What Coffee Does McDonald’s Use? Why It Tastes So Good

McDonald’s is renowned for its classic fast food items. However, a significant number of people also relish the coffee beverages offered by McCafe, a separate coffee brand of McDonald’s that serves coffee all day. Let’s figure out while making their drinks what coffee does McDonald’s use. 

McDonald's Coffee

McDonald’s uses 100% Arabica coffee beans that are imported from Columbia, Brazil, and other parts of the world. Moreover, McDonald’s has some age-old coffee bean suppliers such as Gavina Gourmet Coffee, Newman’s Own, Green Mountain Coffee, and Seattle’s Best. 

These coffee beans are majorly used in various coffee drinks on McDonald’s drinks menu such as cappuccino, latte, cafe mocha, iced coffee, espresso, caramel macchiato, and others. 

If you are a McDonald’s coffee fan, you would want to know where McDonald’s imports their coffee, why it tastes so good, and their complete coffee drinks menu. So, stick with me till the end!    

What Coffee Does McDonald’s Use?

What Coffee Does McDonald’s Use

McDonald’s uses Arabica coffee beans which are medium-roasted beans. The restaurant prepares both brewed and espresso coffee with premium Arabica beans. 

McDonald’s coffee beans are of the highest quality. They use Arabica beans which are milder than Robusta beans.

For their best coffee beans, they have various global network suppliers from countries like Colombia, Brazil, and Latin America. To name a few, there are Gavina Gourmet Coffee, Newman’s Own, Green Mountain Coffee, and Seattle’s Best.

Out of all these, Gravina is the oldest McDonald’s coffee bean supplier since 1983. Gavina whole beans are grounded fresh in McDonald’s espresso machines for each espresso drink. 

In contrast to this, McDonald’s drip coffee is made using pre-ground coffee packages, which allows for a quick and convenient brewing process. It’s an ideal way to serve instant brewed coffee at McDonald’s restaurants.

From Where Does McDonald’s Import Its Coffee Beans?

McDonald’s imports its coffee beans from various countries around the world such as Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Guatemala as per the Business Insider.

The reason why McDonald’s imports coffee beans from various countries is because of the taste.

Regions that grow coffee have different tastes. The Columbia coffee beans feature sweet and nutty beans, whereas Ethiopia coffee beans feature fruity flavored coffee beans. This is also one of the best reasons why McDoanld’s coffee tastes good.   

All McDonald’s Espresso & Brewed Coffee Drinks

McDonald's Coffee Drinks

McDonald’s offers a variety of espresso and brewed coffee drinks. Here is a list of all the espresso and brewed coffee drinks that are available at McDonald’s:

Espresso Drinks

  1. Espresso
  2. Double Espresso
  3. Triple Espresso
  4. Latte
  5. Cappuccino
  6. Macchiato
  7. Americano
  8. Mocha
  9. Caramel Macchiato
  10. White Chocolate Mocha
  11. Frappuccino
  12. Iced Latte
  13. Iced Cappuccino
  14. Iced Macchiato
  15. Iced Americano
  16. Iced Mocha
  17. Iced Caramel Macchiato
  18. Iced White Chocolate Mocha

Brewed Coffee Drinks 

  1. Black Coffee
  2. Decaf Coffee
  3. Café Mocha
  4. French Vanilla Coffee
  5. Hazelnut Coffee
  6. Caramel Coffee
  7. Irish Cream Coffee
  8. Peppermint Mocha
  9. Gingerbread Mocha
  10. Eggnog Latte

What Coffee Does McDonald’s Use For Iced Coffee?

McDonald’s uses Arabica beans for their iced coffee and they are flavored with syrups. 

Arabica beans provide rich, smooth, and balanced flavored coffee. They are the most popular type of coffee beans around the world. 

Their iced coffee contains cream, and flavor mixes like caramel, French vanilla, and sugar-free vanilla. The coffee beans used for McDonald’s iced coffee are medium roast beans. So, you get perfectly balanced coffee without too much bitter taste. 

Does McDonald’s Use Starbucks Coffee?

