Wawa Secret Menu | Lip Smacking Secret Items You Must Try

If you like grabbing a bite while shopping at a convenience store or gas station, then Wawa might be your favorite place to stop by for the delectable food it offers. But do you know about Wawa’s secret menu? No? Now you will!

Wawa Secret Menu

Pennsylvania-originated chain of gas stations and convenience stores, Wawa is a mandatory stop for many folks. It’s the best place to fuel your cars and care for your empty bellies. 

Unlike regular gas stations stocked up with chips, gums, and candies, Wawa is much more than that. You can choose from a range of menus, including mac-and-cheese, hoagies, salads, sandwiches, chalupas, and beverages. 

But every restaurant has its secrets, and so does Wawa, with its secret menu that you will find out in this article. Wawa rolled out its secret menu in honor of its 54th birthday.

 Read on to find out all about Wawa’s secret menu that includes attractive and delicious food items fit to start a party at a gas station!

Wawa Secret Menu

Wawa Secret Menu

Wawa’s secret menu has been a rage over social media for its unusual and delicious food items in the past few years. This menu features spectacular smoothies, coffee, milkshakes, lemonades, bagels, and more. Check them out!

1. Rainbow Bagel

wawa rainbow bagel

There are bagels, and then there is a rainbow bagel waiting for you to be devoured from Wawa’s secret menu. Wawa released two rainbow items in June of 2018.

One of these was Summertime Swirl Bagels and the Summertime Rainbow Smoothies. You wouldn’t have missed these beauties unless you worked hard to avoid social media. 

The colorful bagels with rainbow swirls are served with mild and faintly fruity yet delectable cream cheese and loaded with sprinkles. They are every little girl’s dream and look right out of a fairy tale.

To order a Wawa rainbow bagel, you must press the touchscreen kiosk to order snacks. When the screen lights up, you go to the bottom left page and click on Wawa goose.

After selecting it, you will see a page that reveals different secret menus available for the day. In it, you find the rainbow bagel!

It is unclear whether Wawa added these bagels for Pride month. But these bagels are on the Wawa secret menu for whatever reason or season. 

2. Birthday Cake Smoothies And Milkshakes

 Birthday Cake Smoothies And Milkshakes

Wawa’s secret menu includes many smoothies and milkshakes. But the birthday cake smoothies and milkshakes have customers flocking to them around the year.

As the name suggests, these drinks are infused with a vanilla birthday cake flavor and are topped with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles. These drinks are thick and creamy, and you can also swap ice cream for a yogurt base.

You can even order them in bulk or small quantities for celebrations like birthdays.

3. Siptopia


Siptopia is not a secret menu item, but it is a Wawa initiative that is a secret to getting any drink of customers’ choice, of any cost, for less than two dollars. Customers can order milkshakes, hot and cold drinks, blended drinks, and smoothies, including cookie-based smoothies, at a discounted price when this promotion happens.

You can take advantage of this initiative if you place an order from the secret menu using the in-store kiosk or the Wawa app.

Some of the delicious drinks you can get for a reduced price include the Mocha Mint Frozen Cappuccino, the Iced Chai Tea, the Berry Passion Fruit Refresher, the Bananas Foster Cream Smoothie, and the Blueberry Pomegranate Mango Smoothie.

4. Swedish Fish Blue Splash Lemonades

wawa Swedish Fish Blue Splash Lemonades

Lemonades are the best to refresh yourself on hot summer days. But at Wawa’s, you can have fun with them by ordering the Swedish fish blue splash lemonades.

Swedish fish are small sweet gummy candies in red color. These candies can be used to decorate smoothies, ice creams, and desserts.

In 2019, Wawa introduced two bright blue lemonade drinks and made use of these fun candies by filling them with red fishy candies. And so they named this drink the Blue Splash Frozen Lemonade! 

5. Colorful Lemonades

Wawa colorful lemonades

Besides the Swedish ifsh blue splash lemonade, Wawa also has a range of colorful lemonade. These cold sips come in different colors with sweet and tangy flavors. 

You can order lemonade in orange, violet, or green color. The ingredients include water, lemon juice, cane sugar, and food coloring and flavoring.

6. Strawberry Jalapeño Lemonade

Strawberry Jalapeño Lemonade

If you want to experiment with lemonade with flavors on a whole new level, Wawa’s secret menu offers you a strawberry jalapeno lemonade. This lemonade has a kick of spice from the jalapeno and gets a perfect sweetness from the strawberry lemonade base. 

You must totally try this unusual drink!

7. Reserve Coffee

Wawa Coffee

People often go to Wawa for coffee rather than a coffee house. That’s because Wawa’s coffee is specially made from Guatemala coffee beans that deliver a smooth taste, chocolate, orange blossom, and honey-like aroma. 

Moreover, Wawa offers its customers free coffee once a year on Wawa’s birthday.

8. Mint-er Wonderland drinks

Wawa Peppermint

Cold weather calls for hot drinks, and Wawa’s takes care of all your needs. In 2018, Wawa introduced the “Mint-er Wonderland” secret menu, which included three drinks: Peppermint Steamer, Peppermint Bark Cream Smoothie, and Peppermint Hot Chocolate.

These rich drinks conveyed the holiday spirit. 

9. Red Bull Concoction

Red Bull Concoction

Tea, coffee, and lemonades are great choices, but energy drinks have a fan following of their own. Wawa has two energy-blasted secret menu drinks to energize you with a kick of caffeine: The Volcano Blast and the tidal rush. 

The volcano blast is a dragon fruit lemonade infused with Red Bull. On the other hand, Tidal Rush is an energy drink made with blue raspberry lemonade and Red Bull. Both drinks are fruity, sweet, and delicious. 

10. Valentine’s Day Smoothies

Wawa Valentine's Day Smoothies

Wawa does special things for special occasions. If you happen to be at Wawa’s on Valentine’s Day, Wawa’s secret menu will have you covered.

For V-Day, you can enjoy a strawberry frosted donut or get yourself a special smoothie. In 2019, Wawa introduced chocolate-covered strawberries, white chocolate truffles, and double chocolate truffle cream smoothies. These smoothies come topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips.

11. Custom Sourdough Melts

Wawa sourdough melt

Wawa veterans know about hoagies being customizable on Wawa’s regular menu. However, many of you may need to learn that you can also get custom Sourdough Melts from the secret menu.

On the menu, Wawa’s signature sourdough melts include classic combinations of grilled cheese and roast chicken, spicy cheesesteak, and spicy Italian. Still, you can customize them by asking for any available ingredients. You surely don’t want to miss these out!

12. Custom Quesadillas

Wawa Quesadillas

If you love Mexican delicacies, at Wawa, you can also get yourself custom quesadillas from the secret menu.

You get a built-to-order quesadillas option when you access the secret menu either at the Wawa kiosk or through the app.

Feel free to customize your quesadilla order with mouthwatering options. The possibilities are endless!

How Do I Order From Wawa’s Secret Menu?

A secret menu will not be a secret if it is displayed alongside the regular menu. But that doesn’t mean it’s not easy to find. To access Wawa’s secret menu, you have to follow simple steps. 

You can order a Wawa secret menu at any Wawa location. All you have to do is click on the Wawa touchscreen kiosks in-store and press the goose icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

This will open the secret menu, and you can select your favorite items from there. 

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I know you must be overjoyed to learn about Wawa’s secret menu. Now it’s time for you to visit your nearest Wawa outlet and order these delectable secret items. After enjoying a great meal from Wawa’s secret menu, come back and tell me about your experience in the comments section below. 

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