How to Make Trifle with Leftover Cake at Home

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Making Trifle at home from scratch might be a difficult recipe to be made. But making it with the leftover cake is what makes it easy. So today, I will be sharing the recipe of trifle with the leftover cake.

Leftover Trifle

I had a birthday party at my place yesterday. My dilemma was- what I will do with the leftover cakes by the end of the party. To resolve this, I searched the internet and found the trifle recipe made with the leftover cake. Not only was it to my utter use but it came out yummy.

Leftover cake Trifle can be made very easily. All we need is the leftover cake and whipped cream. Take a glass in which you want to serve the trifle and make layers of the cake and whipped cream in it. Chill the glass for some time and serve chilled.

You will know about the specifications of the trifle recipe further. For me, his recipe was a savior as no wastage was made. Everyone at your place will love this dessert. After all, who does not like cake. And the dessert made out of the cake will be a treat to everyone. Let’ see how this is done. If you love cakes, then you should definitely check out the other cake recipes that I’ve handpicked just for you.

1. Macaron Cake This cake which I must say is the legacy of French baking. You will like the sweet and sour combination of the raspberries and the lemon juice that are assorted together and makes your taste buds go crazy.

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4. Crack CakeIt is a cake that attracts most people with its taste and appearance. This Crack Cake recipe is easy and delicious. A yellow cake mix is doctored up, baked to golden brown perfection and topped with a luscious wine glaze.

Ingredients for Trifle with Leftover Cake

  • Leftover Cake (as needed)
  • Whipped cream (as needed)

As it is a Leftover Trifle recipe made with leftover cake, so no need to worry about the ingredients. All you need to check is the availability of whipped cream in your refrigerator. Let’s see the preparation time now.

How Much Time It Will Take Trifle with Leftover Cake?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
10 minutesNIL10 minutes

Trifle ready in just 10 minutes! Well, what more I can want. A dessert ready in just minutes is a treat not only for the taste buds but also for the one who is making this dessert. Moving onto the steps.

Steps to Make Leftover Trifle

Trifle with Leftover cake recipe
  1. Take a glass in which you want to make trifle.
  2. Add cake crumbs to it and top it with cream.
  3. Make another layer of cake crumbs on the cream and again top it with cream.
  4. Serve chilled.

Note- You can refrigerate the glasses in the fridge so that they get set and chilled.

You can garnish the glass or the top of the last layer of cream with some chocolate shavings, sprinklers or nuts.

Nutritional Breakdown of Trifle with Leftover Cake

Let’s see how much calories you will consume with this dessert.


How to Make Leftover Trifle at Home | Video

I have uploaded the video. Watch it and be clear about the details. If you still have any queries, write them up in the comment section below and I will try to help you.

Do try this trifle and share your reviews in the comment section below. I would like to see how your attempt came out. Share your stories while making the recipe. Your suggestions are also welcomed. Write them up in the comment section and I will keep a note on that. Now, hurry and enjoy making this dessert.

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