How To Make Whiskey Taste Even Better

While a simple glass of whiskey on its tastes pretty damn near perfection, there are several things that you can do to make it taste even better than what it already does. Some of these are listed below in more detail. 

1. Add Some Drops of Water

Ask any whiskey expert out there and they will tell you that, although the drink does taste good straight out of the bottle, it tastes even better when you add a few drops of water to it. This can either be regular tap water or specific bottled water made for this exact purpose. Doing this really opens the whiskey up, thus dissipating the ethanol in the drink, which allows for the oak, citrus, and baking spices flavours to shine through.

2. Include a Garnish

Although garnishes are usually reserved for cocktails, such as orange peel for an Old Fashioned or cherry for a Manhattan, adding a little extra can change the drink altogether. When drinking a rounder, sweeter whiskey, such as bourbon, try adding a lemon or an orange peel to it to really bring out the more citrusy notes. However, for Scotch and other whiskeys that are single malt, add a cherry to make the smoky flavours a little smoother, or even add a herb that compliments the flavour of the whiskey.

3. Use Ice Cubes

Putting a large single ice cube or a couple of smaller ones into a glass of whiskey is a great way of chilling it and adding some dilution. The more that the ice melts, the more that the flavours evolve and become more complex, meaning you will soon be able to pick up on certain flavours that you could not do on your first sip. A single large block of ice can also look really aesthetically pleasing in a glass, helping to add to the overall image of drinking whiskey.

4. Add Some Bitters

Not too dissimilar to a garnish, when bitters are added to whiskey, they can help to bring out the underlying notes of fruit or baking spice that are in there. Bitters come in a wide range of flavours to suit your own individual palette.

5. Drink from a Proper Whiskey Glass

While they may sound like something of a gimmick, the professional tasters use whiskey glasses to work. A proper whiskey glass allows you to move the liquid around in it to get a proper smell of all the beautiful aromas in it. What works best are those shaped like a tulip, such as the Norland whiskey glasses or the Glencairn whiskey glasses.

The above things work for all types and brands of whiskey, no matter how good they already taste. They even work for Glen Scotia whisky, which can be purchased online here.

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