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Download Our Free 9 Recipe Cookbook By Joining FXP+

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Vegan Domination At The Expo West

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In recent vegan news, The Expo West seems to be going great in terms of vegan food and produce. Various vegan food brands seem to be doing well with their products at Expo West.

Expo West

The Expo West is basically a trade show featuring products from the natural, healthy and organic products industry. Vendors, food industry professionals, guests, etc., are all present at this show.

This year around, The Expo West is being dominated by the vegan food industry. In the plant-based meat arena, Plantera Foods, Lightlife and Field Roast are making a noticeable impact.

The products include vegan bacon and chicken cutlets by Plantera Foods, whole chicken breasts and tempeh cubes by Lightlife and vegan Sweet Chile BBQ Chicken Bites by Field Roast.

Even with seafood, vegan food is making strides. OmniFoods brought its fish-free seafood range featuring breaded filet, which is a befitting alternative for fish and chips. 

The vegan seafood brand Good Catch Foods was observed sampling its plant-based salmon. On the other hand, Current Foods impressed guests with its fish-free (and sushi-grade) tuna as well as plant-based smoked salmon.

In the cheese sphere, Field Roast brought Chao Creamery Queso, which makes up the perfect nachos topping and is spicy. Miyoko’s Kitchen, another brand to do well at Expo West, has made vegan cottage cheese. 

Daiya Foods brought a variety of products to the Expo. These included grillable vegan halloumi, flatbreads made with three differently flavored kinds of cheese and four-cheese blend packs featuring vegan asiago and vegan asadero.

Even in the desserts section, Ripple Foods previewed its smooth, creamy and thick consistency pea protein-based soft serve. The UK import brand Wicked Kitchen presented a new ice cream line made out of lupini bean, flavors and texture of which were amazing.

In almost every aspect, vegan foods were shining at the Expo West and it was worth the wait! We hope that veganism keeps on making such progress in the food industry!

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