40 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Foodies!

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Valentine’s Day is one of those days where you can shower endless love and affection to your partner. Continue reading if you want some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your foodie partner. 

Some of the best Valentine’s gift ideas for foodies are Valentine’s Day Cookies, Cream And Sugar Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches, Personalized Wine, Chocolate Hamper, Customized Coffee, Coffee Maker, Spice boxes, Hiney Jars and Cheese Collection. 

These gifts are either very delicious or valuable to your partner. You can even customize some of them and gift them on Valentine’s Day. This way, you can show how much love and care you carry for them.

This list is unique because it contains food items, essential kitchen tools, and equipment that are great for those who love cooking. So keep scrolling, clear all your confusion, and gift something meaningful to your lover. 

What Are Some Popular Valentine’s Day Gifts For Foodies?

Valentine’s is a loving and peaceful day for celebrating with loved ones. Also, it is a great day to show extra love and care through gifts and surprises. If you are wondering what to give your foodie partner, then you are at the right place. Today, I will list some of the best gift ideas for foodies that can make your loved ones happy. 

Best Gift Ideas That Are Edible

Valentine’s and food go hand in hand. The best way to show your love is through food, and that is why I have curated a list of food-gift ideas that will make your partner fall in love with you again. 

1. Valentines Day Cookies


Cookies are one of those items that carry so much warmth and sweetness. Gifting cookies to those who love something sweet and gooey is a great idea. You can either bake some yourself or get it from the store. 

I always try to make some cookies as they taste good and show my love and care for the other person. Pack the cookies in a decorative box and wrap them with the gift paper to make them more beautiful and exciting. 

However, if you do not know baking, you can get some Valentine’s Day Cookies and gift them to your partner. The heart-shaped cookies are specially designed for Valentine’s Day. From the design of the cookies to the flavors, everything is fantastic. I am sure that if your partner has a sweet tooth, they will love it. 

2. The Sandwich Shop: 50 Great Sandwich Recipes

Most people who love food are also great cooks or are interested in cooking. Now, if your partners love cooking as much as eating, get them some great sandwich recipes. I Couldn’t think of giving something better than this, which is so meaningful. 

You can even help make some recipes with your loved ones and enjoy a food date on Valentine’s Day. If someone gifted me with these intentions, I would be happy. These sandwich recipes are available at The Sandwich Shop. 

However, you can build your list of recipes. Check online for sandwich recipes and either print them or write them down. Also, it does not have to be sandwich recipes; you can create a list of dishes and recipes. The idea is to cook and eat together on Valentine’s Day. 

3. Extra Virgin Oil

extra virgin oil

You might think twice before gifting oil to someone you love, but please hear me out. I know that those who are foodies always make some or other thing. Some types of oil can affect their health if they have something fried or greasy. 

Using extra virgin oil is one step closer to a better life. You can show love and concern for their health by offering extra virgin oil. They are a little expensive but worth it. Remind your loved ones that their health matters the most, and I am sure they will understand your love for them. 

4. Vietnamese Pho-Making Kit For Two

Food kits are great as they ease your cooking process. If you want to enjoy quality time with your loved ones with some food, go for a Vietnamese Pho-making kit for two. I am especially mentioning this dish because it is easy to make yet fun. 

Also, the flavors of Vietnamese Pho are unmatched. This kit will help you cook the dish, and then you can sit and enjoy it peacefully. Try this if you want to explore different cuisines. You can quickly get this in stores or online. If not, gather the ingredients a day before and cook together on Valentine’s Day. 

5. Personalized Wine


Great wine always creates a great mood and vibe. If your partner loves drinking wine, get personalized wine for them. It is a perfect gift you can enjoy on a Valentine’s date. You can get some premium wine or personalized flavors from a brand. 

I still remember that one of my friends was given a bottle of wine with her name engraved, and that was the most elegant gift she ever got. You can do the same. Search for great wine brands; most have this personalization feature. 

6. Salami And Chorizo Bouquet

Flower bouquets are lovely, but a salami and chorizo bouquet would be the best if your partner is a foodie. Many of us might not have seen or been aware of salami and chorizo bouquets, but this is a thing. 

You can get some brands to make this excellent Valentine’s gift for your foodie partner. However, I have mentioned twice in the conversation that you make a bouquet by yourself—another great gift you create for your loved ones. You can even enjoy the salami and chorizo bouquet for Valentine’s dinner together and call it a day filled with love and food. 

