5 Tools You Need To Start A Food Delivery Business

5 Tools You Need To Start A Food Delivery Business

The pandemic has forced everyone to bring out their most creative side. With a lot of time to themselves now, they are considering doing things they wish they always did. One of those things is starting a food business, considering the number of kitchens, bakeries, and online food channels you have today. If you are dealing with deliveries, know that you have to manage multiple orders, payments, and potentially a lot of confusion. However, there are tools that you can use to streamline your food deliveries. If you are starting a food delivery business, here are the main kinds of tools your food delivery business needs to take of: 

1. App For Online Orders

As you probably know by now, we no longer live in an age where we use the phone to take down orders. Everything is done online and there is an app for everything you can think of. The first thing you need is an easy-to-use, efficient platform that makes it easy for the customers to place their orders and manage and dispatch them. Dukaan is a great option for this. 

Make sure the app you use for online order management is fast, user-friendly, and devoid of bugs. You should also be able to clearly mention your product and delivery fees for different variants to avoid confusion. Most apps for online orders have these features, along with discounts, offers, and so on. Some apps may charge you while others do not. Look up as many as you can before you settle on one that suits your fancy. 

Online Ordering Apps

2. Seamless Phone Order Process

Since all the orders you receive will be via phone, you need to have a seamless phone order process in check. This helps your staff serve your customers without hassle. Be sure to look for an integrated caller ID to make it easy for you to access customer records at a moment’s notice. Having your customers’ recent orders at your fingertips and a well-organized customer database will help you save loads of time.

If you’ve noticed, customers are allowed to send you specific delivery notes and alerts. You will have to keep those in mind as you serve your customers as per their requirements. Your phone order process tool must be able to discern duplicate numbers and prevent them. Since all payments are made on the phone, it is vital to ensure quick and safe payments, especially considering how customers can instantly want to cancel their order for a variety of reasons. 

3. Delivery Area Management

If you are looking to deliver high-quality food on time, you will need to clearly define delivery areas. This is especially true if you happen to have multiple branches. Get yourself a delivery software with a preloaded database that contains different street addresses, areas and zones, making it easy for delivery executives to make deliveries without time wastage or confusion. A delivery software will also allow you to fix delivery fees that varies with each location. 

There are tons of delivery softwares on the market today, many of which are Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms. A tool like Shipsy, for instance, ensures end-to-end delivery management, real-time delivery tracking, and digitized proof of delivery, helping your staff make deliveries faster and more efficiently. 

4. A Database Marketing Tool

As you scale your business, you can expect to receive an ever-increasing number of orders. This can make it difficult to keep track of your customers, even regular customers. Since you are delivering food, you can retrieve your customer’s contact information, address, and order history, all of which are vital for order management and service. A well-organized database makes it easy for you to initiate deliveries based on delivery zone, order history, etc.

The aforementioned details are also vital for marketing. You can include rewards to boost customer loyalty, referrals, and so on. Your customers’ order history also helps you categorize your customers based on their spending levels, preferences, and so on, thus helping you streamline your email marketing and loyalty programs. All in all, a database marketing system can significantly help you streamline your orders, efficiently run deliveries, and expand your brand. 

5. PoS System For Driver Management

Driver management is incredibly vital, considering you are trusting them to deliver your food to your customers and your payment back to you. You need to employ a Point of Sale (PoS) system to ensure payments are made correctly and on time. A PoS system ensures you receive payments for your products or services every time your customer makes a pur5 Tools You Need To Start A Food Delivery Businesschase, i.e., whenever a transaction is made. 

Your PoS system will help you keep track of how much money you receive from each customer and how much of a cut your driver takes for every transaction. This involves calculating the price of food, delivery fees, tips, etc. 


There you have it – the five main tools you need to have in place if you plan on starting your own food delivery business. Fortunately, today’s market houses an entire range of options for each tool mentioned in this article. Be sure to look up each one, analyze their pros and cons and choose the one that suits you best, and before you know it, you will find yourself making those deliveries without hassle. 

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