WaBa Grill Menu and Prices

WaBa Grill Menu and Prices

WaBa Grill is a quick easygoing eatery network gaining practical experience in barbecued combination menu things utilizing amazing fixings. WaBa Grill menu prices may appear to be high at to begin with, yet their nourishment things are very extensive so the size compensates at the cost. The eatery’s sustenance is presented with their acclaimed “WaBa” teriyaki sauce.

WaBa Grill offers a few menu things including plates, claim to fame plates, rice bowls, and rice bowls with veggies. Their plates and forte plates accompany a side of products of the soil, while bowls are only the meats presented with rice. The rice bowls with veggies additionally add veggies notwithstanding meats and rice. Try ‘WaBa Grill location near me’ to taste¬†WaBa Grill special.

The following are the most recent WaBa Grill menu prices.


WaBa Grill’s Plates

Chicken Steak Plate $8.50
Chicken Plate $7.50
Steak Plate $8.50

WaBa Grill’s Specialty Plates

Chicken Salad Plate $8.00
Rib Plate $9.95
Salmon Plate $9.00
Shrimp Plate $9.00

WaBa Grill’s Rice Bowls

Chicken Bowl $6.00
Half and Half Bowl (Chicken and Steak) $7.00
Salmon Bowl $7.50
Steak Bowl $6.76
Shrimp Bowl $7.50

WaBa Grill’s Rice Bowl with Veggies

Half-Half and Veggie Bowl (Chicken and Steak) $7.75
Chicken and Veggie Bowl $6.75
Steak and Veggie Bowl $7.75
Salmon and Veggie Bowl $8.25
Shrimp and Veggie Bowl $8.25
Veggie Bowl $5.00

WaBa Grill’s Beverages

Soda Can $2.50
Soda 2 Liter $5.00
Soda 6 Pack $6.99
Soda 12 Pack $8.99
Water Single $2.00
Water 3 Pack $5.99
Water 6 Pack $6.99
Water Case $9.99

WaBa Grill’s central goal is to give sound and superb flame broiled sustenance that is cooked new to arrange, low fat, low calories, high protein, and uses new vegetables. They intend to make nourishment that gives high an incentive to their clients.

In case you’re worn out on burgers and fries and need to have a go at something other than what’s expected, at that point WaBa Grill ought to be on your rundown. Not exclusively is their sustenance a decent change for your taste buds, it is additionally significantly more beneficial than the normal fast food. That is on the grounds that their dinners are negligible that stick to rudiments: meats, rice, products of the soil.

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