Are You Dating A Foodie? Celebrate The Perfect Valentine’s Day With These 8 Amazing Food Gift Ideas

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What is the quickest way to impress your loved ones on Valentine’s Day? Give them their favorite food to eat!

Gift Ideas for foodies

Yes, you heard it right. Good food equals a good mood, and if you want to celebrate the upcoming day of love at its best, why not send something savory and delectable to the people you love? 

Gifting food items and food hampers is one of the easiest ways to shower your love on your near and dear ones. 

Sending food items as gifts has also become the newest cool trend. Many gift delivery platforms deliver the best food items throughout your city, and you can opt for these services to surprise your loved ones. 

If your partner is a foodie, then it doubles the treat. It would be too perfect for sending food items as gifts as he or she would relish them with all delight. 

It is also quite convenient at that time of the year since there will be many options to appease your loved one with food choices. 

Here is how to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to your loved ones with food: 

1. Heart-Shaped Brownies 

heart shaped brownies

Gift a batch of some good-looking heart-shaped brownies to your friends and family members on Valentine’s Day. Brownies always make a go-to dessert for many people. 

The rich chocolatey taste of brownies is everything anyone would want to savor during tea time. You can order the heart-shaped brownies with a cute little Valentine’s Day greeting written on the gift. 

2. Valentine’s Day Cookies 

valentines day cookies

If your friend or lover is fond of cookies, why not gift them Valentine’s cookie gifts on the day of love? Cookies always make a favorable choice among all age groups. They come in different shapes, sizes, and flavors. 

Choose from options like chocolate, raspberry, and coconut cookies, and present them to your friends, family members, or partner as a token of love on Valentine’s Day. They will love it for sure. 

3. A Box Of Chocolates 

box of choclates

Chocolates and Valentine’s Day go hand-in-hand. If you are on a budget and cannot think of a special Valentine’s Day present for your partner, a box of chocolates will fulfill your purpose. 

Order a box of assorted chocolates from your nearby gift store. You can also look for the best-flavored chocolates online and present them to your near and dear ones. Gifting chocolates on Valentine’s Day never gets old. 

4. Teatime Cake 

teatime cake

If you want to convey Valentine’s Day wishes to your partner with food, a teatime cake makes the best gourmet choice. You can either bake this cake at home or buy it from a bakery. 

A teatime cake is delectable, spongy, and an affordable way to express your feelings through food. To make Valentine’s Day more special, you can also plan and pack a picnic for them.

Add teatime cake with other delicacies to your picnic meal and spend a memorable day with them in the park, beach, or any other scenic location. 

5. Valentine Meal 

valentine meal

For all those who want to make an extra effort this Valentine’s Day, why not serve your partner a full-fledged Valentine’s Day meal and celebrate this festival together? 

Planning a meal for them is easy. All you need to do is to include everything they love. It could be starters, followed by their favorite main course dish and their favorite dessert.

Make this setting all the more romantic by serving wine or champagne at the dinner table. 

6. A Gourmet Basket 

gourmet basket

Do not worry if your partner stays miles away from you. You can still wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day with food. Gourmet baskets are a great gift idea for various occasions, including Valentine’s Day. 

Look for the best gourmet baskets in your nearby stores or online platforms. You can also get this basket customized by adding your favorite food items, including chocolates, cookies, fresh juices, protein bars, popcorn, chips, and others. 

7. Variety Of Rose Wines

rose wines

There is nothing like a cool beverage to please the passion of your valentine. Wine lovers would have a great time receiving wine gifts from their partners and feel so grateful. 

Wines also resemble the symbolic love between two people, which has been themed for these special occasions.

Rose wines like Rose champagne, Rose cocktails, port wine, fruity rose wines, and different international sweet wines make a point on valentines day. 

There are also rose-shaped wine bottles and glasses to serve these wines, making it extra symbolic to represent the love between couples. 

There are so many opulent varieties available in the world, and there are deals made on wines on valentines day. They can be utilized, and the best wine package can be sent as a gift wherever your valentine is. 

This would be one of the exotic food gifts you would present to your valentine on a special day.

8. Assorted Variety Of Classy Fruits

assorted variety of classic fruits

How about making the gift more healthy? This would be the new age trend and something more personal when showing love towards your valentine. 

Staying healthy has become the mantra of recent times with an influx of diseases waiting to infect us. Sending a package of exotic fruits that blends love and nutrition would be the apt gift. 

It would also be perfect for older couples who like to celebrate their bondage for a long time with some nutritional elements. 

A mix of apples, avocados, oranges, grapes, and mainly strawberries would be perfect and colorful. The exclusive aspect of this gift is that it would be no less delicious than any other fancy food gift mentioned before. 


Food is the best way to celebrate the day of love and express affection for all your dear ones. It’s time to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  

There are many food gifts that seem viable to be gifted on Valentine’s day. However, some rings as a perfect choice and the best preferred one that is deemed apt for you. 

Above is a list of food gifts that would be exclusively special to be gifted to your valentine. Have a read and choose the one with your liking and mindset. 

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