McDonald's Fans Shocked By Massive Sugar Content of Popular Drink

1. A McDonald's employee and TikTok user shared a video showing the process of making the chain's iced tea, revealing that an entire bag of sugar is used in the concoction. The video went viral, garnering over 1.3 million views and sparking shock and confusion among viewers. 

2. The video showed someone dumping an entire bag of sugar into a bucket as water and tea poured from above. Some locations reportedly use two bags of sugar. The large iced tea contains 40 grams of sugar, exceeding the American Heart Association's recommended daily sugar consumption for adult women (25 grams) and nearly matching the recommendation for adult men (36 grams).  

3. While some commenters were shocked by the sugar content, others noted that they always found the tea too sweet. There were also claims that not all McDonald's locations make their iced tea this way, with some using liquid sugar or pre-made tea. This revelation follows a similar disclosure last year by a former manager who described the substantial sugar content in the tea.  

A McDonald's employee shared a video on TikTok showing the process of making the chain's iced tea, including dumping an entire bag of sugar into the mix. The video quickly went viral. 

The video revealed that a large iced tea at McDonald's contains 40 grams of sugar, a shocking amount that exceeds or nearly matches the daily recommended sugar intake for adults. 

Many viewers were shocked and confused by the sugar content, with some expressing disbelief at the process shown in the video. 

The revelation highlights the often-hidden sugar content in popular beverages and the importance of transparency in nutritional information for consumers making health-conscious choices.