How To Make Veal Scallopini At Home

Today, I am going to share the recipe for veal scallopini. Veal scallopini is a great and simple recipe. It requires simple ingredients and gets ready in just half an hour.

Veal is the meat from dairy calves. It is different from beef, which is the meat of older cattle. Veal is generally obtained from male calves that are rendered unfit for breeding. It is tender and has a milder taste as compared to beef.

To make veal scallopini, add veal, salt, pepper, apple, and flour in a bowl. Then, melt butter in a pan. Cook the veal in it. Then, add wine to the same pan. Also, add stock and lemon slices to it and bring this mixture to a boil. Then, add butter and spices to it. Pour this mixture over the cooked veal.

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Ingredients For Veal Scallopini

Veal Cutlets12
Kosher Salt2 teaspoons
Unsalted Butter4 tablespoons
Olive Oil2 tablespoons
Dry White Wine12 cup
Chicken Stock14  cups
Lemon Juice1 tablespoon
Capers1/4 cup
Parsely (chopped)2 tablespoon

How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
10 Mins30 Mins40 Mins

Veal Scallopini Recipe

veal scallopini recipe
  1. In a bowl, add the veal, apple, salt, pepper, and flour.
  2. Place a skillet over medium heat. Then, heat butter in it.
  3. Place veal in the skillet one by one. Cook them until they turn golden. Set them aside.
  4. In the skillet, add wine and scrape it for 3 minutes.
  5. After this, add stock and lemon slices to it. Boil it for 8 minutes.
  6. Then, add butter, juice, capers, parsley, salt, and pepper. Pour this mixture over the veal.
  7. Serve immediately.

Nutritional Facts Of Veal Scallopini

Fats35 g
Cholesterol120 mg
Sodium941 mg
Carbohydrates8 g
Protein21 g

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