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Top Tips for the Perfect Stir Fried Australian Lamb

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When you think of stir fry, you may sometimes forget all about the Australian lamb. It has never been on the go-to list of any Aussies or anyone worldwide for the matter. But now more people have experimented and brought to light the yummy goodness that lambs add to a stir fry recipe.

Perfect Stir Fried Australian Lamb

If you are cooking lunch for your friends who made plans at the last minute, you can settle on stir-frying an Australian lamb with a dash of vegetables. You will be all set to serve the dish without any hitch as stir-frying takes a short cooking time.  

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Planning to cook a stir-fried Australian lamb? Before you turn on the stove, read these amazing tips to cook that lip-smacking stir-fried lamb dish.

Basic Stir Frying Steps

  • When you cut the Australian lamb meat, make sure you cut it into strips of equal thickness.
  • Before you take out your wok, coat the meat with enough oil. If you do this, then you do not have to add oil to the wok.
  • To stop the meat from sticking to the wok, use less oil while coating it.
  • Before you start to cook the meat, make sure the wok is hot enough. Drizzle a drop of water on it, and if it evaporates in a second, then your wok is ready to go.
  • Separate the lambs into 250g batches and cook from outer to the centre of the wok.
  • After the meat is done, check the vegetables and sauces and stir-fry everything to combine them well. Keep an eye on the meat and don’t let it cook for too long. 

If you are looking for interesting dishes to cook with Australian lamb, take a tour online to browse all the popular recipes.

Stir-Frying Tips For Australian Lamb

  • Once you start stir-frying the lamb, make sure you let it rest on the wok for at least 30 seconds before you toss it. It cooks the meat till brown, which adds a good flavour and colour to the dish.
  • Stir fry both the sides until the redness of the meat is gone.
  • During the mixing of vegetables and lamb, ensure that the meat does not boil for too long in the liquid—stir fry and mix the components well.
  • To get tender meat, you should maintain the same heat in the wok. Always cook the meat in batches as it will not take much time for one batch to cook.
  • After you cook the veggies, instead of adding the liquid ingredients over the veggies, add them in the centre. Wait till the sauces in the centre are cooked well. 
  • Add the lamb lastly and stir it well to combine with the vegetables and sauces.

When you put a thin metal vessel over the flame with an assortment of vegetables and Australian lamb in it, you will witness magic cooking up. Cooking and eating a stir-fried lamb can elevate your taste buds to the next level. If you are out of ideas by chance, then visit websites online and start right away! 

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