Wendy’s New $1 Burger Limited Time Offer!

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Wendy’s is getting on with March Madness, and we’re here for it! I mean, food at lower prices and even free at times? Who wouldn’t love that? Wendy’s is definitely winning our hearts when it comes to this.

Wendy's Dave Single Burger

With an already exciting and highly profitable breakfast deal, Wendy’s is making headlines. Yes, you heard that right. Wendy’s is offering free breakfast every Monday for the whole of March. Here is all you need to know about this deal.

So, what’s this whole new deal about Wendy’s burgers? Well, Wendy’s is offering burgers only for $1 for the next forty-two days! Yes, that’s right! In a new promotion deal, Wendy’s is now offering burgers costing only one dollar.

Is the deal only applicable to all burgers? No. This deal is only applicable and restricted to the Dave’s Single burger, which has been a Wendy’s classic for a long time. 

This Dave’s Single burger comprises beef and is layered with lettuce, American cheese, tomato, ketchup, pickle, onion, and mayo, all resting on a nicely toasted bun.

You can get Dave’s Single burger at just $1 only if you place your order through the Wendy’s App. All you need to do is select your order item and apply the mobile offer on it. 

The good thing about this whole deal is that this offer can be availed by you on a daily basis. So, get rid of your March hunger with a Wendy’s burger every day at just $1!

This deal is here for a limited period of time, lasting from February 28 to April 10. Seems like 2022 just got a whole lot better, and we have Wendy’s to thank for it!

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