7. Chocolate Hamper

chocolate hamper

Chocolates are the best thing to give on Valentine’s Day. Chocolate is prevalent, but what about a chocolate hamper? Yes, you heard it right. A chocolate hamper containing all your partner’s favorite chocolate is a great Valentine’s gift. 

You can get a pre-made hamper from the store or online, but I have different plans. Why don’t you make a chocolate hamper by yourself? This hamper would be a significant and lovely gift. 

Do you remember the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. episode where Chandler and Monica were supposed to make a gift for each other on Valentine’s Day? I wish that one of them had thought of this. 

8. Customized Coffee


Before I talk about customized coffee as one of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas, let me help you understand the importance of coffee. For all coffee lovers, there is nothing better than getting coffee as a gift. 

I am a coffee addict, and I know it makes me so happy even to have a conversation about some coffee or share a cup with friends and loved ones. So yes, gifting coffee is absolutely an excellent idea. Now, coming back to customized coffee, the customization can be anything. 

You can select some combination of flavors, make a hamper with different flavors, or even get your loved one’s name printed on the coffee mug. Even if you get some tremendous exotic coffee, that will work in your favor—a thoughtful and valuable gift for your partner. 

9. Ice-Cream Bundle

I scream for some ice cream whenever I want to scream my lungs out. And that is why give them an ice cream bundle if you know someone like me. Why is an ice cream bundle a great gift? If your partner has a sweet tooth, get them this bundle. 

Many brands will deliver this to the doorstep. You and your partner can enjoy an ice cream date on Valentine’s Day and spend quality time together. Make an ice cream bundle by yourself and share the love. 

10. Cheesecake


I cannot shut up about the delicate flavors of cheesecake. If your partner loves these flavors, why don’t you give them some cheesecake? Remember the episode where Rachel and Chandler stole the cheesecake from their neighbors because they could not resist the tempting, melt-in-mouth flavors? 

I am telling you this beforehand: this can make anyone an addict. So be careful while gifting this to your partner, as they may want more. Get some different flavors of cheesecakes and shower the love on Valentine’s Day. 

11. Spice boxes

Before you frown on giving spice boxes to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day, hear me out. This gift idea is specifically for those who are more into cooking. Spice boxes are a very out-of-the-box gift idea with beautiful intentions behind them. 

Those who love cooking know the essence of spices, and giving them spice boxes can show all your love towards them. You can tell them that, like spices, they add flavors to your life or anything charming and warm. Ensure that the spice boxes have different herbs that might not be easily found or are expensive.

12. Cheese Collection

cheese collection

What’s better than having some variety of cheese? Gift them to your loved ones. We are talking about Valentine’s gifts for foodies, and this must be completed with mentioning cheese. Your foodie partner would love cheese; if this is true, give them a cheese collection. 

Why is a cheese collection an excellent gift for Valentine’s Day? Simply because it is a cheese that is used in many dishes and recipes. It is a perfect gift idea if your partner is a big cheese fan. This way, you can enjoy some cheese-based dishes and have a good meal. You can make a collection with different varieties of cheese like parmesan, mozzarella, cream cheese, blue cheese, and many more. It’s a cheesy way to tell your partner that you love them. 

13. Macarons

Cookies and pastries might be too familiar for some people, and that is why Macarons are a great choice. Macarons are perfect for those who often have sweet cravings. These little delights filled with sugar and love are great ways to show your love. 

Get a pack of macarons from your nearby outlet and gift them to your partner. I am sure they will love the idea and enjoy the sweet treat. You can make some macarons at home to add more flavors and love. If you are not the one who can bake, then you can go with the first option. 

14. Dumplings


I got this fantastic idea from one of the rom-com series where there was a family tradition to sit and make some dumplings. At that moment, I knew that this was something extraordinary. Now, what you can do is get a dumpling starter pack. This pack will contain all the things that are required to make dumplings.

Follow the instructions and make some delicious dumplings together on Valentine’s Day. It is a great way to spend some quality time; your dinner will also be ready. If you think your partner loves cooking and eating dumplings, then you should think of this gift idea. 

This way, you can make the simple gift extraordinary. Use some fancy and cute boxes for the same, and I am sure your partner will love it. Just use some spicy yet attractive lines before presenting the gift. 

