Top 6 Tips To Brew Coffee At Home

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Are you someone who cannot imagine waking up without your favorite cup of coffee? Coffee places are hectic, and it can often be impractical to go all the way for what you can easily create on your own.

Brew Coffee at Home

Brewing coffee at home is neither demanding nor tricky if you know the proper techniques and tips! Once you understand and implement these suitable methods, your homebrew can be just as tasty as the coffees served in your favorite coffee houses or cafes.

Always Use Fresh Whole Bean Coffee

Do you know that if you buy roasted coffee, you are making a big mistake? Why? Because the presence of aromatic compounds in roasted coffee beans contributes significantly to the complexity and delectability of coffee’s aroma and flavor. These compounds begin decreasing immediately after roasting, and up to 70% of those compounds have already been gone after 8 days. 

As time passes, you lose more flavors and end up with tasteless coffee. Grinding coffee speeds up the process by exposing more bean surface area, making it easier for the compounds to escape. Therefore, if you use fresh whole bean coffee and grind it only right before making a cup of coffee, it will give you a better taste.

When To Grind and How Much Coffee to Use

A tricky step but very easy! The quantity of coffee you use in proportion to the water determines the taste of the coffee, which can range from being bitter or tasteless. Too much will taste bitter, while too little will lack the punch and be essentially tasteless. So, what to do? Identify the right balance of coffee and water.

Also, it has been proved by experts that coffee loses flavor within 30 minutes of being ground. Therefore, it’s best to grind on the spot, right before brewing a pot.


Are you aware that about 98.5 percent of your brewed cup is simply water? This clearly means that the quality and taste of the water play a significant impact on how your brewed coffee tastes. This implies that if the water you are using is wrong, has a taste or smell, your coffee will have the same! Be sure to use clear and purified water for making your coffee. 

Blooming Your Coffee

What is blooming? So, when water is poured on coffee grounds, you must have seen bubbles forming in coffee. This is known as the bloom. This process is caused by CO2, which is forced out of the coffee. CO2 can negatively affect your brew by pushing water away from the ground coffee and preventing extraction. 

When the brewing process starts, add a small amount of water and wait about 30 seconds for the coffee to bloom before adding more water. Keep in mind the amount of water to be used to bloom is twice as much as the amount of coffee used.

Use a scale

You do not need a piece of industrial-grade equipment for this. A scale is a measuring Instrument because your coffee taste depends on the right amount of coffee and water! It would be best if you used a scale to determine it. 

There are two methods for scaling: by volume and by weight. Weight is more precise and consistent and used widely in coffee shops. It can help you get that perfect tasting cup every time you brew coffee. Every coffee has a different taste! Therefore by using a scale, you will be able to measure by weight. This ensures that you know exactly how much is going into your cup, no matter what coffee you’re using.

Clean The Equipment

People constantly overlook this. People tend to clean the equipment of the coffee machines once a month or not even that. This is very unhygienic. One of the essential tips for improving your home coffee is to clean your equipment. You can have delicious beans, ideally grounded beans, and the best milk, but still end up with awful coffee. Why? All because of the unclean equipment. 

Lastly, we would say that experiments! Yes! It’s an adventure to make your coffee. As you learn more, you’ll realize how to make the perfect cup every time.

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