Wendy’s Half-Priced Breakfast Deal For March

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Want breakfast but don’t want to cook? I’ve got a treat both for your ears and stomach. You’d be delighted to hear that Wendy’s is officially serving breakfast for half the price this march! Your march mornings are going to get a whole lot better and merrier!

Wendy's Breakfast

Yes, Santa came earlier this year and brought you half-priced Wendy’s breakfast menu items. This is as good as life can get for food lovers. To avail this deal, all you need to do is own a mobile phone. You know when it’s real! *wink*

All you need to do is download the Wendy’s app on your phone and look for the half-off breakfast deal on the app. Order your food from one of the locations that are participating in this deal.

Nothing in life comes without conditions, and similarly, Wendy’s is offering this deal on the condition that you can only avail it once a day. But the good thing is that this deal will refresh itself every day for the rest of march. So, you can score half-priced, delicious Wendy’s breakfast every day!

The items covered under this deal include classics like the Egg, bacon, and cheese biscuit, the egg, sausage and cheese biscuit, etc. The recent additions to this menu, with the inclusion of hot honey chicken biscuits, are also covered in this deal.

The hot honey chicken biscuit is Wendy’s first addition to the breakfast menu in over two years. It contains a breakfast chicken fillet slathered in hot honey sauce and served in a fluffy and delicious buttermilk biscuit. This is what dreams are made of.

Including this deal, Wendy’s is launching several other deals like chances of a $0 delivery fee on orders placed through Wendy’s app from March 11 till April 4. Crazily good, isn’t it?

Life just got a lot easier to deal with this new Wendy’s deal! Can’t wait to get breakfast tomorrow, can you? 

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