4 Unheard Benefits of Tonic Water

Tonic Water

Is Gin and Tonic one of your favorite cocktails when you hit the bar? If the answer is yes, then I am sure you have heard about Tonic Water. Many people love Gin and Tonic and they end up searching places for tonic water and its benefits.

Research showed that the Global Tonic Water industry is valued at $ 676.6 million in 2020 and this shows the fandom of tonic water. So, if you want to know more about tonic water and its benefits, you are reading the right article!

What is Tonic Water?

It is one of the most used drinks for cocktails and other coffee beverage preparation. It has a bitter taste finish, and this is because it has a combination of quinine, sugar or high fructose corn syrup and carbonated water. Now, sugar and carbonated water are still understandable. What is Quinine? It is bitter and gives a bitter finish to the drink.

However, quinine is a compound synthesized from the bark of cinchona trees and was used as a medicine to fight Malaria in the countries where these trees are grown. These trees usually grow in tropical and subtropical regions like South America, the Caribbean, Central America, parts of Africa, etc.

It is very different from other cocktail mixers like sparkling water or club soda! The quinine’s bitter taste makes it an excellent ingredient for tonic water and it goes well with the drinks too.

These days, the tonic water industry has picked up well. There are many brands in the race of selling tonic water. It has risen to such a level that there are boutique brands producing tonic water in smaller batches, with a different USP. Strangelove tonic water is one of the favorites in Australia.

The History of Tonic Water

This is a fabled story that many tonic water enthusiasts love to cherish forever! According to the myths, an Indian had lost his way around the Andean jungle and he had a high fever. When he found a pond, he drank the water and he found it bitter. This made him realize that he had poisoned himself, as Cinchona trees surrounded the pool.

To his utter shock, he found that his fever had subsided overnight. That is when he realized the medicinal value of the bark of the Cinchona tree. This led him to introduce Cinchona bark extracts as a cure for fever, and later for diseases like Malaria!

Now that the history of tonic water is completely clear to us, let us look at the benefits of tonic water:

1. It has been a cure for Malaria

The quinine in the tonic water has been an active combatant against the fight for malaria. Many countries still use quinine to treat malaria. Malaria is usually caused by parasites called Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium malaria. And, these are carried by the anopheles mosquito. Quinine is known to kill the ability of reproduction for these parasites!

2. Tonic Water can also act as an Antipyretic

Like the fabled story, it was seen that tonic water with rich quinine content has reduced fever in people. It also acts as a partial anti-inflammatory substance. And if it is coupled with acetaminophen, it can bring down fever rapidly! This one property makes it one of the most effective medicines for cerebral malaria!

3. It also provides relief to the restless leg syndrome

Do you have leg cramps at night? If yes, I am sure you are aware of the pain and struggle. According to studies, if you have quinine in the tonic water in controlled dosages, it can relieve the cramps. However, the effect may be minimal. Still, it is better to consult a doctor, as quinine toxicity is a thing!

4. It can also help with your diet for weight loss

In a controlled nature, it was seen that tonic water helps control the diet if you are on a diet. It allows you to maintain your diet and keep you full for long periods. It also helps in weight loss, and since it is mostly water, it also keeps you hydrated.  

Closing thoughts!

A study from 2015 showed that tonic water sales are majorly distributed amongst the two variants – regular tonic water, which takes up about 74.2% of sales, and diet tonic water with 17.6% sales. So, if you want to try tonic water, what’s the wait worth?

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