Customer At Wendy’s Ignores Car On Fire And Orders Food Instead

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The phrase “every person for himself” holds true in today’s world. So, what would be a better example of this than a woman being unbothered about a car catching fire and choosing to order food first instead? Maybe she was hangry? You can better judge after getting to know all about it.


So what happened was that a customer of Wendy’s chose to order food first and then do something about the car being on fire. To be fair, she had her priorities clear and sorted!

The woman is named Juan Duran, and people got to know all about this incident after she shared a video of the same on TikTok. As things work with TikTok, it was meant to go viral, and hence, it did!

Duran shared the video on March 4, and the video got over 800k views. Wild, isn’t it? But how did all of this exactly unfold?

What happened was that Duran was in Round Rock, at one of Wendy’s drive-thrus. She was aware of the other car being on fire but still chose to place her order first.

The car on fire was a red-colored Lincoln Navigator. The employee who first got to know that the car was on fire said in an interview, “No other customers told me it was on fire cause I think the fire was small enough that no one cared to tell us.”

Maybe that is why Duran didn’t think of telling anybody else as well. The employee further added, “We went outside to make sure someone called 911, and they were on their way. The fire was put out, and our manager just told us to stay inside and work like normal.”

Fast food restaurants are literally the wildest of places in this world, and there’s always something going on. The drama is always on! 

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