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Do you know what bento is? If no, then I’ll tell you. Bento is a packed take-out meal for a single person that is popular in Japan. Rice is the staple food in it and It is also popular in Asian regions like Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean. Many people also consider it as a packed Japanese lunch that consists of vegetables and rice.

So are your craving for bento now and want to reward yourself and loved ones with a delicious payday treat? If so, then I have a place where you can go and have an impeccable bento with some more eatables. The name of that place is Tokyo Tokyo Restaurant.

Before you go there, I will provide you the information that includes the latest Tokyo Tokyo menu, their franchise details, contact information, and nutritional information of the items served at Tokyo Tokyo.

Let’s start with history first. Tokyo Tokyo is a Japanese fast food restaurant that was started on April 22, 1985 by Tokugawa Ieyasu. The first restaurant he opened was at the Quad car park in Makati. They have more than 68 locations worldwide, with its headquarters in Quezon City, Philippines.

People love to go to Tokyo Tokyo because it is the only Japanese restaurant that serves unlimited rice with its dishes.

Tokyo Tokyo Menu Prices

Tokyo Tokyo menu

Tokyo Tokyo Menu includes meals for groups that include food for people who come in groups, bento meals filled with crunchy, sized, and juicy vegetables that are very flavourful. They also have a massive and delicious spread of sumo meals.

Their menu also has a bundle of imperial feast, including Classic Prawn Tempura, Beef Misono Platter, Yakisoba for Sharing, bowl of authentic ramen noodles. They also have classic combo Karaage To-Go Cup, desserts full of delightful flavors.

Tokyo Tokyo has the best quality of Japanese food and has well-qualified chefs experienced and most of them are trained in Japan to make their traditional food. The ambiance they provide in their restaurant is calm full of positive energies.

Tokyo Tokyo prices are a little high but their services are unbeatable and their prices are under PHP 700.00. So without waiting, let’s move towards the latest Tokyo Tokyo Menu Prices.

Group Meals

Wings Feast For 4PHP 696.00
Imperial Feast For 4PHP 664.00
6 pc Chicken Karaage PlatterPHP 128.00
9 pc Chicken Karaage PlatterPHP 184.00
12 pc Chicken Karaage PlatterPHP 232.00
Sriracha Tokyo Wings 6pc PlatterPHP 188.00
Teriyaki Tokyo Wings 6 pc PlatterPHP 188.00
Wasabi Cheese Tokyo Wings 6 pc PlatterPHP 188.00
Tokyo Wings 12 pc Sampler PlatterPHP 368.00
Best Chicken Teriyaki PlatterPHP 260.00
Beef Misono PlatterPHP 192.00
4 pc Prawn Tempura PlatterPHP 180.00
6 pc Prawn Tempura PlatterPHP 240.00
All Beef Misono TrayPHP 1040.00
All Chicken Karaage TrayPHP 1040.00
All Chicken Teriyaki TrayPHP 1040.00
Mixed Beef Misono and Chicken Teriyaki TrayPHP 1120.00
24 pc California Maki TrayPHP 264.00
Rice TrayPHP 280.00
Orange Yuzu Feast For 4PHP 696.00
6 pcs Orange Yuzu Chicken PlatterPHP 176.00
9 pcs Orange Yuzu Chicken PlatterPHP 216.00
6 pcs Honey Chicken Teriyaki PlatterPHP 176.00
9 pcs Honey Chicken Teriyaki PlatterPHP 216.00

Bento Meals

3 pc Prawn TempuraPHP 164.00
6 pc Fried Chicken Karaage BentoPHP 176.00
Best Chicken Teriyaki BentoPHP 176.00
Beef Misono BentoPHP 160.00
Pork Tonkatsu BentoPHP 160.00
Unagi-Style Bangus BentoPHP 164.00
Sriracha Tokyo Wings BentoPHP 164.00
Teriyaki Tokyo Wings BentoPHP 164.00


2 pc California MakiPHP 64.00
8 pc California MakiPHP 96.00
24 pc California Maki TrayPHP 264.00
8 ps Tempura Dragon MakiPHP 128.00


Revel Bar PHP 40.00


12 oz Red Iced TeaPHP 48.00
16 oz Red Iced TeaPHP 56.00
20 oz Red Iced TeaPHP 60.00

Ready To Cook Pack

Beef YakinikuPHP 320.00
Chicken KaraagePHP 360.00
Wagyu CubesPHP 280.00
Chicken GyozaPHP 200.00

Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information of the items present on Tokyo Tokyo menu, click on the link i’ve mentioned above.

Franchise Details

Tokyo Tokyo Franchise

Tokyo Tokyo has more than 68 locations in the country of Japan. So if you are interested in opening their franchise store in your city, here is the cost in the table below.

Franchise FeePHP 1.2 million
Royalty Fee5% of gross and sales

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