Unique BBQ Party Ideas

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When the temperature digits in Essex start climbing up, it’s time to get out of the house for a memorable BBQ party with friends and family. Step up your grilling game with the help of BBQ catering Essex and these unique party ideas.

BBQ Party Ideas

1. Movie & BBQ under the Stars

What can be considered and more family bonding than a movie marathon night party? Bring that TV of yours outside or set up a projector and enjoy watching your favourite movies of all time. Create a charming atmosphere of an outdoor movie theatre by placing picnic blankets, cushions, and plush chairs in front of the screen. As for food, go for some burgers and hot dogs as they will be easier to hold while spread across a plush chair. A popcorn bar with different choices of toppings and a lemonade stand will be a great final touch to your outside movie night marathon.

2. Game Time BBQ Party

Keep your guests entertained by providing equipment for outdoor games and activities. Some fun outdoor games include badminton, Frisbee, horseshoes, Tumble Tower, an oversized Scrabble, and spike ball. Another great idea would be to play some card games such as Scabby Queen and Stop the Bus. You can also set up cup races, obstacle courses, and competitions for your guests. If you’re planning an only adults BBQ party, there are tons of fun drinking games such as Beer Pong and Flip the Cup that your guests can play.

As for the menu, some boozy watermelon pops and a watermelon keg will keep your guests refreshed, while an ice-cream stand with an array of toppings will satisfy the sweet-tooth cravings. The main dishes can include grilled chicken, meats, veggies, corns on the cob, and potatoes.

3. BBQ Beach Party

A BBQ Party doesn’t necessarily have to be in your backyard. You can always set one up at the beach with a selection of your favourite grilled seafood dishes. The menu can consist of shrimps, salmon, or any other grilled fish, and scallops. Spicy sauces such as salsa or spicy chips will compliment your seafood selection. Refreshing drinks and fresh fruits are a must when it comes to by the sea parties. However, make sure the usage of the grill is allowed at your local beach.

Fill the place with beach umbrellas, sunscreens, and don’t forget to provide music for your guests to dance barefoot on the sand. Finish the day off by gathering around a bonfire with delicious s’mores, friendly chats, and popular songs.

4. Blast from the Past BBQ Party

You can always go for a BBQ party with an old-fashioned themed decor if you feel those retro vibes lately. Choose an era or an old movie for inspiration and dig up some white and black photos to decorate the space. Ask your guests to come in costumes that are suitable for the theme. Glue some old looking labels onto the sodas and glass water bottles. As for the menu, research what was trendy during that time, or hire a catering company to make the task easier.

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