McDonald’s Oreo Caramel Frappe  Recipe

Prep Time: 2 Min

– Oreos – Vanilla Ice Cream – Milk – Coffee – Caramel Syrup – Granualated Sugar – Ice cubes – Whipped Cream

Cook Time: 3 Min


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Step 1

Begin by adding milk to the blending jar for making Oreo caramel frappe. 

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Step 2

Then, add crushed Oreo cookies, ground coffee, sugar, vanilla ice cream to enhance the texture and flavors of caramel frappe. 

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Step 3

Further, add caramel sauce to the blending jar. 

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Step 4

Finally, put some ice cubes for extra thickness and consistency of caramel frappe and blend. The Oreo caramel frappe will be ready in just minutes. 

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Step 5

Garnish the frappe with whipped cream, Oreo cookies, and caramel sauce. 

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