Wendy’s Is Switching Its Strawberry Frosty With An All New Holiday Flavor!

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The frosties from Wendy’s are truly remarkable and also a favorite for most people who visit this fast food chain. The chain makes sure they keep up with all holiday trends when it comes to experimenting with new flavors! So, for the upcoming holiday season, Wendy’s will be switching their strawberry frosty for an all-new flavor! 

Wendy's Peppermint Frosty

Wendy’s had launched a new strawberry frosty quite recently, which most people loved. However, with winter and Christmas coming up soon, they are switching up the strawberry Frosty with an all-new holiday season special, Peppermint Frosty! Along with this new flavor of Frosty, they will be launching some specials on their menu right around the same time for a limited period. 

With the holiday season approaching, most fast-food giants have been coming up with new and exciting flavors that fit the theme well. So, why would Wendy’s be left behind in this race?

Moreover, is there anything that screams Christmas more than peppermint does? So, let’s take a look at what exactly goes in this frosty when you can get it and also about some of the other new options on Wendy’s menu, all in this article!

What Is The Peppermint Frosty Exactly Like? 

Wendy's Frosty

I am sure that many of you were complete die-hard fans of the strawberry frosty that was introduced at Wendy’s. So, it may seem like a huge bummer to know that these incredible sweet drinks are being replaced. But, hold on! The new flavor might not be the same as the strawberry frosty, but, it will, for sure, get you into the holiday spirit! 

The peppermint frosty, as you may have guessed, is peppermint flavored. But is it made with actual peppermint? Well, you can say that! The frosty is actually made with a vanilla frosty base mixed with rich peppermint syrup.

Moreover, Wendy’s has also mentioned that their original vanilla frosty will not be back until early 2023. So, although this Frosty is around only for a limited time, you can enjoy it all through the holiday season! 

When And Where Will The Peppermint Frosty Be Available? 

Wendy's Restaurant

After knowing everything about peppermint Frosty, I am sure that it eventually comes down to the same question for everyone. Of course, the question here is when and where you can get your hands on one of these sweet treats. 

The peppermint frosty will be available at all Wendy’s locations across the United States starting from the 15th of November. Although Wendy’s has not mentioned when these frosties will be available, it is safe to say that they will be around at least during the entire holiday season.

The other new options include Italian Mozzarella Chicken sandwich, Italian Mozzarella Cheeseburger and also Garlic Fries. These will also be launched on the 15th of November and will be around for as long as the peppermint Frosty is.  


For the holiday season, Wendy’s will be switching their strawberry frosty to an all-new holiday special, Peppermint Frosty! The frosty is made with a vanilla base and has a flavor of rich peppermint syrup. The Frosty will be available starting November 15th, along with three new items on their menu, which are Italian mozzarella chicken sandwich, Italian mozzarella cheeseburger and garlic fries. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the base flavor of the Peppermint frosty that will be launched by Wendy’s? 

The base of this frosty is vanilla flavored, mixed in with rich peppermint syrup. 

When will the Peppermint Frosty be available? 

The Peppermint Frosty will be available starting November 15th, along with the other options that will be available starting the same day. 

Will Wendy’s still have the Vanilla Frosty during the holiday season? 

As per news, Wendy’s will bring back their Vanilla Frosties only in early 2023. 

When will the Strawberry frosty be back on the menu? 

As of now, Wendy’s hasn’t shared any information about this. 

When and where will the Peppermint Frosties be available? 

The peppermint frosties will be available starting November 15th, at all Wendy’s locations across the United States. 

What else will Wendy’s be launching for the holiday season? 

Wendy’s will be launching three other options too for holiday season, which are Italian mozzarella chicken sandwich, Italian mozzarella cheeseburger and garlic fries. 

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