide, I have mentioned some in this article that are the most popular. 

Avocados are generally divided into two categories- A type or B type cultivators. The difference between the two types lies in the pollination of the flowers of the tree. However, this is more important for cultivators rather than a consumer. So, without further ado, let me tell you about 14 different types of avocados that are eaten in different parts of the world. 

Avocado TypeFlavor
ChoquetteMilder flavor due to higher water content
Hass Buttery and nutty
GwenNutty and richer than other varieties
ReedBolder Flavor
FuerteSimilar nuttiness like hazelnut
MexicolaNutty with an anise flavored peel
HolidayRich flavor with dense flesh
ZutanoMild due to higher water content
BrogdonButtery and nutty
WurtzNutty flavor and lower oil content
PryorCreamy flesh and nutty flavor
StewartNutty with a lower oil content

Different Ways To Eat Avocados

Avocados, due to their mild flavor and soft texture, are quite versatile and an ingredient used in both savory and sweet recipes. So, I know many of you may be familiar with different ways in which you can eat avocados. But, for those who are not, let me tell you about some common and uncommon ways in which avocados can be eaten. 

1. Eaten As They Are

Avocados, despite their really mild flavor, can be eaten as they are. You will get a better idea about the texture of avocados when you do eat them as they are, as that is a more dominant characteristic of avocados. 

2. In Soups And Salads

Avocados make a great addition to various soups and salads. You can have avocado soup or even add chunks of avocados to various other types of soups, to add texture to them and increase their nutritional value. 

With salads, avocados are a lovely healthy addition to most salads. Adding avocados to salads will add healthy calories to your meal from the fat and fiber present in avocados. Moreover, avocados will also help you feel full for a longer time. 

3. As A Healthy Addition To Breakfast

Avocados on toast are a very common way to eat avocados for breakfast. But, you can also include avocados in your smoothies and smoothie bowls and cook them along with scrambled eggs to make a fuller meal. 

4. Sushi Rolls

Avocados are quite often used in vegetarian sushi rolls. Even non-vegetarian sushi rolls taste really great with the addition of avocados, as they give a creamy texture and amplify the whole eating experience. 

5. Other Ways

Other than the ways mentioned above, there are a lot of other ways in which avocados can be enjoyed. Avocados can be grilled, pickled, made into fries, added to dessert, made into ice cream, added to hummus, and also make a good addition to pasta sauces. There are just some ways mentioned in which you can enjoy avocados.

Do Avocados Taste Good On Their Own?

A lot of us have an urge to eat fruits and vegetables as they are, to preserve their natural flavor. So, with avocados, you can easily eat them as they are to enjoy their mild nutty flavor along with their creamy texture.

However, as the flavor of most types of avocados is really mild, a lot of people prefer adding some salt and some form of flavoring to them to get a better tasting experience. 

How To Choose The Best Avocado?

How to choose the perfect avocado

Whenever we decide to buy fresh produce, especially fruits and vegetables, we all want to go for the freshest of ingredients. This is because most of us buy ingredients that we would like to use immediately rather than at a later stage. So, let me share some tips on how you can get that perfect avocado. 

1. Check The Color Of The Avocado

In case you want to use an avocado immediately after buying it, go for avocados that have a darker colored skin. If you plan to use your avocado after a few days, go for an avocado with a green skin. 

However, it is important to remember that certain types of avocados do stay green even after they are ripe. So, color should not be the only factor based on which you select your avocado. 

2. Gently Press The Avocado

The best way to select an avocado is always by gently squeezing it. Make sure you don’t squeeze the avocado too hard as that will ultimately damage the fruit. Once you give the avocado a gentle squeeze, it should feel soft, yet firm, for a perfectly ripe avocado.

In case it feels a bit too firm, it is not completely ripe. However, you can buy it if you plan to use it after a few days. If the avocado is too soft, it is overripe. 

3. Check For Cuts And Bruises

While choosing the perfect avocado, do make sure you check the avocado properly, to see if it has any cuts or bruises. An avocado that does have bruises should not be bought as it has probably gone bad. 

