7 Turkey Sandwich Ideas That You Can Try For Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving, as we all know, also goes by as ‘Turkey Day’. Of course, it is all because of how important Turkey is, on this particular holiday. But have you wondered what you could do with all the leftover turkey? Let’s take a look at some great turkey sandwich ideas that you can make with leftover turkey this Thanksgiving. 

Turkey Sandwich Ideas

Now, of course, you don’t necessarily need to use leftover turkey to make these sandwiches. But, oftentimes, on Thanksgiving, it does happen that we overestimate the amount of turkey we can eat. What eventually happens is that there are tons of leftovers that we don’t necessarily know what to do with. 

The leftovers also don’t necessarily have to be just turkey. Sometimes it’s just a bit of everything! Of course, no one would actually want to indulge in dry turkey, so we always have to come up with innovative ways to use all the leftovers. 

What is indeed the most innovative yet easy way to use up all that leftover turkey? Sandwiches to the rescue! Sandwiches are really easy to put together, barely take any time and according to me, the best way to use up leftover meat. 

Now, these sandwich ideas might not necessarily be like Ross’s Turkey sandwich with the moist maker, from the hit sitcom FRIENDS. But, if you do take your sandwich to work and if someone touches it without your consent, I can guarantee that the whole world will listen to your echo while you scream, “MY SANDWICH!!!”. 

Hopefully, after that incident, you won’t have to take a sabbatical! But, keeping all jokes aside, these sandwich ideas are truly quick and easy and will be ready in no time! So, let us take a look at these ideas in this article! Make sure you read up till the end to know about every idea possible as I am sure by the end of it, you will choose more than one sandwich for sure! 

7 Best Turkey Sandwich Ideas To Try On Thanksgiving

Turkey Sandwich Ideas 1

These ideas are truly simple and there’s also something great that follows! The best part here is, although there are recipes that you can follow to make them, there still are certain variations that you can make to these sandwiches, as per your personal flavor preferences. 

Now, of course, that works here because these are all savory recipes. So, you don’t necessarily have to be precise with them as far as measurements are concerned.

However, do remember that if you do make minor changes to the recipes, they will taste a little different as compared to what you would originally expect them to. Now, without further ado, let us take a look at these lip-smacking recipe ideas! 

1. Turkey Sandwich

Turkey Sandwich 1

The first sandwich idea is a simple turkey sandwich. This sandwich is truly the easiest of them all and will barely take any time, effort, or even ingredients, for that matter. This sandwich is, moreover, the perfect breakfast or lunch meal that you could ever have. 

This perfect to-go sandwich is quite similar to any sandwich that you could try from a deli or a diner. It can easily be made with leftover roasted turkey from Thanksgiving. But, in case you don’t have any of that, you can also make it with fresh deli turkey slices. 

The choice of bread is whole grain bread, as it goes best with this sort of sandwich. Layered with some lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, cucumber and also mayonnaise, this sandwich can be enjoyed with a number of sides to make it a complete meal. 

2. Turkey Melt

Turkey Melt

Looking to elevate a simple turkey sandwich into something even more mind-blowing? Then you need to try out the turkey melt sandwich recipe for sure! Just like the previous option mentioned, this sandwich is also really easy to put together. 

Here, again you can use leftover turkey to make the sandwich. However, if you don’t have any of that handy, go ahead and use deli turkey slices. The turkey slices paired with the umami and savory flavor of bacon truly work really well together. 

Moreover, combined with some crisp sourdough bread, grilled to perfection, along with gooey cheddar cheese and also some of the sour red wine and mayo mix, it creates a symphony of flavors that you wouldn’t have expected would work together. Don’t believe me? Try this recipe out for yourself! 

3. Hot Turkey Sandwich

Hot Turkey Sandwich Recipe

We all love the combination of some good old carved turkey with gravy. I feel it’s the epitome of Thanksgiving flavors. Have you ever wondered what this combination would taste like in the form of a sandwich? 

One word, marvelous! This sandwich is truly a delight and is also a little bit messy, so maybe not the perfect sandwich to-go, but surely something to enjoy while it is hot and freshly made! This sandwich tastes best with leftover roasted turkey rather than deli turkey slices. 

