Ways to Make an Authentic Chinese Cuisine

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Everyone of us is missing out on a lot of things this year and food is one of them. We all are trying to be at home and get restaurant-like food but not all of us have born chefs at home. When it comes to Chinese food, most of us love their cuisine. 

Chinese Cuisine

Those who love authentic Chinese cuisine know it is not that easy to get it right at home if you don’t know how to cook well. Authentic Chinese food may look challenging to prepare but with the right guidance from MissChineseFood, making Chinese food is possible and very easy.

Today we are going to help you out with some tips regarding authentic Chinese cuisine. As everyone should know the basics first, we will be sharing some items that you should have available at home if you want to prepare authentic Chinese cuisine. The items which we are mentioning below are those who are involved in classic Chinese food. Come, let’s have a look!

1) Powdered Spices 

Powdered Spices

It is no surprise as Asia is said to be known for its spices. In most places in Asia, you can find many spices that you may not even know or use in cooking in other parts of the world. For cooking a friendly and authentic Chinese dish, you need to have powdered spices at home. 

Chinese food is often spicy as people over there love the spice. Your powdered spices should ideally contain significant spices. The spices are cardamom, sichuan peppercorns, fennel seeds, star anise, cinnamon, cloves and ginger. This mixture of all these spices adds different flavours to your food. 

The mixture of these spices is often called the five spices as it gives five different tastes like salty, sour, bitter, sweet and spicy all in one dish. This powder is recommended to use in dishes that have meat. You can use this while marinating your meat or in a dish like roasted pork. Use your innovation and enjoy the taste. 

2) Red Chilli Oil 

Red Chilli Oil

As it is obvious that spices play an essential role in this cuisine. The red chili oil is nothing but the dried red pepper with some peanut oil, fired quickly. This red chilli oil is the heart of Chinese cuisine. Chinese people say that their cuisine is incomplete without this oil.

You can use this red chilli oil in many ways. Using it while preparing a savoury sauce or some fried chicken will give you some of the best tastes of this red chili oil. The red chili oil is very spicy, just like its name implies but you will love the taste if you are a foodie and can handle some spice. 

3) Lard 


Lard is something that is used in the replacement of vegetable oil or canola oil during stir fry or braising. Those of you who are confused about what lard is, let us make it simple for you. Lard is nothing but pork fat that is refined and clarified for cooking purposes. This is easily available at some ethnic grocery stores. You can easily use lard instead of butter. The chinese chefs love the lard flavours. 

4) Fermented Beans

Fermented Beans

You may say the fermented bean sauce or paste is surprisingly one of the Chinese cuisine’s handy items. Australians are known for their marmite but the Chinese use the fermented bean paste in their cuisine. 

This item is very versatile as there are many ways you can add this to your dishes. You can use it as a dip or a tastemaker in any stir fry or savory dish. It can also be used during marination to give out flavour. 

5) Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil

Chinese people and chefs love the use of sesame oil. They love using this oil because it has a deep flavour and adds a unique taste to the cuisine. Sesame oil is also said to have benefits like good skin and hair, which motivates them to use it more. For authentic and classic Chinese cuisine, sesame oil should be at your grab. Get all the ingredients right and you can enjoy your Chinese meal.

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