Wendy’s Offers ‘Boo! Books’ For Halloween Which Are All Treats And No Tricks!

Whenever a holiday is around, like Halloween, we always wonder what our favorite restaurant chains will be upto. For Halloween this year, instead of releasing new options on their menu, the massive fast food chain Wendy’s has decided to take a slightly different approach. Enter, Boo! Books. Let us explore what exactly these are, all in this article. 

Wendy's Boo! Books

Every year, we all look forward to all the new seasonal options that any restaurant chain comes up with. Of course, on Halloween, it gets even more special, considering the cute and spooky take on the menu items. So, it may sound like a bummer to know that Wendy’s won’t be releasing anything particular to Halloween on their actual menu. 

But trust me, the “Boo! Books” that they have come up with for Halloween this year are so much more than you may have ever imagined.

What are they all about, though? We’ll explore all of that in the next section. But, in case you want to check out the prices of the menu items at Wendy’s, make sure to check out our Wendy’s Menu With Prices article. Now, let us get to the Boo! Books. 

What Are The Boo! Books From Wendy’s? 

Wendy's Boo Books 2

Ah, the eternal question that you have been waiting for. What exactly are these, Boo! Books that Wendy’s has released with so much pride? 

Wendy’s has relaunched their ‘Boo! Books’ just in time for the spooky season. Boo! Books are the perfect alternative to Halloween candy as for just $ 1, you will get five coupons for free Jr. Frosty Treats!

As Wendy’s management themselves say, in case you are out of candy for Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween, you can hand out some of these coupons for free Jr. Frosty, which are all treats and no tricks! 

This may sound really great, I am sure. I mean, of course, the thought of a free frosty, or even five for that matter, is truly very tempting. But that is not all when it comes to buying the Boo! Books.

Eventually, you will be helping out a good cause as for every $ 1 book bought, 85 cents will be going towards Wendy’s charity of choice, The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. 

On their official website, Wendy’s has mentioned that “Last year, Wendy’s system raised nearly $6 million for the Foundation just from selling these coupon books in our restaurants. Funds raised from the sale of Wendy’s Boo! Books benefit the Foundation’s signature programs, including Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, which helps to find permanent, loving families for children who have been waiting in foster care the longest.” Now that surely is a treat to know! 

How To Order Wendy’s ‘Boo! Books’? 

How To Order Boo! Books

Now that you know the noble reason why Wendy’s has come up with Boo! Books for Halloween this year, in comes the real question. How exactly are you supposed to order these, Boo! Books? Well, it may seem like it will be a huge task to order one of these, but it really isn’t! Let us take a look at how exactly you can order a Boo! Book and for how long the offer will last. 

To order a Boo! Book from Wendy’s; you can simply visit any of their stores or drive-thrus and ask for one of them. Similarly, you can also place an order via their official website from the “Give Something Back” category. You will be able to purchase these, Boo! Books from now until October 31st. The coupons for the free Jr. Frosties can be used until the end of the year! 

Wendy’s management has also mentioned that you can place a bulk order for Boo! Books too, if you would like. For that, however, you will have to place your order via the Foundation’s order form, as it will be easier that way. The link for the Foundation’s order form is on Wendy’s official website. 

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Final Word

For Halloween this year, instead of releasing new options on their menu, Wendy’s has come up with Boo! Books for a holiday. These boo! Books are worth $ 1 each and contain five coupons for free Jr. Frosty. So, in case you run out of candy on Halloween for Trick or Treaters, you can easily hand these out instead! 

Moreover, the “Boo! Books” have been introduced again for Halloween, also for a noble cause. For every “Boo! Book” bought, 85 cents out of $ 1 will go towards Wendy’s charity of choice, The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. So, it really is all treats if you decide to visit Wendy’s on Halloween this year! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will the “Boo! Books” be available at all Wendy’s locations? 

Yes, the “Boo! Books” will be available at all Wendy’s locations. 

Can “Boo! Books” be ordered online? 

Yes, “Boo! Books” can be ordered online via the official website of Wendy’s. 

How can you order “Boo! Books” in bulk? 

You can order “Boo! Books” in bulk, if you would like, via The Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption’s order form available on Wendy’s official website. 

For how long will the “Boo! Books” offer last at Wendy’s? 

The “Boo! Books” will be available for purchase at Wendy’s until Halloween, that is October 31st. 

Are the free Jr. Frosty Coupons valid after Halloween? 

Yes, the free Jr. Frost Coupons will be valid until the end of the year. 

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