Useful Tips To Keep Your Food Items Safe From Your Pet Hair

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As a pet owner, especially if you have a long-haired cat or dog, you’re probably pretty familiar with the act of having to pull out errant pet hair from your clothes, food, beauty products, and so on. It’s tiring and, not to mention, gross. You have to clean constantly to avoid the pet hair from getting into everything you wear or consume. If you’re struggling with keeping cat hair in your house in check, then the following tips can offer some guidance, especially when it comes to your food.

Regular Grooming

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One way to prevent pet hair from getting everywhere in the house, let alone your food, is to start at the source. Regularly grooming your pet helps to circumvent a great deal of the pain that comes afterwards when your pet sheds uncontrollably, leaving you with a ton of cleaning and housework to do. Targeting your pet’s hair and attempting to control it before it has a chance to fall out will help a great deal, so it makes sense to make grooming a regular part of the pet’s care routine. You can do this by brushing your dog or cat as often as you can, using the brushes or combs specifically designed to catch errant long hairs and dastardly matted fur. If you have a cat, you should definitely invest in a matted comb, whereas a bristle-type brush is usually good for short-haired dogs. 

You can also ask your local vet or pet groomer for advice on the kind of brush or comb that would work best for your pet’s fur and start a routine. The more hair you catch on the brush, the less you’ll find in your home and your food.

Vacuum Everyday

Another clear-cut way to prevent pet hair from getting everywhere is to clean up as much as you can every day. Now, this does not mean doing a top-down cleaning of the hope with mopping and dusting of all the fixtures because who has time for that. But, vacuuming every day, as mentioned by the specialists at How To Home, is a surefire way to prevent pet hair from building up in the home. Without vacuuming, pet hair will gather excessively and will blow around the house, leading to it falling into your food. Most vacuum cleaners will come with enough attachments that will help you to get into different nooks and crannies easily, grabbing every itinerant hair strand you can. 

Some vacuums are specially made to target pet hair, and these models come with handy tangle-free brush rolls to help collect pockets of fur from furniture that would normally be a lot tougher for you to grab. The bits of pet hair that stick to couches, curtains, and rugs are usually the toughest, but if you get the proper attachments, you should be able to find a comfortable solution right away.

Maintain Designated Sleeping Areas

One way to keep pet hair from becoming such an all-consuming problem in your house that it ends up in your food is to have your pet sleep in a specific area of the home. Pet hair tends to get everywhere if you allow your pet to sleep anywhere in the home, but by setting up a bed of their own, you help contain the problem. Discouraging them from taking naps in different parts of the home, including the kitchen, is a good tactic. 

There are different training sprays you can use to dissuade them from coming near certain areas till they get the hint, or you could also cover certain parts of the kitchen with sheets or blankets to make the room less hospitable and also prevent the fur from getting onto different pieces of furniture.

Go the Vet

If you’re worried that perhaps your pet sheds too much, then you should probably book a visit to the vet. It’s normal for dogs and cats to shed more during certain times of the year, but if it goes on for too long, then it makes sense to check and make sure it is not due to an allergy or any other health issue. Regular check-ups will help you make sure that there aren’t any underlying issues related to their diet, for example, that contribute to the shedding.

Living with a pet is one of the best experiences any of us could have – dogs and cats are exceedingly loyal and lots of fun to be around. However, dealing with all that fur getting stuck to our clothes or, worse, food is awful. If you follow the tips above, you’ll be in a better position of dealing with the issue without sacrificing your sanity. 

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