No, McDonald’s does not use Starbucks coffee. McDonald’s uses 100% Arabica beans. Starbucks also uses Arabica beans but the two companies source their coffee beans from different parts of the world.

Both companies also use different types of roasting methods as well as brewing methods. Looking at Starbucks’s menu, you will find many coffee drinks that are also made from Arabica beans but are sourced from different regions of the world.  

McDonald’s coffee beans are mostly imported from two major countries: Brazil and Columbia. Whereas, Starbucks coffee beans are sourced from Latin America, Brazil, and other 30 countries. 

What Coffee Beans Does McDonald’s Use?

What Coffee Beans Does McDonald’s Use

McDonald’s uses Arabica beans for their coffee drinks. These Arabica beans are sourced from different regions of the world and are known for their unique taste and flavors.  

Each region produces distinctive flavor beans. Some coffee beans have fruity notes, while other coffee beans have nutty flavors.

Does McDonald’s Use Fresh Coffee Beans?

Yes, McDonald’s uses fresh coffee beans for their espresso drinks. However, they use pre-ground packaged coffee for their brewed coffee to ensure it’s instantly available. 

According to McDonald’s official website, the coffee is brewed fresh every 30 minutes. Plus, the packaged ground coffee is also properly stored at McDonald’s restaurants so no coffee flavor is lost and you get perfectly brewed coffee.  

Why Does McDonald’s Coffee Taste So Good?

Why Does McDonald’s Coffee Taste So Good

There are many reasons why McDonald’s coffee tastes so good. Let’s look at the reasons:

  • Freshly Brewed Coffee: McDonald’s brews fresh coffee every 30 minutes to ensure you get fresh coffee every time.
  • Medium Roast Coffee: McDonald’s coffee beans are medium roast so it gives you nutty and chocolatey flavors without excessive bitterness. 
  • Brewing Method: The fast-food chain is using the drip method to extract flavor from coffee beans. It’s an effective method to brew coffee perfectly.  

Over time, McDonald’s coffee drinks have significant following and loyal fans. So, people who are curious about why McDonald’s coffee tastes so good can find the answer here. 

Can You Buy McDonald’s Coffee Beans?

Yes, you can buy McDoanld’s coffee beans. They are sold in a variety of packaging, including ground coffee, K-Cup pods, and whole beans

You can buy their coffee beans from Amazon, or eBay. Find various coffee beans like McCafe premium roast ground coffee, McCafe breakfast blend ground coffee, McCafe French roast ground coffee, and McCafe Decaf ground coffee. 

McDonald’s Partnership With Keurig

In 2020, McDonald’s and Keurig Dr. Pepper signed an agreement to sell McCafe packaged coffee in the U.S.A. This lets McCafe sell coffee pods and bags to customers so they can enjoy McDonald’s coffee at home. 

Keurig makes coffee pods using their own coffee sourcing.  These K-cup pods are for single-serving use so you can enjoy them at home or work. This helps McDonald’s customers to enjoy their favorite coffee anytime and anywhere.


Undoubtedly, McDonald’s coffee is a premium roast coffee. The absolute reason why their coffee tastes so good is the coffee beans that are sourced from Brazil and Colombia. 

Moreover, we also learned that McDonald’s uses Arabica beans for their coffee and they use medium roast coffee beans for rich coffee flavor.

This is also the reason that your iced coffee has a sufficient amount of caffeine and so does McDonald’s frappe. Similarly, you can also get to know about what kind of ice cream McDonald’s uses just like this one article. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of coffee does McDonald’s use?

McDonald’s uses Arabica coffee beans for their coffee drinks.

Can you buy McDonald’s coffee?

Yes, you can buy McDonald’s coffee online. The coffee is available in a variety of forms such as K-Cup coffee pods, ground coffee, and whole beans too.

What is the most popular McDonald’s coffee drink?

The most popular McDonald’s coffee drink is caramel mocha. It is made with espresso, steamed milk, and caramel syrup.

Is McDonald’s coffee good?

Yes, McDonald’s coffee tastes quite good because its medium roast and provides a smooth coffee flavor.

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