However, that doesn’t mean you cannot recreate it with deli turkey! This hot turkey sandwich is also probably one of the most time-efficient sandwiches you will ever make, as mostly, you just need to heat up some leftovers to bring it together! Make sure you have a look at the recipe of the same! 

4. Turkey And Cheese Sandwich

turkey and cheese sandwich recipe

This sandwich is again an easy one to put together. But, let me tell you that this isn’t just any ordinary turkey and cheese sandwich, where only these two ingredients are put together to create one of them. 

This sandwich is complex when it comes to flavors, even though the ingredients used to make it are quite simple and probably already present in your kitchen. This sandwich will require leftover turkey, along with some bread, lettuce and also tomato. 

This may sound like just another turkey sandwich for sure. But, the addition of leftover cranberry sauce to this concoction is what makes this sandwich truly stand out! If you are feeling adventurous, you can also use some cranberry mayo instead. 

5. Zesty Garden Turkey Club

Zesty Garden Turkey Club 1

Yes, this is a sandwich that was introduced by Jimmy John’s for a limited time and something that everyone went ga-ga over! Now, doesn’t the thought of recreating this zesty sandwich sound amazing? 

Although this recipe is not an exact replica of the sandwich from Jimmy John’s, it is zesty enough to make you forget all about this sandwich chain! Yes, this sandwich also uses simple ingredients, like leftover turkey and more. 

What makes this sandwich zesty is the addition of herb aioli, which is the secret here. Don’t worry, though. You will also find the recipe of an utterly simple herb aioli in the link. So, don’t wait up anymore and recreate this zesty treat for yourself! 

6. Turkey Avocado Sandwich

Turkey Avocado Sandwich

Avocados are a source of healthy fats and well, their texture is just plain heavenly. If you are more into healthy sandwiches rather than cheesy delights and still want to use up all the leftover turkey, then you need to try out this turkey avocado sandwich! 

Turkey and avocado pair well together not just in terms of how well-balanced they are with regard to nutrition but also when it comes to flavor. The subtle taste of creamy avocados with some leftover roast turkey can actually create a marvel! 

Moreover, for this recipe, you will have to make a sauce or spread it with greek yogurt and avocados. But, if that isn’t down your alley, you can make variations and just use avocados too and it will still taste just as delicious as you would expect! 

7. Turkey Cranberry Sandwich

Turkey Cranberry Sandwich

Last, but surely not the least sandwich idea that you need to try out is a turkey and cranberry sandwich. There truly is nothing better than some good old turkey with sweet and sour cranberry sauce to accompany its flavor. 

This sandwich may seem like it is similar to the turkey and cheese sandwich that I mentioned earlier, just because of similar ingredients being used. But, it actually isn’t and has some really wonderful flavor variations! 

The mix of cranberry sauce and mayonnaise makes a creamy and sour spread, paired with lettuce, cheddar cheese, bread and butter is all that it takes to make this sandwich! Moreover, you can make simple changes to the recipe if you would like and it will still taste just as delicious as you would expect it to! 


So, were these ideas great or what? These sandwich ideas are surely worth a try around Thanksgiving as who wouldn’t want to indulge in turkey all the time around this time of the year! Do try these recipes out and let me know what you think. Until then, I will see you next time and wish you all a really happy Thanksgiving, with a lot to be thankful for! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the above-mentioned turkey sandwiches beginner friendly? 

Yes, all the above-mentioned turkey sandwich ideas are extremely beginner friendly. 

Is it necessary to use the type of bread mentioned in the recipe?

Although the bread mentioned in the recipe would work best, you can make small changes to the recipe if you would like. 

Can other types of meat be added to these recipes? 

Yes, if you would like some extra flavor and indulgence, you can go ahead and add other types of meats to these recipes. 

Can cheese be used in the recipes where it isn’t mentioned? 

Yes, you can add extra cheese to all the recipes if you would like. 

Are all the recipes fit to go? 

Except for the hot turkey sandwich recipe, all the recipes are perfect to go! 

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