15. Boxes Of Juice

If your partner is a fitness enthusiast, give them boxes of their favorite juice. This way, you can ensure they are on track with their fitness goals. Juice boxes are great gifts because they show care and love for your partner. 

I suggest getting a carton or big boxes so they always have juice soon. And one secret piece of advice from me – restock the boxes whenever they run out. This process will ensure that your love for them is not restricted only for a day but for a lifetime. 

16. Cooked Meal

cooked meal

Nothing is better than enjoying a cozy and delicious meal with your partner on Valentine’s Day. Instead of spending a lot of money on fancy restaurants, make some meals and enjoy them together. 

You can either cook everything by yourself or with your partner. Make some breakfast and serve breakfast on the bed. You can even plan dinner dates, decorate the place, and serve meals you make. 

Make it more fun and exciting by cooking the meals together. You and your partner can spend quality time cooking and enjoying delicious food. Whatever you choose, one thing is certain – cooked meals at home are much better and more fancy on Valentine’s Day. 

17. Hot Chocolate

I would be foolish to skip hot chocolate from Valentine’s gift ideas. Hot chocolate is a very much loved drink, and you can get some for your partner. You can either get a hot chocolate from any restaurant or food outlet. However, I have a better option.

Many brands have ready-to-make hot chocolate packs and boxes. Get some for your partner so that they can enjoy it every now and then. Make some for Valentine’s Day and have a warm and cozy drink with your partner. You can check many recipes online and make some great hot chocolate and enjoy. 

18. Honey Jars

honey jars

What is sweeter than honey? Honey Jars. I know the joke is silly, but this gift idea isn’t. Get some authentic honey jars this Valentine’s Day and surprise your partner. Many brands provide original honey without any adulteration. 

You can get many jars for your loved ones and tell them to enjoy authentic honey flavors. I am sure they will love this gesture, and you can both cook and drizzle the honey to elevate the flavors. Make some waffles for Valentine’s Day and enjoy with some honey. 

19. Cream And Sugar Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

If cookies are not sweet enough to show your love on Valentine’s Day, then why don’t you give some ice cream sandwiches? Trust me, these ice cream sandwiches are so great in flavors that you would also ask for some. There are many varieties of ice cream sandwiches, but try the cream and sugar mini version. 

They are adorable because of their size and delicious because of the flavors. You can get them at stores, or many brands sell Valentine’s unique ice cream sandwiches, a perfect gift that will fill the belly and soul of your loved ones. 

20. Pastries


Valentine’s is never complete with classic desserts like pastries. Get a box of pastries this Valentine’s and make your partner’s Day much sweeter and delicious at the same time. I love eating pastries; for me, they are a great way to showcase all the love. This gift is an excellent idea if your partner is someone like me. 

After a great dinner, you can enjoy the pastry and talk about life and other things. Like I always say, sweet dishes always make the conversation sweeter and light—a great way to end Valentine’s Day on a sweeter note. 

Best Gift Ideas That Help In Making Edible Treats

1. Stand Mixer

stand mixer

As soon as I think of Valentine’s Day, I imagine cookies, chocolates, and pastries. Now, all these things have one thing in common – sweetness. And to make these sweet food items, you need some ingredients and types of equipment. One of the most important ones is a stand mixer. 

A stand mixer helps in combining the ingredients. Whether someone is making any baked goods or anything savory, one needs a standard mixture for the perfect blend of ingredients. If your partner loves cooking, then gift them a stand mixer. This way, you can enjoy the delicious food your partner makes and have a great Valentine’s Day. 

2. A Beautiful Braiser

Braiser is excellent for shallow frying, roasting, and even simmering any dish. This gift is also significant that your partner will love. One of the most commonly used equipment in the kitchen to make delicious food. 

Now, gifting a braiser can be extraordinary if you choose the one that has better style, design, and color. Choose something that matches the taste of your partner. A beautiful braiser will also elevate the beauty of the kitchen and glorify the overall look. 

3. An Air Fryer 

air fryer

I cannot emphasize why an air fryer is a must. We all love fried kinds of stuff to eat, and this harms our health. Air fryer invention has made it easy to eat fried food with no or less oil. This way, you get to enjoy everything you want without compromising your health. 

Now, if your partner loves fried stuff, definitely get them an air fryer. Go for a quality product that is easy to use and requires less maintenance. You also get a variety of options from different brands. This would make an excellent gift for Valentine’s Day. 

