Delightful Vaghareli Masala Chaas – Buttermilk Recipe

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Dairy lovers this is an absolute tasty delightful drink for you in those hot summer days where you take in a whole afternoon heat and need a cool in your diet. Also curd lovers a new form of curd apt just for your need some really cool kind of situations. It is definitely a day drink people. Oh! The food was too good today definitely need something to serve aid to your filled tummies. This is a perfect one to aid such situation too.

This DELIGHTFUL VAGHARELI CHASS is a salted drink with a perfect blend of spices to enhance its taste, its delight. The white color is a great add on for a peaceful mind, it color helps us to soothe your mind and soul as it truly depicts.

How much Time it will Take:

Preparation Total

10 minutes


10 minutes

Ingredients for Vaghareli Masala Chaas:

Ingredients Quantity
Curd 1.5 cup
Salt ¼ tsp
Black salt ½ tsp
Roasted cumin seeds ½ tsp
Water 1 cup
Oil 1 tsp
Mustard seeds ½ tsp
Leaf cody (kadi patta) 4 leaves

How to Make Delightful Vaghareli Masala Chaas – Buttermilk | Recipe:

  • In a mixer jar add curd, salt, black salt, roasted cumin seeds and water.
  • Churn the so put ingredients of the buttermilk.
  • On receiving froth on top empty the jar in a glass.
  • Now in a preheated pan add some oil.
  • Let it heat then put mustard seeds and leaf cody in it.
  • Prepare a tempering and add it in the buttermilk so churned.
  • Serve cool.

Such blend of the DELIGHTFUL VAGHARELI CHASS is a must have, grab it for pure fun in your life. Its a great benefit in hotter season, it not only delights your taste buds relieves your body heat for a balanced temperature to keep you from heat strokes. It is refreshing buttermilk with tempering spices.

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