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10 Proven Tips To Become A Better Instagram Food Influencer

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The “Influencer” wave is on the rise, and many people are surfing on it. With the phenomenal rise of social media, the unexpected profession of “Influencing” has also become huge. It brings bucks but also fame, something that wasn’t so achievable before. Today, we have influencers for everything, even food.

Food Instagram

Welcome to the foodie side of Instagram, or as I like to call it, Foodstagram. The Food Instagram is a beautiful place with yummy dishes that are delicious and aesthetically pleasing. I feel like it is less about “influencing” and more about “drooling.

Jokes apart, Instagram is a great way to increase your food business. Whether you have a fancy restaurant or a humble home bakery, you can show off your culinary skills on Instagram. How? By becoming a food influencer. If you are new to all this, I’ll tell you how you can become a food influencer on Instagram, a good one.

10 Proven Tips To Become A Better Instagram Food Influencer

We have got all the information you need in the following sections. You can learn all about setting up a profile, taking beautiful photos, and committing to a regular publishing schedule. Here are the tips to become a better Instagram food influencer.

1. Pick A Catchy Name and Set Up Your Account

starting up

The first step is setting up your account. It is really important to find the right name for your food account. You can use your own name or something that explains your niche. Keep in mind that, according to experts, the perfect name is descriptive. This means viewers should be able to understand what the blog is all about from the name itself.

It is a great idea to find the relevant keywords from your niche and use them skillfully within the blog’s name. Foods, recipes, and meals are keywords you can use for the blog’s name. Additionally, you can mix and match characters, play with words, use humor, and even use alternate spellings to name your blog.

Once you finish naming the blog, the next step is creating and registering the profile. You can create your profile with any device, i.e., laptop or smartphone. You will need to fill in the e-mail and sign-up with the confirmation code; you can register your account as a business profile as well, right at the registration step.

After selecting the profile name and profile picture, you need to pay attention to the “Bio” field and the linking feature of Instagram. With the linking part, you can attach your unique content, your web domain, as a URL in the specified field. This information will be displayed to the viewers when they visit your page. The Bio feature is essential since you can place all the relevant information regarding your profile’s content. Try to be descriptive about what your account is about to give insight.

2. Know Your Brand and Roll With That

know your brand

It’s important to know your brand. This will help you showcase the best of what you want to get across to the audience. Many accounts fail because they don’t have that clear image of their own brand. It’s good to be spontaneous and see what your audience likes.

But it would be a disaster to go in without a road map. You should know what your brand is and what’s your vision. Once you have your basics clear, it’ll become easier for you to navigate. If your brand is clear to you, then and only then it’ll be clear to your audience.

3. Styling The Subject

Food Styling

Instagram is primarily a photo-sharing app. Thus, you want the content you put out to be aesthetically pleasing. So, before your click pictures of the food, you need to style the food in question. Don’t worry; I have a few anecdotes for that as well. Here are some tricks for professionally styling a food item.

1. Textured Backgrounds – You can use various backgrounds, depending on the subject. Several textures can work to your advantage, including marble, slate, and wood. Pastel-colored satin or beautiful natural background can also work to your advantage. Also, when in doubt, go with white. The more you take the shots, the better you will understand what background best suits the particular subject.

2. Choose The Subject – This one’s more about your perspective. When you are choosing a subject, make sure you are excited about it. It will come across in the composition and the framing of the image.

3. Showcase The Scale and Proportion – It is a pro tip to showcase the scale and the subject’s proportion based on silverware or other fixtures around the dish. You can add these into the image to make sure that the post tells a story regarding a dish or item.

4. Use Props – If you have seen a food account on Instagram, you might have noticed how they smartly use props to their advantage. You can use kitchenware, books, flowers, miniatures, and even ribbons, pearls, and confetti.

4. Taking Photos

Food Photography

Once you have styled your food, it’s time to click the pictures. If you are not familiar with the art of photography, you can take a photography class to understand it better. When you are thinking about shooting food pictures, here are a few things to remember.