4. Apron

I am not talking about a regular apron but a fancier one. You can also get His and Her aprons, which are cute, romantic, and unique gifts. As we all know, Apron helps avoid any splash or marks of ingredients or food items while cooking. This will make a great gift because you can easily customize it. 

Get an apron with your partner’s name on it, which will be heart-touching and romantic. You can also get aprons in different colors or designs. There are so many cute aprons available online that are for sure very beautiful to wear. And as already mentioned, a couple of aprons are a thing. So you can think of getting aprons for your partner, and they will always miss you while cooking. It will be like a hug to them in the form of an apron. 

5. Copper Cookware

copper cookware

Copper cookware is another excellent equipment mainly found in people’s kitchens. The copper cookware is something that helps in cooking many of the dishes. And if you get one expensive and good quality copper cookware, your partner will be more than happy. 

When it comes to designs and colors, there are plenty of options to choose from. Just make sure that you go for the quality product. Copper cookware is expensive and requires lots of maintenance, so this can be a really great gift for your partner who loves cooking. 

6. Coffee Maker

Just a few gift ideas earlier: I had mentioned gifting some coffee to your partner this Valentine’s. Another thing you can think of getting them is a coffee maker. Undoubtedly, a coffee maker is a must for all those who love drinking coffee or are dependent on coffee for functioning. 

A good coffee maker is usually expensive; you can get this Valentine’s for your partner. I am sure they will love this; you can enjoy some warm cup of coffee and spend quality time with each other. 

7. Electric LunchBox


If you want your partner to enjoy a warm lunch at the office, then get them an electric lunchbox. If you don’t know, an electric lunchbox keeps your food warm and fresh for a good time. This way, one can enjoy their lunch without any loss of flavor and taste. 

You can get electric lunchboxes with different designs and colors for your partner. It is one of the most thoughtful gifts for those who find eating a good meal in the office or workplace challenging. Gift them an electric lunchbox and make sure they have a good time with food. 

8. Bar Tools Set and Cocktail Shaker

A bar tools set and cocktail shaker are some of those fancy gifts that will surprise your partner. Bar tools include many essential pieces of equipment required to make a cocktail. If your partner loves making cocktails, this can be a handy gift. 

Make the cocktail section much better and fancier with these tools and shakers. I love making cocktails; with the right tools, things get better in taste and flavor. Your partner would love this and having cocktails on Valentine’s Day. 

9. Waffle Maker

waffle maker

If someone had given me a waffle maker, I would cry out loud. I have been thinking of getting one for myself, but there is always something else that is more important. So, I really want you to give a waffle maker to your partner if they love making waffles. I will be happy to know that at least someone enjoys fresh homemade waffles. 

You can get waffle makers from different brands. Just ensure the quality is up to mark and very simple to use. Many features are added to many products, but choose the one that suits your partner’s needs. Get an excellent and decent color for the waffle maker and gift them with some waffle ingredients so that you can take it on Valentine’s Day as well. 

10. Electric Tea Kettle

A tea kettle is a gem for someone who enjoys aesthetic kitchen equipment. On top of that, if it is electric, it is like a treasure. Gift an electric te kettle and enjoy some hot tea together. I am sure that your partner will love it.

 Get some fancy-designed electric tea kettles or one that looks minimalist. Just make sure that the kettle is of excellent quality. These tea kettles are usually expensive, so this can be a great gift to your partner, which holds some meaning and great love. 

11. Ice Cream Maker

ice cream maker

Get the inner child out and gift an ice cream maker to your loved one. Ice cream maker will add more sweetness and fun to your and your partner’s life. As I already mentioned, giving an ice cream maker will wake the inner child. Also, this is a great way to indulge you and your partner in some activity that leads to delicious ice creams. 

Give them ice cream a day before so that you both can make some ice cream and enjoy it after the dinner date. Doesn’t this sound romantic and fun? Get a good quality ice cream maker to avoid any malfunctions. 

12. Juicer

Juice boxes are great gifts, but juicers or juice maker is even better. This way, your partner can enjoy some fresh and healthy juice every Day. Juicers are great additions to your kitchen. Today, many brands that sell juicers have unique designs and colors that will elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen. 

A juicer is a great way to get fresh juice from fruits and vegetables. It is like a one-time investment that gets fresh juice every time. I am sure your partner will love this gift as it is super healthy and perfect for the health enthusiast. 

