Wasabi Menu With Prices [Updated June 2023]

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Wasabi menu with prices may vary slightly according to your nearest location. We have shared the menu of Wasabi from the location Hawaii, US. The menu is updated from the 1st of June, 2023 onwards.

Wasabi Restaurant

For the accurate prices, you might have to look for the menu of nearest Wasabi from its official website, or any other food delivery platform.

Wasabi menu with prices has a wide range of sushi, hot bento, salads & bowls, soups, vegan, snacks, condiments, and much more. Try delicious sweets and drinks by Wasabi. Enjoy any food item at Wasabi for under £45.

This was just a glimpse of the extensive menu of Wasabi. You can have the entire menu along with prices if you read further.

You’ll also find nutritional value and franchise details of Wasabi in this article. If you want extensive information, just keep reading. But first, let’s check out the history of Wasabi.

Wasabi is a Japanese fast-food chain of restaurants in the UK. It was founded by Dong Hyun Kim in London in 2003. This restaurant has active outlets in London and New York.

It has around 61 branches around the world, with 37 outlets in central London. 

Wasabi Menu With Prices

Wasabi Food

You can have the best of East-Asian food at Wasabi. Sushi and bento are my favorite. Try delicious sets by Wasabi such as avocado Hosomaki set, spicy salmon roll set, mixed maki set, and many more.

These yummy portions are packed with spices and Japanese flavors. 

Ever tried bentos? Try the delicious bentos, and you’ll know what you’re missing. A single bowl with tons of flavors presented in a perfect Japanese cuisine. You should also try chicken curry & rice, tofu curry & rice, chicken teriyaki & rice. 

The menu doesn’t stop here, Wasabi also serves the best Japanese-style salads & bowls. Some of my favorite by Wasabi are salmon noodle salad , chicken katsu salad, salmon poke bowl, etc. 

Moreover, they provides a section of soups, vegan, sides, snacks like spicy chicken tom yum, tofu tom yum, miso soup, chicken gyoza, chirashi potto, chilli bites, etc

If you’re a fan of dumplings, then try chicken gyoza and vegetable gyoza. Japanese cuisine has the best sweet bites ever. Chocolate mochi, pepero almond, strawberry cheesecake mochi are the best picks from the Wasabi menu.

There are many other delicious items on the menu. Just read the tables below to have a look at the menu and the prices of Wasabi.

You’ll also find the franchising information and all the other important links as you scroll further down. 

Picked For You Menu With Prices

Chicken Katsu Curry Bento£ 7.95
Chicken Katsu Box£ 5.15
Tokyo Salmon Set£ 10.95
Chicken Katsu Roll Set£ 5.75
Salmon Hosomaki Set£ 4.95

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What’s New Menu With Prices

Vegetable Gyoza Yakisoba Bento£ 9.25
Pumpkin Katsu Curry Bento£ 8.75
Pumpkin Katsu Curry Yakisoba Bento£ 9.25
Nigiri & Hosomaki Set£ 5.95
Salmon & Chumaki Set£ 5.95

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Bundles Menu With Prices

Rolling Solo£ 16.95
Two’s Company£ 29.95
Gather Round Meal For Four£ 44.95

Value Sushi Sets Menu With Prices

Nigiri & Hosomaki Set£ 5.95
Salmon Nigiri Set£ 5.95
Chicken Katsu Roll Set£ 5.95
Salmon & Chumaki Set£ 5.95
Salmon Hosomaki Set£ 4.95
Vegan Mini Xalmon Set£ 6.45
Spicy Salmon Roll Set£ 5.95
Cucumber Hosomaki Set£ 4.25
Avocado Hosomaki Set£ 4.25
Veggie Roll Set£ 5.95
Mini Selection Set£ 5.95

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Sushi – Large Set Menu With Prices

Tokyo Salmon Set£ 10.75
Rainbow Set£ 10.95
Katsu & Maki Set£ 10.75

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Sushi – Medium Sets Menu With Prices

Chumaki Set£ 7.95
Mini Tokyo Salmon Set£ 7.45
Mixed Maki Set£ 7.95
Harmony Set£ 10.25
Yasai Roll Set£ 8.95
Vegan Xalmon Harmony Set£ 8.95

Sushi Platters Menu With Prices

Kyoto Set£ 24.95
Tsudoi Platter£ 39.95
Salmon Matsuri Platter£ 37.95

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Onigiri Menu With Prices

Salmon Teriyaki Onigiri£ 2.95
Seaweed Onigiri£ 2.95

Hot Bento Menu With Prices

Chicken Katsu Curry Bento£ 8.95
Sweet Chilli Chicken Bento£ 8.95
Korean Firecracker Chicken Bento£ 8.95
Pumpkin Katsu Curry Yakisoba Bento£ 9.25
Sweet Chilli Chicken Yakisoa Bento£ 8.45
Pumpkin Katsu Curry Bento£ 8.65
Chicken Curry Bento£ 8.15
Chicken Katsu Yakisoba Bento£ 8.15
Tofu Curry Bento£ 8.75
Chicken Katsu Curry Yakisoba Bento£ 8.45
Korean Firecracker Chicken Yakisoba Bento£ 8.45
Chicken Curry Yakisoba Bento£ 9.45
Tofu Curry Yakisoba Bento£ 9.25
Vegetable Gyoza Yakisoba Bento£ 9.25

Salads & Bowls Menu With Prices

Salmon Noodle Salad£ 8.90
Teriyaki Salmon Salad£ 8.90
Salmon Poke Bowl£ 7.95
Chicken Katsu Salad£ 8.90
Chirashi Bowl£ 11.95

