Wedding Menu Ideas For The Future? Well-Prepared And Progressive Dining Trends

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The wedding dinner is a big part of the big day – a centerpiece around which everybody can relax and loosen up, reciting speeches, and chatter breaks out among the groups.

Wedding Food Ideas

From the New York Times-featured Michelin-starred wedding banquet in Illinois to the simplicity of snacks-for-all and cake afterward, there are many ways to skin the cat when it comes to wedding dinners.

However, one clear trend is the move towards progressiveness in dining trends. In an era of rife cancellations, modern couples want to be well-prepared, clean, and climate-sensitive on their big day. This article looks at the future’s best progressive dining trends.

Appreciating The Impact

The coronavirus has largely been swept away in the USA, and business is back to normal. Despite this, the ongoing impacts on the supply chain, and notoriously virus-sensitive wedding industry, are clear.

As CNBC highlights, economic conditions are forcing couples to cancel and, in many cases, venues to shutter. Proper planning and preparation are more crucial than ever, especially concerning financial matters.

This extends to dining, too. Planners are looking for ways to present real value for money and good food without breaking the bank. And, crucially, to start having a real positive impact on the natural world.

They also think about the amount of waste produced at events such as weddings and how they can make positive changes to that as well.

Wedding planning usually starts with the wedding bands, ensuring they are ready and paid for ahead of time. It also includes due diligence checks on the venue and – crucially – affordability, women’s and men’s wedding rings, and suitability checks on the dining.

The amount of money lost for the couple or the business in failed or canceled weddings is not insignificant, and recouping cash isn’t always easy when bankruptcy is involved.

This last factor has given rise to one of the most important trends in wedding dining – frugality – which chimes in with the progressive need not to waste food while retaining the quality of wedding dining.

Top Wedding Menu Ideas For Future

Go on and read about the best wedding menu ideas for the future:

1. Nostalgia and Local Food

In a summary of what they have found to be the most important wedding dining trends, Brides magazine highlights two trends of particular interest –nostalgia eating and local food.

The former is tied explicitly to the need for budgetary constraints. Bringing in typically cheaper foods, such as dressed-up fried chicken and mac cheese, is a common theme.

The second, local food, sees an increase in food quality and a reduction in waste from cross-country travel and the import of foodstuffs. Together, they create far more waste-mindful strategies for feeding the wedding party.

There are also wider impacts on choosing local food. Negating the need for large-scale shipping removes a lot of carbon from the atmosphere.

Furthermore, by opting for naturally grown, local ingredients, the preservatives, chemicals, and other items that need to be mass-produced to support the farm and food industry are taken out of the equation.

The more natural and organic the food, the better impact the wedding will have on sustainability.

2. Heirloom Legacy

Do you crave your grandma’s recipe of Sunday gravy at times? You are not wrong in missing some of the best recipes your elders gave you. It is equally touching as enjoying nostalgic foods.

For your wedding, go for treasured home recipes that will add a nice touch to your grand gala. Your family members will love you for presenting recipes they cherish and relish.

3. Ready-To-Eat Foods

If you happen to have a group of friends or cousins who love dancing more than eating, then you should consider grab-n-go stations. These stations can be set up at your wedding and offer prepared food or snacks to your guests.

Your guests can quickly grab a bite of their favorites and return to grooving! This also gives the gathered guests more time to chat and reconnect with people they haven’t met for a long time.

4. Going Vegan

Veganism isn’t new to us. Isn’t it always nice to reduce our contribution to carbon footprints by going vegan? Undoubtedly, a few among your guests must be vegans and vegetarians.

Surprise them with a trend that shouts veganism. Hey, going vegan doesn’t always mean some veggies or tofu. There are plenty of meat substitutes based on plant sources that you can try on your wedding menu.

5. Foods With A Story

Stories of marriage are always interesting to hear, especially on the big day. Why not couple foods with your stories? Didn’t quite get my point?

You might have a special reason to remember certain foods that had something to do with meeting your beloved. Showcase it as a lovable trend on your wedding diner table.

You can also choose a particular cuisine, favorite food, drink, or any ingredient as a basis for a whole celebration. Kentucky Derby and Mardi Gras are some inspirational celebrations you can try at your wedding.

6. Enhancing The Green Option

VOA News has explored an interesting trend that is taking this low-waste strategy to another level. A range of preparations tied into the wedding now seeks to reduce waste even further.

This can include donating leftovers to charities or using carbon offsetting and zero-waste pledges to ensure that the impact on the entire catering supply chain is kept to a minimum.

This can directly impact the food, but often for the better – the low-waste, low-carbon options are typically fresher, grown locally, and more ethical, especially regarding rearing livestock.

Some weddings are even looking to the bring-your-own trend. While this is very lowkey and perhaps not in keeping with the high-life, or luxury element of many ceremonies, it is something to consider.

Asking people to bring enough food for them, but then for it to be shared out, is likely to create an exciting and community-feel day.

7. The Plant-Based Menu

All these trends feed into one dining trend that The Knot feel is becoming particularly prevalent – the plant-based wedding. There are questions about how natural and organic plant-based food is, but the scientific data on how efficient it is for the environment is compelling.

According to UCLA, the average plant-based meal uses 50% less water than meat while still providing protein and nutrition.

What’s more, plant-based does not need to mean boring. There is a tremendous amount of variety on the market now, with burgers, replacement meats, and traditional vegan meals of vegetables, soy, and tofu.

Brought together, almost every cuisine can be catered to, and guests will have an array of choices on offer. There is an active element of saving the planet in doing so, and this is something that planners and the to-be-weds can pass on to their guests.

The next wedding dinner you experience – or perhaps arrange – may be along those lines. However, a clear market force is pushing and prioritizing low-carbon events.

That will not just define the wedding but also the food taste. Intriguing guests with plant-based menus or an invitation to bring their own may be the next frontier in wedding dining.

8. Bowl Foods

When royals can serve bowl foods at their wedding, why can’t we? Nothing can beat bowl foods regarding taste, nutrition, and, most importantly, relaxation! It fits perfectly in a wedding menu as it is easy to prepare and easy to enjoy.

Want to hear a much better reason to include bowl foods? With the wedding burning a hole in your wallet, bowl foods can be a real deal when it comes to cost-effectiveness.

Final Word

That was all about the best progressive wedding dining ideas that you can try or suggest to someone. These trends will surely highlight your wedding in line with the latest trends.

Although these are something you can try, don’t let your creativity refrain you from coming up with something unique and out of the box. Do share with us in the comments section if I have missed any of the most important wedding menu ideas.

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