Ways To Store Avocados For Perfect Taste

I am sure that now that you are familiar with the flavor of avocados, a lot of you must have already thought about buying some and using them in different recipes. However, in case you decide to use them a little later, there are certain tips that you can follow to ensure the proper storage of avocados. 

  1. In case you buy ripe avocados, or ones that are almost ripe, it is best to store them in the refrigerator, in an airtight container.
  2. The cold temperatures of the refrigerator will slow down the ripening process and will make sure they stay fresh until you use them. 
  3. For firm avocados, you can either leave them on the counter or in the refrigerator, depending on the sort of climate you live in.
  4. Usually, storing them in the refrigerator is a better idea as that will make sure that the avocados don’t ripen too quickly and become mushy.
  5. You can safely store them in the refrigerator for upto two weeks. 
  6. In case you want to use only half an avocado and store the rest, you can do that by wrapping the half in plastic wrap and storing it in the refrigerator.
  7. The browning or overripening of avocados can also be slowed down by coating the open flesh with some lemon juice and then wrapping it with plastic wrap. 

How To Tell If An Avocado Is Ripe?

Most of us buy food that is ready to use. At least, it’s what all of us aim for! Even when it comes to avocados, it is the same story. I am sure you must be wondering how you can tell if an avocado is ripe or not, considering the fact that you cannot really open them up and check in a supermarket. But, let me tell you some ways you can check if avocados are ripe or not. 

Fresh avocados actually do not ripe on the tree; they ripen once they are harvested. That may make it confusing for some to pick ripe avocados. Follow the steps below to know how to judge if an avocado is ripe or not. 

  1. Place the avocado in your hand and gently press it, making sure you apply minimal pressure. Otherwise, the avocado will get bruised.
  2. If the avocado feels firm when you press it, it is still firm and not completely ripe. 
  3. Depending on how firm it feels, you will have to ripen it anytime between 2-5 days.
  4. In case you feel the avocado is soft when you press it but not mushy, that is a perfectly ripe avocado that is ready to use. 

Other than this, once you purchase the avocado, there is one more way to tell if it is ripe or not without cutting it open.

  1. Skin – There are many types of avocados, the best way to judge is still by touch and not sight. If the avocado is too soft and mushy to the touch, do not buy it as that would be an overripe avocado. Overripe avocados, when cut open, taste and smell rancid. Such avocados, generally, cannot be used for any purpose as they have lost their mild natural flavor.
  2. Stem – On the narrow end of the avocado, there is a little brown stem. Remove the stem and check the color underneath.
  3. Color – You can also tell by the color of the skin of the avocado. If the color is green or yellow, your avocado is ready to use! Firm avocados have a lighter green skin which becomes brown as the fruit ripens.

Having trouble with finding the right avocado? There are various substitutes that you can use in place of avocados!

Best Avocado Recipes That You Can Try

Avocado Recipes

Although avocados can be eaten as they are, there are a lot of ways and recipes in which avocados work really well, both savory and dessert recipes. Yes, a lot of people may find this strange, but avocados actually do make a great addition to desserts. Moreover, avocado sushi rolls are booming as they have given vegetarians an option to enjoy sushi! I have shared some of the best recipes using avocados below that you can try for yourself!

  1. Avocado Toast– Avocado toast is a simple, yet delicious breakfast staple for many. This breakfast is tasty, healthy and takes barely any time to make. All you need is a few simple ingredients like bread, olive oil, salt and of course avocados! This is the perfect for anyone that has time constraints. Click on the name of this dish and check out the recipe for Gordon Ramsay’s avocado toast on our website.
  2. Chocolate Avocado Mousse Did you ever think dessert could be healthy? This dessert definitely is! Packed with the goodness of avocados and rich cocoa, chocolate avocado mousse is worth a try for anyone that is watching calories, but also has a sweet tooth! So, click on the name of the delish dish and check out its recipe on our website.
  3. Avocado ChipsPotato chips are old news, make way for avocado chips! These chips are packed with the goodness of various ingredients. The flavors balance out perfectly well with the subtle taste of avocados. A must try snack for parties! Follow the link by clicking on the name of avocado chips to know the recipe.
  4. Avocado SushiTired of the same old sushi options? Why don’t you try avocado sushi! Made with simple ingredients like rice, cucumbers, nori and of course, avocados. This sushi will win any vegetarian’s heart for sure! You can try avocado sushi at home. Seek out the link in the name of this dish and check out the recipe for avocado sushi on our website.
  5. Fish Tacos When I talk about avocado recipes, I can never forget to mention a Mexican one! Though not the hero of the dish, these delectable fish tacos have a tasty guacamole which uses avocados. The guacamole gives these tacos a great texture. You can easily make fish tacos at home. Wanna try the recipe? Click on the link provided and read the recipe card for fish tacos on our website.

