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Togo’s is the second-largest submarine sandwich shop chain fast-food sandwich chain that was founded in 1971 by Tom Neumann and Gordon Reed. The first store of Togo’s was opened in Marquette, Michigan.

Similar to Primo Hoagies, Togo’s menu is famous for its variety of tasty submarine sandwiches. You can get tuna, pork, chicken, hummus, Italian, turkey, salami and other kinds of sandwiches at this establishment. Patrons can also buy toasted, cold, and hot sandwiches. Their slices of bread are always tasty and fresh. Their toppings are also refreshing

The thing n Togo’s restaurants that many customers love is their exposed kitchen that lets you view all the food and how they are carefully prepared before serving.

Togo’s menu prices are also very affordable. You don’t have to pay a premium price in order to enjoy the sandwiches here. Aside from the sandwiches, Togo’s menu also includes soups, salads, wraps, beverage and more.

So in this article, I will tell you Togo’s menu prices. Apart from the menu prices, I will also tell you the franchising details, contact information and nutritional information of the items present on Togo’s menu.

So let’s check out the latest Togo’s menu with prices.

Togo’s Menu with Prices

Togo's menu


#71 Pretzelrami$9.50
#72 Turkey Bistro Pretzel$8.95
#73 Chicken Dijon Pretzel$8.50


3” Mini6” Regular9” Large
#37 Brewpub Chicken$4.95$8.95$12.25
#38 Buffalo Chicken$4.95$7.95$10.95
#39 BBQ Chipotle Chicken$4.95$7.95$10.95
#1 Chicken & Cheddar$4.95$7.95$10.95


3” Mini6” Regular9” Large
#31 Clubhouse Melt$4.95$8.95$12.25
#36 California ClubN/A$8.95$12.25
#24 Turkey & Avocado$4.95$8.50$11.75
#26 Turkey, Ham & CheddarN/A$8.50$11.70
#3 Turkey & Cheddar$4.95$7.95$10.95
#4 Turkey, Salami & CheddarN/A$8.50$11.70
#5 Turkey & Cranberry$4.95$7.95$10.95


3” Mini6” Regular9” Large
#9 Hot Pastrami$4.95$8.95$12.25
#10 Pastrami Reuben$4.95$9.50$12.95
#32 Pepper Jack Pastrami Melt$4.95$9.50$12.95


3” Mini6” Regular9” Large
#7 Roast Beef – Cold$4.95$8.50$11.75
#7 Roast Beef – Hot$4.95$8.50$11.75
#8 Roast Beef, Turkey & Cheddar – ColdN/A$8.95$12.50
#8 Roast Beef, Turkey & Cheddar – HotN/A$8.95$12.50
#33 Triple DipN/A$10.95$15.50


3” Mini6” Regular9” Large
#16 The Italian$4.95$8.50$11.75
#6 Hot Meatball$4.95$7.95$10.95
#20 Albacore Tuna$4.95$7.95$10.95
#30 Tuna Melt$4.95$8.50$11.70
#2 Ham & Swiss$4.95$7.95$10.95
#23 Salami & Provolone$4.95$7.95$10.95


3” Mini6” Regular9” Large
#21 Cali Veggie$4.95$7.95$10.95
#15 Greek Veggie$4.95$7.95$10.95
#22 Cheese$4.95$6.95$8.95
#14 Hummus$4.95$6.95$9.25


Half SaladFull Salad
Santa Fe Chicken Salad$5.95$8.95
Mediterranean Chicken Salad$5.95$8.95
Asian Chicken Salad$5.45$7.95
BBQ Chicken Ranch Salad$5.45$7.95
Chicken Caesar Salad$5.45$7.95
Farmer’s Market Salad$5.45$7.95
Hot Soup
[Broccoli Cheddar]


Spinach WrapGluten Free Wrap
Bacon Ranch Chicken Wrap$6.95$7.95
Ultimate Veggie Wrap$7.25$8.25
Santa Fe Chicken Wrap$7.95$8.95
Mediterranean Chicken Wrap$7.95$8.95
Asian Chicken Wrap$6.95$7.95
BBQ Chicken Ranch Wrap$6.95$7.95
Chicken Caesar Wrap$6.95$7.95
Farmer’s Market Wrap$6.95$8.00


#2 Kids Ham & Swiss$3.50
#3 Kids Turkey & Cheddar$3.50
#6 Kids Hot Meatball$3.50
#20 Kids Albacore Tuna$3.50
#22 Kids Cheese$4.95
#23 Kids Salami & Provolone$3.50


20oz. Fountain Drink or Fresh Brewed Tea$2.29
32oz. Fountain Drink or Fresh Brewed Tea$2.59
Bottled Drinks$2.49

Togo’s Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationhttps://www.togoscom//TOGOS-NUTRITIONAL-INFO.pdf

To check the nutritional guide od the items present on the Togo’s menu, do visit the link I’ve mentioned above.

Togo’s Franchise Information

Togo's franchise

Togo’s has around 200 stores all over America, most of them in California and the other Western States. Out of the 200 restaurants, most of them are owned by individual franchise owners.

So if you want to open a Togo’s restaurant, then this is how much it will cost you.

Liquid Capital Required$150,000
Net Worth Required300,000
Franchise Fee30,000
Total Investment$239,700 – $501,000
Royalty5% of Gross Sales
Ad Royalty3%

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Togo’s Contact Information

Togo’s Corporate Office Address- 18 North San Pedro Street, San Jose, CA 95110, United States

Togo’s Corporate Phone Number- 408-280-6585

You can also contact the team of Togo’s using the contact form on their website.

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