What Do Aldi Shoppers Have To Say About Brioche Bagels?

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Whenever there’s a new product for sale or an underrated product gets hyped up all of a sudden, people have one or the other thing to say about it. Be it positive, be it negative, reviews are what matter.


Aldi has been one of the most popular supermarket chains of all time. It offers its shoppers amazing quality products and is known to provide excellent service.

Aldi’s Brioche Bagels has been an all-time favorite of its customers. It makes up for one of the best breakfast meals. What’s special about these bagels at Aldi is that they come in flavors of sesame and everything. 

But what do the customers think of Aldi’s Brioche Bagels? Many customers have mixed feelings when it comes to Aldi’s Specially Selected Brioche Bagels. Some say that it’s the best thing they’ve ever had, while others say that it doesn’t even taste like a bagel!

Whatever might be the case, we’re here to tell you all about it. So, let’s get on with it!

What Are The Specially Selected Brioche Bagels?

Specially Selected Brioche Bagels

The brand Specially Selected produces several baked goods which are known for their delicious taste. They’re immensely appetizing and are certain to make you crave for more!

The Specially Selected Brioche Bagels are made with premium ingredients and have a soft and buttery texture. The label on these bagels says, “made with real butter & whole eggs.” If it’s your first time trying a bagel, Specially Selected is the way to go!

What Do People Think About Aldi’s Brioche Bagels?

According to an Instagram post, people seem to be divided when it comes to Aldi’s Specially Selected Brioche Bagels. Several Aldi shoppers commented and expressed their views regarding these brioche bagels.

One user commented, “The brioche everything is weird… sweet and everything and just a bun with a hole basically.” Another user called these bagels to be “hamburger buns with holes cut out in them.”

People commented about these bagels’ taste as well. One said, “They’re yummy, but they’re not really bagels.” A user commented, “They’re more like bagel-shaped brioche bread. They’re not chewy like a bagel. Wasn’t a fan.”

While it seemed like a tough crowd to please, one user took to the Brioche Bagels’ defense and said, “The Everything Bagel flavor was delicious! I added onion and chive cream cheese and sliced turkey, and it was amazing.”

People are still feuding over these bagels about whether they’re worth the hype or not. Try some for yourself and see where you stand in this feud!

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