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Soups Menu With Prices

Spicy Chicken Tom Yum£ 7.90
Prawn Tom Yum£ 8.35
Tofu Tom Yum£ 7.90
Miso Soup£ 2.80

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Vegan Menu With Prices

Vegetable Gyoza Yakisoba Bento£ 9.25
Pumpkin Katsu Curry Yakisoba Bento£ 9.25
Pumpkin Katsu Curry Bento£ 8.75
Tofu Tom Yum£ 7.90
Vegan Xalmon Harmony Set£ 8.95
Vegan Mini Xalmon Set£ 7.95
Tofu Curry Bento£ 8.15
Yasai Roll Set£ 9.45
Veggie Roll Set£ 5.75
Avocado Hosomaki Set£ 4.25
Cucumber Hosomaki Set£ 4.25
Tofu Curry Yakisoba Bento£ 9.25
Edamame Potto£ 2.55

Sides Menu With Prices

Chicken Katsu Box£ 4.95
Garlic & Soy Sauce K-Wings£ 5.40
Chicken Gyoza (Chilled)£ 5.25
Vegetable Gyoza (Chilled)£ 5.00
Salmon Teriyaki Potto£ 4.35
Chirashi Potto£ 4.05
Edamame Potto£ 2.55
Sweet & Spicy K-Wings£ 5.40
Spicy Korean Chicken Pops£ 4.95

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Snacks Menu With Prices

Chilli Bites£ 2.85
Tempura Seaweed Crisps£ 2.85

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Condiments Menu With Prices

Wasabi Sachet£ 0.10
Soy Sauce Sachet£ 0.10

Desserts Menu With Prices

Strawberry Cheesecake Mochi£ 3.55
Chocolate Mochi£ 3.20
Chocolate Dorayaki£ 3.00
Matcha Blondie£ 3.00

Drinks Menu With Prices

Aloe Original – Zero Sugar (500ml)£ 3.35
Aloe Pomegranate- Zero Sugar (500ml)£ 3.35
Aloe Original (500ml)£ 3.35
Aloe Mango (500ml)£ 3.35
Aloe Yuzu (500ml)£ 3.35
Pepsi Original (500ml)£ 2.85
Diet Pepsi (500ml)£ 2.60
Pepsi Max (500ml)£ 2.60
Pepsi Max Cherry (500ml)£ 2.60
7UP Free (500ml)£ 2.60
Innocent Apple Juice (330ml)£ 3.30
Innocent Orange Juice (330ml)£ 3.30
Innocent Bolt From the Blue (330ml)£ 4.35
Innocent Wonder Green (330ml)£ 4.35
Innocent Bubbles Apple & Berry 330ml£ 3.30
Still Water (500ml)£ 1.65
Sparkling Water (500ml)£ 1.65

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How To Order Online From Wasabi?

You can order food from Wasabi by referring to the link of their official website, or any other food delivery platform. The restaurant is best known for quality food and services.

To order food from Wasabi online, you can also refer some of the leading food delivery service apps like GrubhubPostmates, and UberEats. We have shared the detailed screenshots that shows how to order food online from UberEats.

Finding The Latest Wasabi Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

1. Open the official website of UberEats and begin to place the order online from Wasabi.

UberEats Homepage

2. Add the location of any nearest outlet of Wasabi.

Wasabi Location

3. When you add the location, the complete menu will be displayed.

Wasabi Menu

4. Select your favorite food item and add it to the cart.

Wasabi Add To Cart

5. Once you have added the food items, proceed further to checkout.

Wasabi Checkout

6. The checkout option will direct you to add your personal details.

Panera Bread Personal Details

Wasabi Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationwasabi.uk.com/Nutritional_Guide

To know the nutritional value of the food items at Wasabi, clink on the above link. You can check out the nutritional information of each food item from the menu at their website.

Wasabi Franchising Details

Wasabi Outlet

Wasabi is  currently active at 61 locations worldwide, out of which 37 of its branches are in London. This restaurant chain is successfully growing and serving delicious Japanese food across the world. At present, Wasabi is not offering any franchise. If you want to own this franchise, we’ll update the franchise details here.

Wasabi Contact Information 

Wasabi Head Office Address: Unit 5, Origin Business Park, Rainsford Rd, London NW10 7FW, United Kingdom

Wasabi Phone: +44 20 7428 1550

Wasabi Email Address: peter@berryandgreen.com

You can also fill the contact form to get in direct contact with the team of Wasabi.

Important links 

Official Websitewasabi.uk.com
Order Onlinewasabi.uk.com/delivery
About Wasabiwasabi.uk.com/about-us
Latest Offerswasabi.uk.com/latest-offers
Wasabi Clubwasabi.uk.com/wasabi-club
Cookie Policywasabi.uk.com/cookie-policy
Corporate and Social Responsibilitywasabi.uk.com/corporate-social-responsibility

Social Media Handles

Facebook: facebook.com/wasabiUK

Instagram: instagram.com/wasabi_uk

Twitter: twitter.com/wasabi_uk

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Wasabi [FAQs]

Who was the founder of Wasabi restaurant?

It was founded by Dong Hyun Kim in London in 2003.

Where are the active outlets of Wasabi?

This restaurant has active outlets in London and New York.

How many branches are around the world of Wasabi restaurant?

It has around 61 branches around the world, with 37 outlets in central London. 

Is Wasabi restaurant offering the franchise details?

At present, Wasabi is not offering any franchise.

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