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Download Our Free 9 Recipe Cookbook By Joining FXP+

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Download Our Free 9 Recipe Cookbook By Joining FXP+

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How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers: 8 Tips

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Organized kitchen cabinets and drawers can make your life a lot simple – quite literally. You won’t have to deal with collapsing pots and jars as you try to take out that one zip bag from the back. Nor would you have to spend hours on Sunday mornings trying to fix things and make them look nice for the upcoming guests.

Organize Kitchen Drawers and Cabinets

Besides easy maintenance, organized cabinets and drawers make the kitchen safe. Nothing will collide with your hands when you take out items. Sounds dreamy, right?

Well, all of this is very much possible through an efficient organization. Here’s how to organize your kitchen cabinets and drawers using 8-simple tips! 

1. Sort and Declutter Routinely

It’s important to declutter every once in a while. Our kitchen has a lot of unused, expired, and broken items that occupy space. You should regularly find such items and dispose of them.
For example, throw away any food cans that have surpassed the best before date. If there’s something usable, but you haven’t used it in ages, take it out and allow yourself to let go. Earn smiles by either giving away or donating it to the charity.

2. Use Transparent Food Storage Containers

From pasta to tea leaves – we have an assortment of food staples in our cabinets and drawers. Since each item has different packaging, it is hard to remember everything and locate them quickly when needed. Hence, an amazing way to organize is to use transparent storage containers.

These containers provide you with a clear view of the contents.

Plus, they create uniformity, and you’re your kitchen has a neat look. Usually, you will find them readily available at the local store in either plastic or glass. We highly recommend plastic containers to prevent mishaps, especially if you have kids. You can purchase the containers in varying sizes and capacities depending on food items. Then, transfer all food staples in them. 

3. Label Everything

Another method to make finding things easier in your kitchen is to label them. Use white tapes and smudge-free markers to label every storage container neatly. Write the contents along with important dates like expiry and best before.

Labeling will also help you know when to discard unusable items. When done, place the occasionally-used at the back of the cabinets/drawers and the most-used ones on the front. 

4. Group by Task, Not Type

Mostly, we store things in the kitchen based on what they are. For example, we will place baking trays with baking equipment, despite using it more for cooking roasted vegetables. This particular placement method reduces productivity and leaves you running around searching for needed items.

Hence, it’s best to store things according to their purpose (what tasks do you use them for?). Place that baking tray with frying pans and pots. And, you will always have everything easily available for a given task. 

5. Use Towel Bars inside Cabinets

The backside of a cabinet door is the ideal place to store items you won’t want others to see, such as cleaning supplies. You can create additional storage space by installing a small towel bar. Then, use it to hang spray bottles, clean gloves, and more.

Apart from this, you can also install hooks to hang ladles, measuring spoon sets, and even pot lids. But, for that, you will need to fix a few extra hooks in a circular direction. 

6. Add a Spice Jar Turntable

Traditionally, we have seen cake artists use turntables to ice and decorate confectionery items. However, a turntable is beneficial for organized spice jar storage in cabinets. Since it revolves, you can easily access any spice jar without taking everything from the cabinet out.

The spice jar turntable also has a low height and non-skid surface for convenient usage. Some turntables also feature a slightly raised platform to provide additional protection. 

7. Store Trays Vertically

Nothing’s worse than trying to slide out a tray safely from the huge stack. One wrong move can make everything come tumbling down. Well, you can get rid of this hassle and organize your cabinets like a pro by using tension rods.

A tension rod refers to an adjustable rod with springs inside and a metal/plastic exterior. You can use them to create vertical storage space in your cabinets. As a result, all your trays and plates can stay easy to access. Plus, you can store a lot of items in a limited space. 

8. Don’t Waste the Exposed Cabinet Sides!

Cabinets are undeniably the gems of the kitchen. While we have already discussed a way to utilize the inside of the cabinet door, you can also turn the exposed side into storage spaces!

Install a few shelves or hooks on the side to most-used items. You can also add a couple of small metal storage baskets to keep spoons and cutlery. Not only will this make the crockery easy to access. But also space inside the cabinets for other essentials.

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