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Three Ways to Improve Your Food Service Uniforms

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Whether operating a food truck business or running a restaurant, having the right uniforms can help you build your brand, display professionalism, and attract more customers.

Three Ways to Improve Your Food Service Uniforms

So, you need to give as much thought to your food service uniforms as you do to the rest of your business.

Thankfully, there are simple ways of improving the uniforms your employees wear. Here are three helpful tips.

1. Make Your Uniform More Comfortable

Yes, the uniforms look is important, as we shall see. But comfort is just as important.

Staff working in the catering industry will be on the go every shift, so your employees’ uniforms must be comfortable. If your current uniforms provide anything but 100% comfort, you need to find a new uniform. You can still keep the same color and design, but if you’re sacrificing comfort, don’t.

When staff members are comfortable in their uniforms, they can be entirely focused on their jobs, happy in their work, and provide quality customer service.

Soft, cotton clothing is one of the best options. Just make sure the clothing is also durable. 

2. Match Your Uniform to Your Brand

To build brand awareness, ensure the food service uniform matches your brand.

For instance, if you run a high-end restaurant, you’ll want your uniforms and the rest of your branding to ooze luxury and professionalism. That means buying quality clothing, not just the cheapest uniforms.

On the other hand, if you run a food truck business, your uniform could be as simple as an apron and a hat displaying your business logo.

Also, the colors you use for your uniform should tie in with your brand and match the type of business you operate. For instance, the high-end restaurant may go with black and silver, while a food truck could fare better with bright primary colors.

Regarding front-of-house staff, it’s best to steer clear of white and light-colored clothing, as it will stain easily. And it’s easy for clothing to become stained in the catering industry. The last thing you want is your employees to look messy and dirty.

Furthermore, consider the underlying messages behind different colors when selecting colors for your uniform. For instance, green would be ideal for a vegetarian eatery, while bright colors like red and orange can stimulate customers’ appetites.

You also need to take the other colors that are being used at your establishment into account. For example, you don’t want your staff to clash with your tablecloths.

One last thing concerning colors: it’s a good idea to use colors for your uniforms that your local competition isn’t using. That way, you can ensure your food service business stands out and attracts more customers.

And if you own a restaurant, here are some ways to get more customers through the door.

3. Get Custom Patches to Create a Strong Sense of Company Identity

Finally, one of the best and simplest ways of improving your food service uniforms is to place your restaurant logo, or another branding, onto your existing or new uniforms to help you create a strong sense of company identity.

It’s easy to purchase customized sew-on patches. For instance, the patches available at StickerYou are durable, machine washable, and available in various thread colors.

Final Thoughts

Making your uniforms more comfortable, considering the look and color of your uniforms, and adding custom patches to your uniforms are some of the best ways to improve your food service uniforms.

But to make sure you pick the right improvements for your uniforms, spend time considering your brand, your customers’ tastes, and your competition to choose the right uniform for your catering business.

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