How to Make Homemade Vegetable Cheesecake Recipe

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Shuvait Thusoo
Shuvait has lived in Pune alone for 4 years while studying engineering. This was the time period when he explored the South Indian Cuisines and experienced different spices and realised the beauty of food. So he started cooking and fell in love with the craft of it. We can say that Shuvait is a foodie who loves to share his food life experiences and resources with our readers.

It has always been an excitement to do the opposite, try the unnecessary or eat an exact opposite requirement. Have you ever had a salty vegan round and trust me, people, it’s a cake.

For the fun lovers madness is necessary for life, for focused people doing something different for their own identity is different; so let’s get a change in our food plates too. A coin has two sides; food has two tastes, let’s put one of them in our plate to connect to those magical sides of our lives.

I was sitting with my cousin one day, we were talking about food and she said to me do you ever heard about the healthy cheesecake. I said never and what are you talking about.

She said; My friend has posted a pic and written in the caption a healthy cheesecake, she asked her friend about the name of cheesecake and her friend said, it is a vegetable cheesecake.

I found it very interesting because I never ate something like this before and I asked my cousin’s friend about the Vegetable Cheesecake recipe and tried it at home.

When I ate Vegetable Cheesecake at home, it found it as a soft textured, salty, and fabulous change to a cake. Full justice is done to the newness in life and in my plate. I thought to share the Vegetable Cheesecake Recipe with my lovely people and I am sure this would definitely bring a change to your taste buds and something different for the same old regular. this Mini Cheesecake at home and for which you will need some necessary ingredients. If you love cakes, then you should definitely check out the other cake recipes that I’ve handpicked just for you.

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Ingredients for Vegetable Cheesecake Recipe

Oil1 tbsp
Chopped onion1 unit
Finely chopped garlic1 tsp
Grated carrot1 cup
Grated bottle gourd2 cups
Chopped coriander1 tbsp
Cake flour3 tbsp
Salt2 tsp
Black pepper powder½ tsp
Basil leaves4-5 units
Mozzarella cheese1 cup
Processed cheese½ cup
Eggs4 units
Lemon1 unit
Butter and bread crumbEnough to apply on baking dish.
Grated cheeseEnough to top the cake with.

How much time it will take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
30 MINS 90 MINS 120 MINS

Vegetable Cheesecake Recipe

Vegetable Cheesecake Recipe
  1. In a preheated pan add butter and oil.
  2. Let it heat.
  3. Now add onions to it and fry them.
  4. Add garlic, carrots, coriander leaves, cake flour, and bottle ground to it.
  5. Mix all and roast a bit.
  6. Now add 2 tsp salt, ½ tsp black pepper powder, and basil leaves.
  7. Cook it until the water dries.
  8. Now add the juice of a lemon to it and keep it aside to cool.
  9. In a bowl take Mozzarella cheese, processed cheese, and eggs.
  10. Beat it thoroughly and add the above-made mixture to it.
  11. Mix it all.
  12. Take a baking dish to apply butter and sprinkle bread crumbs on it.
  13. Put the above-made mixture in it.
  14. Top it with grated cheese.
  15. Pre-heat the oven at 190⁰C temperature.
  16. Bake the cake for almost 1 to 1.5 hours.
  17. Keep checking.
  18. Serve cold.

Using this Vegetable Cheesecake recipe, taste a soft textured, yummy VEGETABLE CHEESECAKE that would bring a change in your plate according to your life. For life should all be understandable in simple terms. Make and savour a delight for an exciting change in your life.

Nutritional Facts Of Vegetable Cheesecake Recipe

Fats47 g
Cholesterol156 mg
Sodium666 mg
Potassium389 mg
Carbohydrates31. 2 g
Protein12 g

How to Make Vegetable Cheesecake at Home | Video

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