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Eggs are prevalent in your daily diet as they are tasty and nutritious. As we all know, many varieties of eggs are available; pullet eggs are drawing all the attention nowadays. If you want to know what pullet eggs are, stick with me until the end. 

pullet eggs in egg tray

Pullet eggs are laid by chickens, when they are less than a year old. These tiny eggs have almost similar qualities to regular eggs. But the yolks of pullet eggs are bright yellow and have a unique richness that is missing in the regular eggs.

Marketing pullet eggs more desperately aims to minimize any industry waste. Usually, supermarkets do not take in pullet eggs as they are a by-product. This ideology changed, and pullet eggs gained the proper recognition and were categorized as a premium product. 

Many folds need uncovering about pullet eggs. Join me in this conversation, and we will add a new food item to our list. I will also share how you can cook them and enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

What Are Pullet Eggs?

basket of pullet eggs

Pullet eggs are little eggs laid by young chickens at less than one-year-old. They are produced around the first four weeks of the laying careers of hens. Before the hens deliver the right jumbo size of eggs, pullet eggs are trial versions. These eggs have a bright yellow yolk and are smaller in size when compared to regular eggs. 

The yolk flavors in pullet eggs have a hint of sweetness and are rich in taste. They are almost similar to regular eggs and can be used for the same reason as the regular ones. The only difference you may notice is in the quantity. If the recipe calls for two regular eggs, replace them with 4 or 5 pullet eggs. 

Is It Okay to Eat Pullet Eggs?

Yes, it is okay to eat pullet eggs. As pullet eggs are not so different from regular eggs, except for the size, they are perfectly fit to consume daily. You can substitute them for regular-sized eggs in your recipe. It is fascinating that many chefs highly recommend pullet eggs because of their delicacy and flavorful notes. 

What Do Pullet Eggs Taste Like?

Pullet eggs have a vibrant flavor with a hint of sweetness. The texture of these little eggs is very creamy and delicate. As they are laid during the early days of hen’s laying career, the size is smaller than the regular egg, making it perfect for baking and other purposes.

Are Pullet Eggs More Nutritious?

pullet egg andregular egg

Yes, pullet eggs are more nutritious. The simple reason is the yolk size. As the yolk of the egg contains primary nutrients, the pullet eggs have a slightly larger yolk than the regular ones. 

However, it is also important to note that the difference will matter little as the only difference between two different types of eggs is the size and time of production. Like regular eggs, pullet eggs are infused with a richness of vitamins A, B, E, K, and B vitamins, phosphorus, selenium, calcium, and zinc. So, if you are the one who is a yolk lover, pullet eggs are suitable for you. 

Types Of Eggs Pullet Eggs Regular Eggs
Carbs0 grams72 grams
Protein5 grams6 grams
Fats3.5 grams5 grams
Calories50 kcal72 kcal 

 How Are Pullet Eggs Different From Regular Eggs?

pullet vs regular eggs

There is no significant difference between pullet eggs and regular eggs. However, they have some differences that might make you rethink your options. We have already discussed the differences briefly. However, let us have a detailed glance at the same. 

1. Size

The sizes of both types of eggs are different. Hens lay pullet eggs at an early age. Hence, they are smaller than regular eggs. You can see a clear difference if you take both of them in your hand.

2. Flavors And Texture

The flavors of both types of eggs are distinct. Pullet eggs have a rich flavor with a hint of sweetness that fits well with any baking recipe. Also, it is essential to note that pullet eggs are much more delicate and creamier than regular eggs. 

3. Holding Properties 

Chefs prefer pullet eggs, especially in baking recipes, because they have excellent holding properties. I am not denying that regular eggs have the same features, but comparatively, pullet eggs do their work much better. 

4. Yolk 

Last but not least, the significant difference between pullet and regular eggs is the size of the yolks. As pullet eggs are laid very early, the yolk size is usually more prominent with less white part. They are also very bright in color, which is not the same as the regular-sized eggs. 

Do Chefs Prefer Pullet Eggs Over Regular Eggs?

pullet eggs in plate

Yes, chefs prefer pullet eggs over regular eggs. The reason for this is apparent. Pullet eggs are very flavorful and are great, especially in baking recipes. They are creamy, which makes any dish richer in flavor. The other reason chefs emphasize extra weight on using pullet eggs is to avoid any industry waste. 

As pullet eggs were considered a by-product that was just a faulty production of eggs because of the younger age, they were discarded. It is important to note that pullet eggs hold 10% of the farmers’ production, which was wasted. They introduced the no-kill egg movement to avoid any such situation, and pullet eggs were considered a premium product.

Thanks to Jamie Oliver for being so vocal about this. This venture was successful as pullet eggs had the same properties as regular eggs and were quickly incorporated into any dish.

 Is It Hard To Find Pullet Eggs?

pullet eggs

Yes, pullet eggs are hard to find. Firstly, pullet eggs have not gained much popularity and credibility, so not all supermarkets or local stores have them. Secondly, as they are only produced when the hen is young, they have limited time. 

Once the hen starts laying regular-sized eggs, there is no way to get pullet eggs. Therefore, they are very seasonal and only available sometime around the year. Another reason for not being available at your nearest stores is the size of the eggs, as they are too small to conform to the set rules. 

What Is The Best Way To Cook Pullet Eggs?


You can prepare Pullet eggs in precisely the same way as regular eggs. Whether you want to make some poached eggs or fry them up, break them and work with them as you would with the regular eggs. 

When it comes to boiling, you can reduce the time as they are smaller. For soft-boiled pullet eggs, cook them for 3 to 4 minutes. Then, drop them in iced water and let them cool for 5 minutes. You can incorporate pullet eggs precisely like regular eggs in every other dish. 


I am sure you are more tempted to try these cute little eggs. Also, if you like pullet eggs’ flavors, you must buy and cook pullet chicken. You can also order pullet chicken from Aurum Poultry and enjoy the delicate flavors. Let me know your experience, and I will be back with more conversations like this. Until then, have some poached eggs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pullet eggs okay to eat? 

Yes, pullet eggs are okay to eat as they are almost the same as regular ones. 

What is the difference between pullet eggs and regular eggs? 

There is no significant difference between pullet eggs and regular eggs. The only difference is in the size of the eggs, and there are slight distinctions in the flavors, too. 

What does pullet mean in eggs? 

Pullet eggs are produced when the chickens are very young, and the eggs are usually smaller than the regular eggs. 

Do chefs prefer pullet eggs over regular ones?

Yes, chefs prefer pullet eggs over regular eggs. Pullet eggs are very flavorful and are great, especially in baking recipes. They are creamy, which makes any dish richer in flavor.

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