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5 Unusual Types Of Vodka That Are Worth Trying!

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We all know that vodka is one of the most loved drinks on the planet. It has a crisp taste and a smooth finish without any bitter taste that comes with alcohol. But today, we are here to tell you about some of the most unusual types of vodka. You might find them interesting and hence worth trying. But first, let me give you a small recap on vodka. 

Unusual Types of Vodka

Vodka, usually made from fermenting cereal grains, is a distilled drink. If you’re an ancestry buff, you can trace this drink’s origins to Poland, Russia, and Sweden.

Main components? Vodka is mainly just ethanol diluted with distilled water. With a 40% ABV, vodka is drunk neat, mixed with cocktails, tonics, juices, etc. (you get the point), and is all the rage right now. 

If no artificial flavorings are added to it, vodka is essentially flavorless with a hint of alcohol. But this is all about the regular vodka, and we’re not here for regular vodka. We are here for the unusual vodka. The question that still lingers is how can one good vodka differs fundamentally from another one. 

The several levels of purification, crystal clear water, high-quality raw materials — many can boast of such components, and these are now rather mandatory criteria than something special. And yet, manufacturers do not get tired of looking for new ways to surprise customers. 

Thanks to the companies who love changing things up a bit, you can now find unusual types of vodka on the shelves. In some, spring water is replaced by water from melted icebergs.

We also have vodka that sparkles like champagne or changes its color to black. Excited much? Let me start with some unusual varieties of flavored vodka that are worth trying. 

1. Fruit Vodka

Fruit Vodka

Well, a whole set of people like their drinks to be zesty and fruity. Fruit drinks are so in demand due to their soft and sweet taste. This is where fruit vodka comes in. You combine the smooth taste of vodka with the sweet taste of fruits and bam! You get the best of two worlds.

Fruit vodka is made from various fruits, including grapes, pears, apricots, and apples. A brand that excels in this arena is the famous brand Absolut which produces a great line of smooth and delicious fruit vodkas. Some of the amazing flavors they offer are passionfruit, raspberry, mango, lime, and orange.

Fruit vodka is made using real fruits and can be manufactured from any of the following different materials:

  • from fruits (cherries, plums, Mirabelle, apricots, and peaches)
  • from berries (raspberries, blackberries, and currants)
  • from apples or pears.

Fun Fact: One of the most famous apple vodkas is Calvados. It is made from cider, that is, Norman apple wine. If you want to try this delicious fruit vodka, just buy it from PuninWine and enjoy it all you want.

2. Rice Vodka

Rice Vodka

In second place on the unusual-vodka list is rice vodka. The name simply gives away that it is vodka made using white rice. The main representative of this category is Shochu — a Japanese distilled drink with an ABV strength of up to 45% (higher than the ABV of regular vodka). 

It is divided into several types depending on the strength, quality, and alcohol content. People drink it both cold and hot, and it can be added to various dishes. In Japanese cuisine, this drink is typically used to reduce strong odors from various specific dishes. 

Unlike your regular vodka, this unusual vodka isn’t clear. This drink usually has a yellow-green or light amber color. This drink is smooth with a slight bitterness. Many people describe its taste as a hybrid of vodka and whiskey. With such an interesting flavor, it is definitely worth trying.

3. Grape Vodka

Grape Vodka

Whenever we connect the dots between grapes and alcohol, we always think about wine, right? But that’s about to change because you are about to discover a whole new world of grape vodkas.

Grape vodka is not only made from the best varieties of grapes but also uses the best cold fermentation and maceration technologies.  

Technically, grape vodka is made by distilling the fermented wine materials. This gives the vodka a hint of wine-like and floral taste. Grape vodka is also strong alcohol with an ABV percentage varying from 37.5 – 55%. 

In different countries, there are their types of grape vodka:

  • Armenians make Airen vodka from white varieties of local grapes;
  • Chacha is the national Georgian vodka. The unripe fruits of Rkatsiteli, Kachichi, or Isabella are used for its production.
  • Grappa is a version of grape-based vodka of Italian origin.
  • Cîroc is a French grape vodka made by cold fermentation and subsequent fivefold distillation.

If you want a cross between berry wine and smooth vodka, you must grab some delicious grape vodka. It’ll definitely be worth it!

4. Hemp Vodka

Hemp Vodka

Unlike the other unusual vodka on the list, hemp vodka isn’t so easy to get your hands on hemp vodka. This exclusive vodka can not be bought in every store. The main producer of this drink is the Czech Republic, where the drink goes under the Cannabis Vodka brand. 

The alcohol level reaches 40%, but the taste will surprise fans of the classics. This is because hemp vodka isn’t flavorless in the least. Instead, it is tart and bitter, along with floral and herbal notes.

Many people like to correlate its taste with gin. The interesting flavors and the unique ingredients do make hemp vodka a must-try at least once. 

5. Iceberg Vodka

Iceberg Vodka

Last but not least, we have iceberg vodka on the list (I did give you a little snippet about it in the introduction). But it is not a flavor but a matter of purity. We all know that Canada is famous for its clean air and water.

At the same time, Canadian alcohol producers went further than their counterparts and began to produce the purest vodka. The unusual part? It is made from iceberg water!

The water is sourced from the Iceberg Valley near Newfoundland. Since 1994, the sailors have been delivering multi-ton iceberg fragments (weighing up to 10 tons) to the Iceberg vodka production site.

At the site, the purest melted water is combined with triple-distilled grain tinctures to give you the purest of pure iceberg vodka. Company representatives claim that this is the purest vodka in the world. Well, we suggest that this pure vodka is definitely a try!

Final Word

All of us love the taste and smooth finish of regular vodka. But it is nice to switch it up every now and then. Thus it is always great to have a fun list at hand so that you know what would be a great and unusual thing to try.

Well, this was all about the 5 unusual vodkas that are worth trying. Do you agree with my list? Let me know in the comments. You can also tell if I missed any unusual kind. I’ll see you next time with something more interesting. Until then, happy drinking!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Iceberg vodka made with real icebergs?

Yes, Iceberg vodka is made with the water from melted icebergs.

Does grape vodka taste like wine?

Grape vodka has a similar taste to berry-wine and has similar floral notes.

Is sake a rice vodka?

Sake cannot be classified as rice vodka even though it is made from rice. It has its own alcohol category.

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