Health Benefits Of Avocados

Avocado Nutritional Values

As mentioned before, avocados are a great source of healthy fats. They are rich in various vital nutrients, such as certain vitamins and minerals. So, being so packed with nutrients, avocados are definitely great for our health. Mentioned below are some of the health benefits that you get by eating avocados. 

  1. Avocados are a great source of potassium, which helps keep our heartbeats steady
  2. Avocados are good for eyesight as they have lutein and zeaxanthin. These antioxidants absorb light waves that can harm vision. 
  3. Avocados help maintain a healthy weight as they are very rich in fiber and monounsaturated fats. These help us feel full for a longer period of time. 
  4. Avocados are rich in niacin which helps the body against inflammation and keeps cholesterol levels under control. 
  5. Avocados are a great source of B vitamins, which help convert our food into energy. 
  6. Avocados are a great source of vitamin E, which has been linked to reducing the chances of Alzheimer’s disease. 
  7. Avocados are a good source of vitamin K, which helps improve and maintain bone health. 
  8. Avocados are also great for the skin as they are a decent source of vitamin C. 

Nutritional Contents Of Avocados

Avocados are delicious and catching up really quickly with new food trends. A big reason for this is that avocados are extremely healthy! They are packed with healthy fats, which are good for the body and are a good source of various vital nutrients. 

So, before you buy avocados, how about knowing a little bit in-depth about their nutritional contents? Trust me, once you know these, you won’t be able to stop yourself from going to the closest supermarket right away to get some avocados!

NutrientAmount ( Serving Size half Avocado or 100 grams)
Calories160 kcal
Fat14.7 grams
Sodium7 milligrams
Carbohydrates8.5 grams
Fiber 6.7 grams
Sugar0.7 grams
Protein2 grams
Magnesium29 milligrams
Potassium485 milligrams
Vitamin C10 milligrams
Vitamin E2.1 milligrams
Vitamin K21 milligrams


Avocados are a fruit with a large seed and have a creamy consistency with a slightly nutty flavor. Avocados are extremely versatile and can be used in recipes in raw and cooked forms. Avocados are also extremely nutritionally dense and packed with good fats, making them a great fruit option to have. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does avocado taste like?

Avocados are buttery and creamy with a mild earthy and nutty flavor. 

Are avocados healthy?

Yes, avocados are extremely healthy as they are packed with healthy fats and various other vital nutrients. 

How do you eat avocados?

Avocados can be eaten both raw and cooked. 

How do you store avocados?

Avocados, depending on their ripeness, can be stored in the refrigerator. Ripe avocados can be stored in the refrigerator for upto two weeks without them getting mushy. 

Can avocados be eaten every day?

Yes, avocados are healthy and can be eaten every day. 

How many avocados can you eat in a day?

It is recommended to eat around half or one whole avocado per day.

Are avocados good for the skin?

Yes, avocados are good for overall skin health. 

Can you eat avocados raw?

Yes, avocados can be and are usually eaten raw. 

What goes well with avocados?

Avocados pair well with most green leafy vegetables, such as kale and also pair well with fruits like bananas and berries. 

Do avocados make you gain weight?

Although avocados are mainly fat, they are a source of good fats. So, certain studies have shown that avocados actually help with losing weight and maintaining a standard weight and also help reduce belly fat. 

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