13. Knives Set

knives set

If you come to my kitchen, you can see different sizes and styles of knives. The knives have another purpose: making cooking smooth and easy for me. Now, you can also get knives set for your partner this Valentine’s Day. This may not sound very romantic, but it is a valuable gift. 

We don’t have to gift anything fancy and cute every time. Sometimes, it is better to give something that has a better purpose and is very useful. So, if your partner loves cooking, a knife set can be a genuine gift. 

14. Cocktail Glasses

Valentine’s Day calls for some great cocktails and drinks. Why don’t you get some fancy and elegant cocktail glasses so that you both can enjoy flavorful drinks and spend quality time on Valentine’s Day? 

I am sure that your partner will love this as it will not only be a glass for drinks but also the fancy designs will elevate the beauty of the kitchen or the pantry. Get some cocktail glasses, pour wine cocktails this Valentine’s Day, and share the love. 

15. A Moka Pot

a moka pot

A Moka pot is an alternative to espresso machines. Get the Moka pot if you have a low budget. This way, you can get your partner something great without spending much.

Moka pots are similar to espresso machines and make flavorful coffee. 

They are easy to use and require little maintenance, making them a perfect gift for coffee lovers on Valentine’s Day. Make some coffee and enjoy it with your partner every morning. 

16. A Breakfast-Ready Griddle

Breakfast in bed is something very romantic on Valentine’s Day. With a griddle machine, you can make it more fun and easy. Get a griddle that has a small and compact size so that it is easy to carry even in your room. 

Grill some bacon and meat for breakfast and enjoy with your bed partner—a perfect way to start Valentine’s Day with food and a comfy mood. Make sure to get an electric griddle that has excellent quality and value for the money. 

17. Coffee Mugs

coffee mugs

Coffee mugs are another fantastic idea for coffee lovers. These beautiful mugs can be owned by anyone, even apart from coffee drinkers, and that is the beauty of this gift. 

Coffee mugs come in different styles that can be customized as you wish. If your partner likes to collect coffee mugs and enjoys drinking beverages in different mugs, this is one of the best gifts you can ever give them. 

18. Mason Jars

Mason jars may not be the first thing on the list of gift ideas on Valentine’s Day, but it is one of a kind. Mason jars are used for multiple reasons. You can store some food items or make some beverages and serve. You can use mason jars for overnight oatmeals or serve dips or food items. 

You can get your partner mason jars, but make sure that you decorate or wrap them with fancy wrappers. They can be used to decorate the pantry, or you can even fill the jars with confectioneries. 

19. Pizza Oven


Who doesn’t love pizzas? If you have a foodie partner who loves pizza, get them a good-quality pizza oven. This way, they can bake some cheesy pizzas for themselves at any point in time. 

Gift pizza oven on Valentine’s Day, and then you both can make some pizza for a dinner date. Make sure that you choose a good quality and easy-to-use pizza oven with all the new features. A homemade pizza dinner date on Valentine’s Day is a romantic and lovely idea. 

20. Kitchen Cleaner

I am putting the kitchen clear at the end of this Valentine’s gift, but do not underestimate this gift suggestion. For someone who is a clean freak, a kitchen cleaner is like a diamond for them. If your partner struggles to clean the kitchen, you can get them a cleaner.

Initially, this item should be on your monthly list, but if you still need to include this critical item, ensure you get it this Valentine’s Day. A kitchen cleaner may not be a unique gift, but it is handy. 


Getting a gift for your loved ones can be confusing, especially for Valentine’s Day. Through this extensive list, you can ensure your foodie partner gets something significant to them. This list includes all the food items along with some essential equipment that will be definitely appreciated by your partner who loves cooking and eating food. This Valentine’s, shower some love with food and have a lovely day. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What can you gift a foodie on Valentine’s Day?

You can gift Valentine’s Day Cookies, pastries, Macrons, coffee, cooked meals, juice boxes, and many other things to your foodie partner. 

What are the most common gifts for the foodies on Valentine’s Day?

The most common gifts for any foodie on Valentine’s Day are pastries, cookies, and hot chocolate. You can even get some chocolate hampers for your partner. 

What are the food items associated with Valentine’s Day?

Chocolate is associated with Valentine’s Day. Besides chocolate, anything sweet in flavor is excellent for Valentine’s gifts, like cookies, pastries, waffles, and many more. 

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