The Versatility Of The Cashew Nut

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Nuts, in general, are undoubtedly one of the healthiest foods available to you. Most people turn away from them because of their high caloric value. 

The Versatility of the Cashew Nut

However, the latest research suggests that eating too few nuts can harm you. Out of all the high-quality nuts that exist, cashews happen to be a fan favorite. 

Thanks to the buttery and sweet taste, these are probably everyone’s preferred nuts. 

Some people also include cashew nuts in their daily diet schedule to supplement their bodies with excessive proteins. 

It is recommended for sportspersons and people who are recovering from illness and some weakness. Cashew nuts are also used as tempering agents in dishes or dessert items to spruce up the flavor. 

Yet, some people do have suspicions about cashews’ usefulness and health content. 

Before discussing what exactly consuming cashew does for you, we must know how its production occurs.

Production Of Cashew Nut

Production of cashew nuts

Though you might think this nut is just another grain in the sand, it is hardly true for the cashew nut. These poisonous and strange-looking nuts emerge from the back end of a weirdly shaped fruit. 

This particular fruit is called the cashew apple, a long and fleshy stalk produced from the tree. Every other passerby can’t pick these nuts from the fruit because of the double coating protection and poisonous layer. 

The poison consists of anacardic acid, a toxic irritant to the skin capable of causing rashes. Even though manufacturers can sell these cashews in the coating like other nuts, it isn’t an option because of the poisonous compounds. 

The typical drying and roasting processes can render the toxins useless and make the coating vulnerable. Once the outer layer of the cashews becomes prone to damage, it can easily break for consumption. 

If for some rare instance, these were sold because of mishandling and if you’ve gotten food poisoning, please seek medical assistance immediately.

Composition And Nutrients In Cashew Nuts

nutrient of cashews

Despite the substantial amount of toxins in these nuts, health experts highly commend cashews for their nutritional content. The following provisions are per ounce of cashews.

  • Calories: 157
  • Carbohydrates: 9 grams
  • Fats: 12 grams
  • Protein: 5 grams
  • Copper: 67% from the DV (Daily Value)
  • Iron: 11% of the DV
  • Magnesium: 20% from the DV
  • Zinc: 15% from the DV
  • Manganese: 20% of the DV
  • Selenium: 10% of the DV
  • Phosphorus: 13% from the DV
  • Thiamine: 10% from the DV
  • Vitamin K: 8% from the DV
  • Vitamin B6: 7% from the DV

Health Benefits Of Cashew Nuts

health benefits of cashews

The previously mentioned contents of these nuts bring about a whole range of benefits. Weight loss happens to be one of the most in-demand questions when it comes to cashews. 

The magnesium in these nuts is an essential factor for managing the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. This healthy regulation of body nutrients can additionally help you to lose weight. 

Even though cashews are high in calories, they have a good bit of protein. On top of that, you can eat just a handful of them and achieve your caloric goal without feeling bloated.

Nevertheless, it is still crucial to pair cashews with proper dieting and exercise if you intend to lose weight.

Since cashews are a fantastic source of healthy fats, your body can easily absorb fat-soluble vitamins and produce essential fatty acids. 

These fatty acids are the key to the brain’s healthy development and blood clotting. The healthy fats incorporated in cashews consist of monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. 

If consumed moderately, cashews can reduce LDL cholesterol, which is good news for the heart.

The higher levels of HDL lead to healthier blood pressure and a reduction in triglyceride levels. Moreover, this promotes the prevention of the formation of gallstones. 

These are stone-like accumulations made from bad cholesterol collecting in the gallbladder. The regular intake of these healthy nuts ensures the prevention of such formation.

Constant research has shown that increasing zinc intake correlates to a healthier immune system. Lucky for you, cashews happen to be a great source of zinc. 

Since each ounce of these nuts has roughly 1.6 milligrams of zinc, you can effortlessly reach your daily intake goals. Zinc is a necessary factor in developing immune cells in the body. Therefore, the immune system has the strength to fight off external nuisances such as bacterial and viral infections.   

Different Versions Of Cashew Nuts

type of cashews

Even though cashew nuts have the same general manufacturing procedure, processes are available to produce a greater variety.

You must dig a little deeper if you want something different from the typical cashew. Flavored cashews are an enticing prospect that guarantees a unique taste. 

One of the more fascinating flavors you can get your hands on is the honey-roasted cashews. Just like the name suggests, these flavored cashews live up to their hype. 

The premium taste and high-quality production ensure you get your money’s worth.

These flavored cashews do not always have to be ready-made and packaged. Making roasted cashews at home is no difficult task and is much healthier. 

You can make these from scratch for a marvelous homemade treat. You only need some salted cashews, maple syrup, unsalted butter, honey, vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, granulated sugar, and kosher salt.

Once you have your hand on the ingredients, you can follow any of the innumerable recipes online to make your ideal honey-roasted cashews. 

What makes these nuts so addictive is that the sugary coating of the finished product melts sublimely in your mouth. If you can follow the recipe successfully, you are bound to save up lots of money. 

Moreover, you can also alter the taste according to your liking and even make as many as you crave. 

However, you should be cautious and use an air-tight container to store your homemade cashews because they shall not get spoiled.  

Benefits Of Honey-Roasted Cashews

honey roasted cashews

Combining honey and cashew is a perfect blend of antioxidants that benefit your body. These helpful substances act as scavengers in the body cells. 

They specifically target free radicals and diminish the damage caused in the body’s system by harmful oxidation. 

The honey coating improves cholesterol and reduces triglyceride in the body, just like the cashew’s properties. 

This snack is also a much healthier option for individuals with diabetes as it does not contain any refined sugar. 

The cooking process does not destroy the nutritional value, so you can eat these cashews with zero guilt.

These flavored cashews are the perfect treat for all occasions, as almost everyone loves them. Everybody loves flavorful food that does not make your stomach feel heavy. 

Even though they don’t pass as comfort food, you are guaranteed an energized kick from these nuts. 

Cashews are delicious on their own, but when you add the element of honey, your guests are sure to go crazy behind this delicacy.

Final Thoughts 

Regardless of the type of cashew you get for yourself, you should be aware of the right market for these nuts. 

Fairtrade cashews are the way to go when it comes to getting the best quality for your money. The suppliers that provide these nuts work right with the local cashew farmers. 

The reliable processing means that there is no inclusion of additives to the nuts that could damage your body. 

If you are in the market and wondering where to get your cashews from, seek a fair trade supplier. Not only do you support local businesses this way, but you also get your money’s worth.

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