Starbucks Unveils Three New Beverages in its Summer Menu Remix for 2023 

1. New Summer Offerings:  Starbucks introduces its Summer Menu Remix, featuring three innovative drinks tailored for the warmer season.

2. Customizable Drinks:  The new beverages include a Chocolate Cream Cold Brew with Caramel Syrup in a caramel-lined cup, an Iced Chai Tea Latte topped with Matcha Cream Cold Foam, and a blended version of the Iced Black Tea Lemonade.

3. Limited Availability: These refreshing drinks are available for a limited time exclusively on the Starbucks app, though fans can request the same customizations year-round.  

1. Chocolate Cream Cold Brew with Caramel Syrup: – Description: This drink combines the classic Chocolate Cream Cold Brew with a hint of caramel. – Customization: Customers have the option to get their cup lined with caramel for an added layer of flavor. – Feedback: A Starbucks enthusiast described this combination as "the best of both worlds."

2. Iced Chai Tea Latte with Matcha Cream Cold Foam: – Description: Starbucks has revamped the traditional Iced Chai Tea Latte by adding Matcha Cream Cold Foam on top. – Customization: The Matcha Cream Cold Foam can be added to the drink for a unique fusion of flavors.

3. Blended Iced Black Tea Lemonade: – Description: A twist on the classic, this drink is made without traditional ice cubes, using blended ice instead. – Customization: Customers can select the "add blended" option on the app when ordering. – Recommendation: A drink enthusiast suggests adding peach to enhance the refreshing taste.

Exclusive Availability:  The Summer Remix menu is exclusively available on the Starbucks app for a limited duration.

Year-Round Customizations:  While the menu is seasonal, Starbucks patrons can continue to enjoy these drinks by requesting the specific customizations throughout the year.