Turkey Hill’s Maple Blueberry Pancake Ice Cream

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Come on, Sherlock, we’ve got a mystery on our hands! This particular mystery is food-related, and what about it? Well, as several of us know, most food brands tend to release mystery flavors.

Turkey Hill Ice Cream

Brands like Mountain Dew and Oreo have been known to release mystery flavors. Not only that, Oreo even gave their customers a chance to win rewards if they could guess the cookies’ flavor. The reward included a cash prize of $50,000!

Now, food lovers and people who love such mystery flavors would be aware that Turkey Hill released a mystery flavor a while ago. The mystery flavor was of ice cream and was released in the initial months of 2022.

Just like Oreo, Turkey Hill decided to reward people who would be able to guess the right flavor. The rewards included a three-month offer of free ice cream, a lifetime of free ice cream, etc. Imagine a lifetime of free ice cream!

To help fans and customers out, Turkey Hill gave people several hints about the possible ice cream flavor. With a generous amount of time given to the customers to guess the flavor, Turkey Hill has now revealed the mystery flavor via Instagram.

The Turkey Hill ice cream’s mystery flavor turned out to be Maple Blueberry Pancake. The revelation of the mystery flavor was exciting, but fans were even more impressed by what the flavor turned out to be.

An Instagrammer commented, “We were right! That just means y’all 100% nailed the flavor, it was FANTASTIC!” Turkey Hill did actually nail the flavor because most fans guessed that maple syrup was included in the ice cream.

While some customers were happy and satisfied with what the flavor turned out to be, others were a bit disappointed. Some customers thought that Turkey Hill should have included chunks or bits of pancake in the ice cream.

One user said, “I put blueberry maple syrup as my guess, and honestly, without pieces of pancake, that’s all it is! Kinda feel robbed.” We agree with the customers about including pancakes that would have made guessing the flavor easier.

The Maple Blueberry Pancake ice cream is now available nationwide. Turkey Hill has announced that they’d be contacting people via email or mail if their guess turns out to be right. Fingers crossed!

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