How To Make Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes

Are you hungry but confused about what to make? Don’t be; today, I’ll share an amazing recipe for Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes. It will surely become one of your favorites. Let me tell you in detail why these potatoes are so delicious.

Wendys Seasoned Potatoes Recipe

The delectable Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes are made with some amazing seasoning, which makes them perfect. The seasoning is made from smoked paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, ground white pepper, salt, and pepper.

I think that’s enough for a gist! All the information about the recipe is mentioned in the article below. It includes every small detail that helps to attain exact flavors and textures. Happy reading!

Is This The Exact Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes Recipe?

Yes, our recipe matches perfectly with Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes. Our chef, Jasbir, ensures that the recipe is followed properly.

He used the exact seasoning that was used in Wendy’s recipe for seasoned potatoes. Other than this, just like Wendy’s recipe, he also uses rice flour and cornstarch to make it crispy. 

How Are Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes Different From Regular Seasoned Potatoes?

Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes differ from regular seasoned potatoes in terms of seasoning. Wendy’s prepares their seasoned potatoes with some extra seasoning, including smoked paprika, ground white pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. 

Meanwhile, regular seasoned potatoes are simply made with garlic powder, salt, and black pepper. The seasoning used sets them apart. 

Wendys Copycat Seasoned Potatoes Recipe

Why You’ll Love This Seasoned Potatoes Recipe?

Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes are so delicious that you will not be able to resist a bite. Please take a moment to read through the detailed information provided.

  • Crispy Texture – Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes are usually crispier from the outside and soft from the inside. This texture combination can be tantalizing, delivering a satisfying crunch with each bite.
  • Seasoning – Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes are infused with seasoning that adds perfect flavors to these seasoned potatoes. The biggest reason to love these seasoned potatoes is the seasoning they use. 

Are These Seasoned Potatoes Vegan And Gluten-Free?

Peeps, great news for you all. The recipe stands out from our expectations in terms of being vegan and gluten-free. Let’s know how:

  • Gluten-Free – The recipe doesn’t include any gluten-containing ingredients, which makes it a suitable choice for people following a gluten-free diet. 
  • Vegan-Free – The recipe excludes all animal extracts, which means people following a vegan diet can add this dish to their diet.

Equipment Required For Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes

  • Large Bowl – Take a large bowl and combine all the ingredients. 
  • Baking Dish – Transfer the sliced potatoes to the baking dish. 
  • Oven – Bake the seasoned potatoes in the oven. 
  • Knife – You will need a knife to slice the potatoes. 
  • Parchment Paper – Place the parchment paper on the baking dish. 
  • Peeler – Peel the potatoes with the help of a peeler. 
  • Basting Brush – Use a basting brush to slather oil on the potatoes. 
Wendys Seasoned Potatoes Ingredients

Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes Ingredients

  • Rice flour – To give your potatoes a crispy texture, add a teaspoon of rice flour to them. 
  • Cornstarch – Coat the potatoes with cornstarch, which helps create a crisper and crunchier exterior. 
  • Smoked Paprika – Add a teaspoon of smoked paprika to spice up the potatoes. 
  • Black Pepper – Season the batter of the potatoes with black pepper for a sharp and aroma characteristic. 
  • Onion Powder – Onion powder brings out sweet and savory flavors in these seasoned potatoes. 
  • Garlic Powder – One teaspoon of garlic powder is enough for a pungent and strong flavor.
  • Ground White Pepper – Add one teaspoon of ground white pepper. It does magic to these seasoned potatoes. 
  • Salt – Season the potatoes with salt to enhance the flavors.
  • Dried Marjoram – For an earthy and herby flavor, add dried marjoram to these seasoned potatoes. 
  • Vegetable Oil – Slather vegetable oil on all the sides of potatoes. It’ll prevent them from sticking. 
  • Potatoes – To make these seasoned potatoes, use Yukon gold potatoes. 

Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes Ingredients Substitutions

  • All-Purpose Flour – If you prefer using all-purpose flour, don’t hesitate; just go for it. It’ll be the easiest replacement for rice flour. It’s always available in everyone’s kitchen. 
  • Cayenne Pepper Powder – There are a lot of substitutes for smoked paprika, one of them being cayenne pepper powder. Other options are chipotle chili powder and ancho pepper powder, or you can simply use chili powder. 
  • White Peppercorns – One of the best and closest substitutes for black pepper is white peppercorns. However, black pepper is an easy option; still, by any chance, you need a replacement. Use white peppercorns.
  • Oregano – The simplest alternative for dried marjoram is oregano. So, if you don’t have dried marjoram, use oregano. Other than oregano, you can also use thyme, sage, or sweet basil to substitute dried marjoram. 
  • Canola Oil – For a healthy replacement, use canola oil. It generally has lower saturated fat than vegetable oil. 

