UK’s Best Mexican Restaurants for Celebrating Día de Muertos

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The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday. Families welcome back the souls of their deceased relatives with a brief celebration of food and drink. Dia de Muertos is celebrated between the 31st of October and the 2nd of November every year. 31st of October is Halloween, 1st of November is the Day of the Children and 2nd of November is the Day of the Dead. The gates to heaven are opened at midnight on Halloween so deceased children can join their families for 24 hours. The same thing happens for deceased adults on the 2nd of November. 

UK’s best Mexican restaurants for celebrating Día de Muertos

If you celebrate Dia de Muertos in the UK, there are plenty of Mexican restaurants to choose from. 

  1. London

In London, you should head to Mestizo on Hampstead Road. Mestizo is a restaurant-bar with authentic Mexican cuisine. Or, you could go to Soho to find a hidden Mexican restaurant just behind Oxford Street. Corazon has a lunch, dinner and weekend brunch menu served in a casual environment. Corazon is all about the relaxed vintage atmosphere and the combination of Mexico and California. Their signature tacos and handmade salsas are an absolute must. 

  1. Leeds

Take a train up north to Leeds and try out a few Mexican restaurants. Pinche in Chapel Allerton serves a wide variety of foods with all different flavours and textures. They are known for their outstanding tacos and street food style. You can order Pinche Pinche on various delivery apps as well. 

Lupes Cantina Mexicana is based on Cardigan Road, just outside of Hyde Park in Leeds. It is a small family restaurant with an authentic Mexican charm. The head chef, Rudy, was born and raised in Veracruz, Mexico. Lupes Cantina is perfect for those after a more affordable Mexican meal.

  1. Edinburgh 

Head up North to Edinburgh in Scotland and visit El Cartel on Thistle Street. Their food is inspired by taquerias, cantinas and street food carts. El Cartel is all about fresh and zesty food with a side of hot sauce. They make their food from scratch – and spend a lot of time crafting their tortillas. 

  1. Liverpool

In Liverpool, Madre’s Courtyard is the go-to place for Mexican cuisine. You can eat your food with a side of live music and a few DJ sets. Madre is the perfect place to grab a margarita with the girls followed by some nachos and tacos. Delicious!

Celebrate the Day of the Dead this year with an authentic Mexican dinner. You could indulge in your local Mexican restaurant, or travel to a different city to try something new.

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