Trader Joe’s Announces Two New  Desserts In A Midweek Instagram Post

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There’s nothing more therapeutic than buying goods from Trader Joe’s! Trader Joe’s feels like an adoption center that sells goods, but when buying a product, you feel like you’re adopting it.

Trader Joe's

Don’t even get me started on how well it treats its customers! It’s got new offers and deals coming out almost every week. But recently, it’s been making headlines for a new dessert.

The dessert section of Trader Joe’s is to die for. From ice cream sandwiches to orange bars, their dessert section has got everything you need. You name it; they have it!

Trader Joe’s hopped on Instagram yesterday to make an announcement. This announcement was made in the middle of the week and was regarding a few new additions to the dessert section of the place.

The post featured boba coconut non-dairy frozen dessert with tapioca pearls
and Trader Joe’s new black tea. This new Trader Joe’s bubble tea has been made vegan and gluten-free by Trader Joe’s for all the right reasons.

This news has been spreading like wildfire, and customers couldn’t be happier about it. From Instagram to Twitter, it’s been talked about everywhere. These new dessert additions received an overwhelmingly positive response from several customers.

The ice cream is priced at $4.49 and is a total delight. Trader Joe’s really played to win this one. Being ever-so supportive of their endeavors, we wish Trader Joe’s nothing but good luck!

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