Which Seasoning Does Wendy’s Use To Season Their Potatoes?

Wendy’s uses extra seasoning to flavor their potatoes. They prefer using smoked paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, ground white pepper, salt, and pepper. Using these seasonings brings out perfect flavors. 

Which Potatoes Does Wendy’s Use To Make Their Seasoned Potatoes?

Wendy’s prepares their seasoned potatoes with russet potatoes, peeled and cut into small wedges. However, we have used Yukon potatoes to make this recipe as it provides a buttery and creamy texture to these seasoned potatoes. 

Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes Preparation And Cooking Time

Preparation Time Cooking Time Total Time
10 Minutes 25 Minutes 35 Minutes

Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes Recipe Steps

Wendys Seasoned Potatoes Step 1

Step 1- Take a bowl filled with sliced potatoes and powder them with rice flour.

Wendys Seasoned Potatoes Step 2

Step 2- Add cornstarch to the bowl.

Wendys Seasoned Potatoes Step 3

Step 3- Add smoked paprika along with ground white pepper in the bowl.

Wendys Seasoned Potatoes Step 4

Step 4- Now, add onion and garlic powder to the potato mix.

Wendys Seasoned Potatoes Step 5

Step 5- Season the potatoes with salt and pepper, and add dried marjoram.

Wendys Seasoned Potatoes Step 6

Step 6- Pour vegetable oil into the mix.

Wendys Seasoned Potatoes Step 7

Step 7- Place the seasoned potatoes on the baking dish.

Wendys Seasoned Potatoes Step 8

Step 8- Lastly, bake the seasoned potatoes.

Wendys Seasoned Potatoes Recipe

Step 9- Your crispy seasoned potatoes are ready to serve.

Tips To Make This Seasoned Potatoes Better?

Do you want to make your seasoned potatoes with one level up? If yes, then you have to use these tips and tricks that are cited below:

  • Use Some Fresh Herbs – Herbs will bring out refreshing flavors in these seasoned potatoes. Some excellent choices are thyme, rosemary, parsley, or cilantro. 
  • Sprinkle Parmesan Cheese – During the last few minutes of cooking time, sprinkle parmesan cheese all over these seasoned potatoes. It’ll add a hint of tanginess to the potatoes. 
  • Soak In Cold Water – When the potatoes are properly sliced, ensure that they are soaked in cold water for about 30 minutes. This helps remove excess starch from the potatoes, which gives you crispy results. 
  • Use Fresh Potatoes – High-quality potatoes work well when making these seasoned potatoes. Opt for russet or Yukon gold potatoes, as they are superb choices. 

How Will These Seasoned Potatoes Look & Taste Like?

The crispy seasoned potatoes are an amazing combination of spicy and savory flavors with a perfect balance of saltiness and aromatic spices. You’ll also feel a tinge of sweetness in each bite. 

Moreover, these seasoned potatoes are usually cut into bite-sized pieces that have a golden-brown exterior. There’s a crispness in these potatoes that is achieved by baking them.

How To Make Wendys Seasoned Potatoes At Home

Why Aren’t Your Potatoes Crispy?

A few mistakes are made while preparing these Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes. To find out what are these mistakes, you need to look below:

  • Not Baked Properly – If you don’t bake these seasoned potatoes properly, they may end up being soggy. Be sure to bake them at the right temperature, which is around 425 degrees Fahrenheit or 225 degrees Fahrenheit. These potatoes need high temperatures for baking. 
  • Not Flipping While Baking – It’s important to flip the potatoes while baking to brown them from all sides and edges. So, you have to be careful while baking. Flip the potatoes every few minutes. 
  • Moisture Content While cooking, too much moisture on the surface may keep them from getting crispy. Ensure that potatoes are completely dry before seasoning them. 

Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes Nutritional Values

Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes are considered a healthy dish because they include some important nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. Now, to find the exact nutritional values of these seasoned potatoes, examine the following table:

Calories 330 kcal
Carbohydrates 30 g
Protein4 g
Fat 14 g
Dietary Fiber 4 g

Can You Make This Seasoned Potatoes Ahead Of Time?

If you want your Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes to taste even better, just make them in advance. You’ll be amazed by the results. To know in depth about the advantages, dig into the benefits mentioned below:

  • Better Texture – Potatoes that have been seasoned and allowed to rest can have an improved texture. The seasoning mixture can partially break down the surface of the potatoes, which helps them absorb flavors more effectively, resulting in a more evenly coated and flavorful dish.
  • Flavor Development – Allowing the potatoes to marinate in the seasoning mixture before cooking can enhance their flavor. This allows the potatoes to absorb more flavor from the seasoning, resulting in a more flavorful dish.

