Vegas Bomb Recipe

Vegas Bomb

Vegas bombs are my favourite and it reminds me of a very funny incident that happened with me. In one of my friends’ bachelorette party, we had ordered many rounds of Vegas bombs in a local bar. We were so energised by it that we danced for straight five hours. We created a ruckus there and messed up everything. Then, my boyfriend came and dropped us at our homes. I still laugh remembering the incident.

A speciality of Las Vegas, Vegas Bombs are go-getters for all party lovers. It energises and charges you up.

I always treat my friends with Vegas Bombs whenever they visit my home and I have even shared the recipe with my friends. So, in this article, I will be sharing the same Vegas Bombs Recipe with you.

Ingredients required for Vegas Bomb Recipe

Crown Royal whiskey1 1/4 ounces
Peach Schnapps1/4 ounces
Cranberry juice2 ounces
Ice cubes2-4 cubes

Vegas Bomb Recipe

Vegas Bomb recipe
  • Put Crown royal whiskey, Peach Schnapps and cranberry juice in a cocktail shaker [preferably Boston style] along with some ice cubes.
  • Shake the ingredients well for 10 seconds so that they get combined.
  • Now you have the mixture. So gently pour it into the shot glasses with the help of a bar strainer so as to prevent the ice cubes from falling in.
  • Meanwhile, pour Red Bull into another glass [quantity can be as much as you want].
  • Shot and a glass of Red Bull should be served together.
  • Pertinently, the shot should be dropped into the glass and the whole thing should be drunk together rather quickly.

How much time will it take?

Preparation timeTotal time
5 minutes5 minutes

Nutritional value of Vegas Bombs Recipe

Sodium90.0 mg
Carbohydrates4.8 g

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