1. Natural Light – Food photography works great with natural light. So, you need soft, diffused, and natural light, especially daylight. Get hold of a diffuser, or make sure to make the most of overcast days.

2. The Best Angles – When it comes to food, shoot from a top angle, which is considered the best for food blogging. If you are looking to showcase the details, then attack from the sides. Another essential trick is to take multiple shots from different angles so that you can go through them at a later time to post the best one.

3. Image Editing  – You should choose the best photo editing software to polish an image before posting. Wondershare also provides good image editing software. You can use the Wondershare coupon code to score some amazing deals.

5. Use Good Captions and Use Relevant Hashtags

Instagram hashtags

It would be best if you also used creative captions to engage with your audience. Make sure that the caption goes with the image you have posted and reflects your food style. Texts and relevant hashtags will enable you to optimize the post for better engagement metrics. Simple captions are a great way to go. 

Instagram’s search feature uses hashtags, which allows for a collection of posts under a relevant keyword. Users search for images and videos with relevant hashtags. In simple words, they increase your account’s visibility on the platform.

That is why it is a great idea to use relevant and high-value keywords and hashtags along with the post. Here are some high value keywords or you to use; #food, #foodporn, #yummy,#delicious, #dinner, #breakfast, #foodblogger, #instafood, #foodlover, #instayum. 

6. Follow Other Food Accounts

Follow other accounts

It’s important in the Influencer industry to “make friends.” It will help you grow your brand if big or growing people in the food business give you a shout-out. So, follow other food biggies on the platform and also people who you think are nice.

Mention people on your account. If they do the same for you, it’ll be great as it’ll help you reach their audience as well. Following accounts related to your niche will also help you improve your content. So, it’s a win-win situation.

7. Make Full Use Of Instagram’s Features

Instagram Stories

Instagram gives you a lot of features to promote your content. Make good use of them. Share your content in the stories. Use polls, and ask questions to understand your audience and what they want. Highlight the content you feel will make good memories or is important.

You should also experiment with reels. See what works on the app and try to imitate it. Then, move on to original content. To be a good content creator, you need to be a good content consumer. So, before you become a trendsetter, you need to follow the trends a little (yes, even the cringe ones sometimes).

8. Engage and Interact

Interact and engage

Another great tip is to follow a posting schedule and post content regularly. Give your audience something to engage with every now and then. The frequency of content is important. It shouldn’t be less than your account feels format. But it shouldn’t be too much that you feel you are stuffing content in someone’s face.

Besides posting, you need to interact with your audience. It shouldn’t look like the account is run by a bot. Read the comments and reply to the ones you feel necessary. Pin your favorite comments. Try arranging giveaways (people like winning, give them that!). If you want, you can share anecdotes or your niche-related fun stories. You can share snippets from your food journey. Just keep everyone involved.

9. Know Your Audience

know your audience

It’s very important to know your audience. Once you do, you need to make content for that specific group. The average age group of people who use Instagram religiously is 18 – 29 years. So, your content should have the youth feel. Also, you can incorporate a meme here and there.

Also, the US is the largest market for Instagram in the world so, if your target audience is Americans, great! A lot of people don’t know this, but 12 p.m. on a Friday is the best time to post for the food niche. This is classified information. Use it wisely.

Another great way is to build anticipation for your posts. If you have a big reveal coming up, dedicate a few posts and stories to get your audience excited about what’s coming. But don’t dangle the news too much, or people will lose interest.

Additionally, you need to remember to tag friends, add the location to posts and use emojis to make the post even more attractive to your audience.

10. Use Instagram Ads and Analytics

Instagram analytics

Instagram provides you with the Ads feature. You can choose to pay some amount so that your account shows up in people’s feeds. This will help pique interest in your posts and help grow your reach.

To keep track of your reach and growth, you can use the Instagram analytics feature. This way, you’ll know what’s working with the audience and what’s not.

Final Takeaway

So, these were some of the tips to become a better Instagram follower. If you keep all of these in mind, you’ll grow at a good pace. Rest depends on the content you put forward. Tell me in the comments how helpful you found this article. I’ll see you next time. Take care!

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