How Can You Store This Recipe?

  • Refrigerating – You refrigerate these seasoned potatoes easily for up to three to four days. Ensure to use an airtight container to seal these potatoes properly, as it’ll prevent them from absorbing the odors from other dishes.

 Also, there’s a thing that makes the potatoes soggy, but don’t worry! Simply reheat them using an air fryer or oven, as it’ll recapture some of the texture.

  • Freezer – If you want to store these Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes for longer, simply freeze them. However, you need to be careful about transferring them to a freezer-safe bag so that it doesn’t burn. 

Along with this, make sure that these seasoned potatoes are completely cool before storing them. Lastly, whenever you are ready to serve them, reheat them to attain the same texture. 

What To Serve With Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes?

If you are looking for some dishes to pair, then you need to check out the ones mentioned below. 

  • Burger King Chicken Sandwich – If you want a fully satisfying meal for dinner, then there is nothing better than clubbing these amazing Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes with Burger King Chicken Sandwich. Enjoy your perfect dining with this duo!
  • Gordon Ramsay Mushroom Soup – Are you ready to pair something comforting with these crispy and delicious Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes? Combine these potatoes with the yummiest Gordon Ramsay Mushroom Soup. Go ahead, and you’ll go crazy after this combo. 
  • Bobby Flay Meatloaf – Someone who is a big fan of Meatloaf will never get over this fusion. Merge the one and only Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes and Bobby Flay meatloaf for some crazy flavors. 
  • Chef John Stuffed Peppers – The craziest combination is here! John’s stuffed peppers complement our Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes incredibly in terms of flavors and textures. It is my personal favorite; just give it a try, and you will learn why I am mad about this pair. 

Recipe Card

Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes Recipe

Author : Yamini Rathore
Serving : 4
Calories : 330 kcal
Total time : 35 minutes
Wendy's seasoned potatoes are delectable. They are lightly coated with rich spices which results in the delicate crunchy texture of seasoned potatoes. Prepare the copycat Wendy's seasoned potatoes in your kitchen with this recipe!
5 from 24 votes


  • 1 tablespoon Rice Flour
  • 2 tablespoons Vegetable Oil
  • 1 teaspoon Cornstarch
  • 1 teaspoon Smoked Paprika
  • 1 teaspoon Black Pepper
  • 1 teaspoon Garlic Powder
  • 1 teaspoon Onion Powder
  • 1 teaspoon White Pepper (Ground)
  • 1 teaspoon Salt
  • 1 teaspoon Dried Marjoram
  • 2 Potatoes


  • Peeler
  • Bowl
  • Basting Brush
  • Parchment Paper


  • Take a bowl filled with sliced potatoes and powder them with rice flour.
    Wendys Seasoned Potatoes Step 1
  • Add cornstarch to the bowl.
    Wendys Seasoned Potatoes Step 2
  • Add smoked paprika along with ground white pepper in the bowl.
    Wendys Seasoned Potatoes Step 3
  • Now, add onion and garlic powder to the potato mix.
    Wendys Seasoned Potatoes Step 4
  • Season the potatoes with salt and pepper, and add dried marjoram.
    Wendys Seasoned Potatoes Step 5
  • Pour vegetable oil into the mix.
    Wendys Seasoned Potatoes Step 6
  • Place the seasoned potatoes on the baking dish.
    Wendys Seasoned Potatoes Step 7
  • Lastly, bake the seasoned potatoes.
    Wendys Seasoned Potatoes Step 8
  • Your crispy seasoned potatoes are ready to serve.
    Wendys Seasoned Potatoes Recipe
Prep Time : 10 minutes
Cook Time : 25 minutes
Total Time : 35 minutes
Cuisine : American
Course : copycat


Calories : 330kcal  |  Carbohydrates : 30g  |  Protein : 4g  |  Fat : 14g  |  Fiber : 4g

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What Is A Seasoned Potato From Wendy’s?

The seasoned potato is a crispy and favored side dish served at Wendy’s. The skin-on potatoes are lightly battered, seasoned with rich spices, and baked in a convection oven

Do Wendy’s Have Seasoned Potatoes All Day?

It is the best side dish on the breakfast menu. However, Wendy’s serves its seasoned potatoes all day.

What’s In Wendy’s Baked Potato?

Wendy’s another most served dish is the baked potato. It is a hot and fluffy potato filled with creamy cheese.

Are Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes Gluten-Free?

Yes, seasoned potatoes served at Wendy’s are completely gluten-free.


Our delicious Wendy’s Seasoned Potatoes are ready to serve! Now, it’s your turn to make this delectable dish at your home. Serve these deliciously seasoned potatoes to your family, and watch them savor every bite!

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