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5 Reasons To Choose Weber Spirit Grill Cover

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The art of grilling is in vogue lately. But for that, one thing you must have is a good grill (and someone who knows how to grill). When thinking of the best spirit grills available, the one name which supersedes any others is Weber spirit grill.

Weber Spirit Grill Cover

Weber is the maker of high-quality and endurable grills that is continuously innvoating and making name in the grilling industry. They work on every available fuel like charcoal, natural gas, LP propane, spirit, or electricity. There are many choices. You can easily buy a grill that tailor-fits all your needs.

But with a great grill comes great responsibility. It is essential for those who own a Weber grill to ensure adequate protection for your unit. This is because the natural weathering may cause a lot of wear and tear to your precious grill. So, what can you do? Well, you can put a cover on it.

Here’s some good news. There are custom-made Weber grill covers available for all types of grills from the provider. Your work is to spend some money and buy one. Not convinced? Well, that’s my task for today. I’ll tell you the reasons you should choose a Webster spirit grill cover.

Types Of Weber Grills

Weber Spirit Grill

While considering buying a grill cover, you need to make some special considerations to get hold of the market’s best available products. There is a wide range from which you have to make the selection. Before discussing the essentials of grill cover purchase, let us have a quick overview of the Weber products.

1Weber Gas Grills

This is the most popular variety of grills that Weber offers. These gas grills use natural or LP propane as fuel. Using clean and portable fuel, these grills can cater to the grilling enthusiasts’ needs without much effort and less polluting the environment.

2. Electric Grills

These electric-powered grills by Weber are fitted with grill plates heated electrically. There is no fire or smoke while operating the electric grills. The cleanup and maintenance of the grills are also much easy.

3Weber Spirit Grills

Weber spirit uses are rare pieces of Weber grills, which demand a considerable effort to clean and upkeep. You must consider buying a good grill cover to protect the spirit grills and make them last for long.

4Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills by Weber are also top-rated, which can give your grilled steak that much-needed charred, smoky flavor. So far, charcoal is considered the best grilling fuel of all time. Weber charcoal grills are meant for the purist grilling enthusiast.

5 Reasons To Choose Weber Spirit Grill Cover

Now, we know that you need to cover your Weber spirit grill. But the fact remains, why do you need to choose the Weber spirit grill cover. Well, I have a few reasons that you must read. Here we go!

1. It’s Efficient

Weber Spirit Grill Cover

The Weber spirit grill gas cover is not your regular cover; it’s a cool cover. This is supported by the fact the grill cover has UV inhibitors. It ensures that your grill doesn’t suffer sun damage (it doesn’t need the vitamin D, believe me!).

But it doesn’t suffocate it as well. The cover grill is breathable. So, it also prevents the grill from getting humid. Wind won’t sway your cover too. It has fastening straps, so the cover clings to your grill with everything. Efficient, right?

2. It Fits The Grill Perfectly

Cover for Weber Grill

You can just put a cover over your grill, but you need to put ‘the’ cover on it. The Weber spirit grill cover is specially cut and stitched for your Weber spirit grill. So, naturally, it fits the grill like its personal gown. The skirt falls to the bottom, allowing some ventilation for the grill.

3. It’s Easy To Put On

Putting the Weber Grill Cover

Now, the grill cover is custom-made, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be a hassle to put it on and take it off your grill. Yes, the Weber spirit grill cover is easy to throw on and off your precious grill. The cover has a big ‘mouth’ that allows it to devour your BBQ buddy.

The Velcro fastening straps ensure it stays on even when wind or a storm blows. When it’s time to use your grill, just unfasten the Velcro (consider it ASMR), and your grill is ready to use.

4. It’s Made Of Durable Fabric

Spirit Grill Cover Weber

Weber is continuously making a name in the grilling industry. You can read more about what Weber is doing on this cookoutnews website. Durability is a big factor when buying anything but is often overlooked. The Weber spirit grill cover is that too. Many grill covers are mostly vinyl, making them waterproof but not durable. You can see them beaten and bruised in a month or two.

But the Weber spirit grill cover is made of polyester. So, it can easily spend a season on your grill before the first wrinkle shows up. The cover is waterproof with PVC liners, UV inhibitors, and breathable fabric. So, water, dust, humidity, and any other factors fail to damage your grill.

5. It’s Worth The Money

Weber Grill Cover

The Weber spirit grill cover may cost some extra bucks. But the fact is it will save you some bucks in the long run. A cheap cover will not only run its course in a few months but also might end up doing more harm than good.

When you spend so much of your hard-earned money on a good grill, it is essential to spend some bucks on its protection. A good grill cover will promise the good health of your grill for years. You calculate what’s expensive, one cover for a year or one for every month.


With this, we have reached the end of the road I hope I have given you a reason to choose the Weber gas grill cover and convinced you. Tell me in the comments below if you think I am right. I’ll see you next time. Until then, happy grilling!

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