Tips to Buy Coffee Grinder for Chemex

Coffee Grinder for Chemex

Want to keep your caffeine intake charged while making the perfect cup of coffee the traditional way? Then, the Chemex coffee maker is the best option for you. But what if you can’t find the right coffee grinder to sync with your Chemex? Well, your search ends here! Today we will tell you the best tips for buying a coffee grinder for a Chemex, and you will be more than happy to know all of these tricks!

The Chemex Coffeemaker is famous since it brews a great cup of coffee with its motorized pour-over type glass appearance. The coffee made with this maker tastes better, with zero bitterness in flavor. That’s why the coffee grinding part needs extra attention for this maker.

Don’t worry; we got you covered and ready to roll the best tips for buying the exact match for your Chemex.

Burr Grinder VS Blade Grinder

The first thing you will face when looking for a coffee grinder for chemex is whether to buy a Burr or a blade one? These two types of the grinder are the two only option for you. It’s easy to get confused over these two, but let’s get to know both of the grinders on and offsides.

  • Burr Grinder

Burr grinders are a little bit on the expensive side and also comes in a big appearance. But they will give you the even grinded coffee in the earliest possible time. The coffee grinded with this grinder will be easy to pour and filter. If you are a regular coffee person and love to make your own coffee every time, this is the best option.

  • Blade Grinder

Blade grinders are a lot inexpensive than burr ones. They come in compact sizes, which are super easy to carry around. The only problem is they will grind your coffee unevenly and make it hard to filter. But if you love to travel and want to brew your own coffee while hitting the road, then blade grinder shall give you much privilege.

Electric or Manual?

Both blade and burr kinds of grinders are available in both electric and manual categories. But which one do your time schedule matches?

  • Electric

An electric grinder will give a faster grinding time and the grinding will also be easy to process. If you like to turn things quick, then an electric grinder will do the work for you. If you want the best grinding result in the minimal possible time, an electric burr grinder will be the best you can get.

  • Manual

The manual grinder is a cheaper option but it will take a lot of time and physical effort. It’s hard to get consistent grinding and even hard to control sometimes. Chemex coffee maker already requires four to five minutes to brew a perfect cup of coffee, so having a manual one will cut a lot of time from your busy schedule.

Other Important Things to consider before buying a grinder for Chemex

There are several other factors to consider before purchasing a Chemex grinding machine. Which are-

  • Grind Time

To get the freshest taste of coffee, ground your coffee beans just before the time you’ll be using them. This is the best way to get maximum flavor and aroma. So it’s important to grind your coffee as fast as you can. 

Many grinders come with containers and closures, depending on the model you buy. You can crush the beans directly inside your container and save them for later. This is an important consideration to make when purchasing a grinding machine for your coffee.

  • Grinder Size

The grind size selections when selecting a grinder can drastically affect the investment. You may want to look for an alternative grinder if yours doesn’t include an intermediate-coarse grinding option. The Chemex’s big, intricately knit filter works well together with an intermediate-coarse grinding.

With a grinder like this, your coffee may take much longer to prepare, and you’ll have to monitor the quantity of water you use carefully. However, it will offer you a rich aroma and may help you avoid the bitterness which comes with other pairings.

  • Minimal Noise Producing

If you prefer to drink your coffee alone in the morning, look for a grinder that produces little noise. Though it is nearly impossible to find a grinder that produces no noise, some hand grinders on the market produce little noise while providing adequate bean grinding. So, if you don’t want to wake your partner or pets while making your morning cup of caffeine, go for a low noise grinder machine.

  • Choose the Grinding Jar Carefully

As you’ve seen, while picking the best grinding machine for Chemex brewing equipment, various issues should be considered. The grinding size and jar selections from the grinder are two of the most important factors to consider during your search.

If you live alone and only make two cups of coffee at a time, then a small grinding jar will suffice. However, if you are looking for a grinding machine for your office or work area, a larger jar is much preferable.


We understand why choosing the best coffee grinder for your Chemex is such a difficult job. There are numerous excellent coffee grinders available, but which is the best? Your requirements determine the best one. If you go over these tips again, you will undoubtedly end up with the best grinder for your hemex. Best of Luck!

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