The 6 Unhealthiest Fast-Food Burritos, According to a Dietitian

This web story highlights nine fast-food burritos from various chains, including Qdoba, On the Border, Moe's Southwest Grill, and others, that are loaded with calories, saturated fat, sodium, and carbs. Some of these burritos contain more than half the calories needed in an entire day and exceed recommended daily limits for sodium and fat. 

Among the examples are Qdoba's steak burrito with 56% of the daily recommended calories and 93% of the daily sodium, On the Border's burrito with 150% of the daily saturated fat, and Taco Bell's Grilled Cheese Burrito with 80% of the artery-clogging saturated fat. 

This web story also provides healthier alternatives for each of the unhealthy burritos, suggesting options like splitting a burrito with a friend, choosing simpler and smaller-sized burritos, or customizing the fillings to reduce calorie and fat content. These alternatives aim to help readers make more informed and health-conscious choices when ordering fast-food burritos. 

– Unhealthy: Loaded with 1,110 calories, 47g fat, and 2,140mg sodium, this burrito contains 56% of the daily recommended calories. – Healthier Alternative: The Impossible Fajita Burrito at Qdoba is a better option with 880 calories.

– Unhealthy: This burrito is a calorie bomb with 2,010 calories, 120g fat, and a staggering 5,250mg sodium. – Healthier Alternative: Opt for a Classic fajita burrito or bean burrito to cut down on the unhealthy content.

– Unhealthy: With 1,075 calories, 39g fat, and 2,029mg sodium, this burrito lives up to its name. – Healthier Alternative: Build a better burrito with fish, steak, or tofu, and skip the rice.

– Unhealthy: This burrito packs 710 calories, 40g fat, and 1,660mg sodium, with fried chicken adding to the unhealthy content. – Healthier Alternative: A bean burrito without potatoes and cheese is a lighter option.

– Unhealthy: With 860 calories, 46g fat, and 2,100mg sodium, this burrito's nacho cheese adds to its unhealthiness. – Healthier Alternative: The Burrito Mexicano is a better choice with 490 calories.

– Unhealthy: This burrito contains 1,050 calories, 60g fat, and 2,600mg sodium, with bacon and fries contributing to its unhealthiness. – Healthier Alternative: The Bean & Cheese burrito is a more nutritious option.