McDonald's Tests New Extra-Large Chicken Sandwich in Select Locations 

Sizeable Addition: McDonald's is experimenting with a new offering, an extra-large chicken sandwich, in a move to diversify its menu and cater to the evolving preferences of its customers. 

Limited Location Test: The sandwich is currently being tested in select locations, allowing the fast-food giant to gauge customer reactions and fine-tune the product before potential nationwide rollout.

Competition and Innovation: With this move, McDonald's aims to keep up with the competition in the fast-food industry and continue its tradition of innovation by offering a substantial and indulgent chicken sandwich option. 

The extra-large chicken sandwich is currently being made available in select locations as part of a limited-time test. This approach allows McDonald's to gather feedback from customers, evaluate the sandwich's popularity, and make any necessary adjustments before considering a potential nationwide launch. 

The sandwich is expected to feature a larger chicken patty, possibly with unique or premium toppings, in line with the trend of more substantial and flavorful fast-food offerings. 

If the test proves successful, McDonald's could potentially roll out the extra-large chicken sandwich across its outlets nationwide, aiming to capture a larger share of the market and satisfy the cravings of its ever-discerning customer base. 

The introduction of the extra-large chicken sandwich also reflects the larger trend in the fast-food industry, where brands are continuously exploring novel menu options, unique flavors, and diverse choices to cater to an increasingly adventurous and health-conscious customer demographic.